The resume is one of the most important parts of your job application. This document may seem simple, but it can play a bigger role in determining whether you land the job than nearly anything else. Your job when writing your resume is to create a document that will simultaneously catch the attention of readers and communicate your qualifications clearly and succinctly. This is not a simple task, so read on to learn the best way to accomplish this goal.

Before beginning the writing process, it is a good idea to review a resume sample. This gives you a better idea of what employers are looking for and demonstrates formatting standards. The following clinical coordinator resume sample effectively shows what a strong and concise healthcare resume looks like. The accompanying writing guide includes a list of tips that go deeper into detail to help give you even more of a head start.


Clinical Coordinator Resume Sample

Gregory Mortimer
Providence, Rhode Island, 11111 • [email protected] • 555-745-9856


Flexible and capable healthcare professional with nearly a decade of experience in the healthcare field. Highly organized professional with strong evaluation and critical thinking abilities to ensure the clinic continues to operate efficiently at all times. Implement extensive knowledge of healthcare practices to interact with doctors, nurses, and patients to provide the best treatment possible.


  • Healthcare operation familiarity
  • Confident leader and manager
  • Interpersonal and professional communication, both written and verbal
  • Strong bedside manner
  • Analytically minded
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Problem-solving capabilities
  • Rehabilitation history

Work Experience

Clinical Coordinator – June 2015 to present
Lakeview Hospital, Providence, Rhode Island
  • Admit patients to the clinic, taking their information down and organizing it for the doctors to review
  • Manage all clinic staff, ensuring they provide good service and fulfill their responsibilities quickly and correctly
  • Provide instruction and suggestions for improvement to clinic staff
  • Maintain working knowledge of clinic procedures and policies
  • Train new additions to the clinic and ensure they fully understand daily responsibilities
  • Improve clinic efficiency by 10% over two years
Registered Nurse – August 2011 to June 2015
Lakeview Hospital, Providence, Rhode Island
  • Interacted with patients, answering their inquiries, explaining medical procedures or conditions, and obtaining information about their symptoms and medical history
  • Administered medicine to patients precisely and accurately
  • Comforted worried patients caringly
  • Assisted physicians with miscellaneous healthcare tasks, implementing extensive healthcare knowledge
  • Retrieved blood or urine samples from patients and deliver them to the appropriate destinations
  • Checked patients in, taking initial temperature and blood pressure reading and collecting miscellaneous information
  • Maintained patient satisfaction rating above 90% for four years
Nurse Assistant – November 2009 to August 2011
Lakeview Hospital, Providence, Rhode Island
  • Changed linens and perform other basic upkeep tasks in patients’ rooms
  • Guided patients through the hospital to appointments with specialists and other facilities
  • Assisted impacted patients with personal hygiene tasks
  • Provided information to patients regarding upcoming medical procedures
  • Explained complicated medical concepts to patients and patient families
  • Provided assistance to nurses on a daily basis
  • Received complaints from less than 1% of patients


Bachelor of Science in Nursing
University of Rhode Island, 2010

Nursing Certificate
Rhode Island School of Nursing, 2011

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Is This a Good Clinical Coordinator Resume? Let’s Check

How are nursing and healthcare fundamentals established in this clinical coordinator resume sample?

Extensively. Remember that healthcare skills are at the core of your qualifications. To be a consideration for the position of clinical coordinator, you need to demonstrate you are familiar with a healthcare setting. This resume sample takes advantage of every section to emphasize this aspect and so should you. The sample includes it in the summary, skills section, and work history section.

Does this resume sample look appealing at a glance?

It does. This is an aspect of resumes that jobseekers commonly overlook, but clear formatting is especially important for a job like this, where organization ability is crucial. While the detailed content of your resume is most important, some employers will not even read it if it does not look good at a glance. This clinical coordinator resume sample demonstrates what a lean resume that flows looks like. The first two sections are minimal so it does not become bogged down by information. The work history section should be the only section that is meaty. Elements that damage your resume’s appearance include unbroken blocks of intimidating text and empty gaps between information.

How well does this resume sample establish communication abilities?

Very well. Besides healthcare knowledge, leadership is the most important professional trait you need to demonstrate in a coordinator's resume. Like an understanding of healthcare practices, you should use every section to establish your management skills. The resume sample refers to leadership several times throughout the document.

Does this clinical coordinator resume sample take advantage of real metrics to establish qualifications?

It does. Including real numbers in your resume is an easy way to significantly strengthen it. They do more than just make your resume stronger; they also add credibility to your claims and give readers a better idea of what you could provide if they chose to hire you. Take a look at the resume sample to get an idea of what kinds of metrics you could include, such as patient satisfaction ratings.

Is the work history section in this resume sample strong enough?

The clinical coordinator resume sample includes three professional experiences in the healthcare field. This is plenty to establish qualification for the clinical coordinator position. If you do not have quite as much experience, you can still make a good case for yourself. Include more bullet points across fewer positions to fill your work history section out.

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The Most Important Clinical Coordinator Resume Sample Takeaways

Use this clinical coordinator resume sample to improve your resume as much as possible. You should include real metrics to strengthen it and focus it around leadership and healthcare expertise. To really make your document stand out, follow the formatting standard and think carefully about how your resume looks at a glance. If you think you need more help writing, be sure to check out our resume builder tool. It will help you get started right.