Your resume is how you introduce yourself to employers, and it should be short and succinct. It should also effectively showcase your most impressive professional accomplishments and experiences. Most importantly, it should make hiring managers feel compelled to meet with you in person in an interview to discuss the open position. That sounds like a lot, but it actually does not take a lot of work to make an outstanding document. You can see what one of those would look like by reviewing the dental assistant resume sample below.

You can compare your current resume with the sample to see what differences exist. You may realize your resume lacks the correct formatting, and you may see you have information on your resume that really should not be there. After reading the sample and the tips that follow, review your own professional document again and see what you can change. Altering even just a few items could help immensely.


Dental Assistant Resume Sample

Amber Kail
Fresno, CA • [email protected] • 555-555-9224


Courteous dental assistant with six years of experience working in a fast-paced medical environment. Experienced working with people of all ages, including children, and making them feel at ease. Capable of conducting various dental procedures independently, such as performing scaling and root planing.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Knowledgeable of dentistry practices
  • Experience using molar clamps, dental forceps, and other tools
  • Proficiency with medical software, including Kodak Dental Systems
  • Excellent communication abilities, both verbal and written
  • Expertise taking dental X-rays
  • Great organizational skills
  • Superior service orientation

Work Experience

Dental Assistant – Smile Dentistry
2013 – Present
  • Prepare patients for various dental procedures, such as informing them of what the dentist will do and what the recovery time will be
  • Setup procedure area, which involves setting up instrument trays and sterilizing equipment
  • Conduct various dental procedures independently, and over course of employment provided scaling and root planing for patients suffering from gum disease
  • Take diagnostic X-rays of patients and analyze them with dentist, offering personal viewpoint
  • Instruct patients on how to take care of their teeth at home, which entails demonstrating proper brushing technique
  • Create impressions of patients’ teeth and send them to lab to create molds of dental replacements
  • Clean patients’ teeth by flossing and scraping away plaque before dentist observes
Dental Assistant – First Class Dentistry
2011 – 2013
  • Treated up to 20 patients every shift, including some pediatric patients who required extra work to become calm
  • Assisted patients following treatments to work out billing information, and helped many individuals develop payment plans
  • Scheduled patient appointments to ensure no two patients were ever scheduled too closely to one another
  • Kept patients’ mouth dry when the lead dentist conducted a procedure by using a suction hose
  • Polished and cleaned dental appliances, such as dentures and crowns, on behalf of patients
  • Ordered more dental supplies when inventory ran low and kept tabs on office’s supply levels
  • Updated patient insurance information and worked with various insurance agencies to develop payment plans


Dental Assistant License #55526543 – Dental Board of California

Associate’s degree in dental hygiene – Graduated 2011
Fresno Community College

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Is This a Good Dental Assistant Resume? Let’s Check

Does this dental assistant resume sample have all the proper licenses and education needed to do the work?

Definitely. Every state has different rules for the level of education dental assistants need to have. However, most require assistants to graduate from an accredited school and receive proper licenses to work in the state. Part of obtaining a license may involve onsite training. Occasionally, there are entry-level dental assistant positions, but for the most part, you want a license as shown in the sample resume.

Does the dental assistant resume sample talk about how the applicant’s personality comes into play on the job?

Many people are uneasy about trips to the dentist. It is up to office employees to make everyone feel at ease, especially if the office helps children. While you want to mention skills and experiences on a resume, you also want to showcase your personality in the document, too. The sample talks about how the candidate worked with children in the past and how she is courteous to everyone.

Does the dental assistant resume sample show how the candidate learned new skills on the job?

In the beginning, dental assistants will mostly have to check patients in and write down insurance information. However, over time, dentists expect their assistants to do more and more. In the work experience section, this jobseeker states how she has more responsibilities in her most recent position than her earlier one. She has even learned how to conduct scaling and root planing.

Does the sample resume review the applicant’s ability to communicate effectively?

One of the most important skills a dental assistant can have is proper communication. Assistants need to tell patients what certain procedures entail, and they also need to instruct patients on how to take care of their teeth at home. This requires clear, easily understandable instructions. This dental assistant resume sample does a good job of mentioning communication at several points in the document.

Does the sample resume focus on the candidate’s most recent responsibilities?

When writing a resume, you never want to include information from too long ago. For instance, if you are out of college, there is no reason to continue discussing jobs you held in high school. This jobseeker may have held other positions in the past, but for the purposes of the sample resume, she chose to discuss the jobs that make the best case for her to have this job.

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The Most Important Dental Assistant Resume Sample Takeaways

There are many best practices to writing an effective resume. You should focus on the skills and experiences that best show you can handle the responsibilities of this new position. In fact, it is advantageous to review the company’s job description again so you know exactly what hiring managers need. Follow the exact same structure as this dental assistant resume sample so employers can effortlessly read through it. You may impress hiring managers even more by utilizing our resume builder.