When you’re hunting for a job, you need to be prepared in every way possible for success. While buying a new interview outfit and practicing answering questions, don’t forget to polish up your resume as well. This document is your passport to a meeting with the hiring manager. A well-written resume can get you more interviews and more introductions with the people who make the hiring decisions.

How do you craft a great resume? Begin by studying industry-specific resume samples. A resume sample offers ideas about how to outline the different sections, how to write a professional summary, and what kind of experience you ought to include. Take a look at our EMT resume sample. It clearly illustrates concise statement writing and proper resume formatting. With further study of this sample and the writing tips and applying the lessons learned, in no time at all you’ll be able to create a powerful resume that gets results.


EMT Resume Sample

Dana Anderson
Arlington, VA • [email protected] • 555-394-4853


Compassionate EMT with seven years of experience caring for emergency trauma patients, including work on life-flight helicopters. Capable of keeping a clear head and leading rescue teams in accident victim retrieval. Continually learning by taking courses to update skills and improve patient care.


  • Assessment, triage, and treatment of injured or ill patients
  • CPR and EVOC/CVO certified
  • OSHA and HIPAA compliance
  • Operational knowledge of medical equipment including oxygen, defibrillators, etc.
  • Excellent recordkeeping skills
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Excellent physical condition, in training for an Ironwoman
  • Ability to remain calm and in control in stressful or chaotic situations

Work Experience

EMT, July 2014 – present
Securitas Security Services, USA – Fairfax, VA
  • Administer first aid appropriately and transport injured to nearest treatment facility
  • Respond to reports of fire, flooding, bomb threat, accident, medical emergency, and other incidents in a timely manner
  • Communicate with medical personnel at hospital to arrange for continued care of the patients; share record of treatment already performed
  • Determine nature of illness or injury to establish a protocol for treatment
  • Participate in hospital training to improve communication between EMTs and ER staff, reducing transfer errors by 8%
  • Accompany life-flight crews when needed
EMT, January 2010 – June 2014
American Ambulance – Leesburg, VA
  • Provided patient care from initial contact through arrival at the medical facility
  • Kept and maintained records of patient care, both written and digital
  • Cleaned emergency vehicle and stocked supplies; ensured vehicle was in peak operating condition at all times
  • Worked collaboratively with other medical professionals to achieve the best patient outcome
  • Participated in OSHA training
  • Received Outstanding New EMT Award for 2011
  • Communicated with families of the sick or injured in a compassionate manner

Volunteer Work

• Wounded Warrior Project, assist in fundraising events as well as outreach community programs to raise awareness – June 2015 – present
• SPCA, volunteered at the shelters, cleaning and providing basic first aid to the animals – November 2011 – June 2014

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Is This a Good EMT Resume? Let’s Check

Does the summary section of this EMT resume sample paint a well-rounded portrait of the candidate?

Affirmative. The summary of this resume sample hits all the high notes. Notice that the summary lists some hard skills, such as caring for trauma patients and accompanying helicopter teams. There are also soft skills included, for example, a clear head and leadership. Our candidate further mentions that she updates her knowledge through taking courses. As medical knowledge is constantly changing and improving, this is an important asset. All of these qualities combine to create a strong job candidate.

Does the candidate’s work history in this EMT resume sample show the experience necessary to be a good EMT?

Yes. This candidate lists experience that includes treatment of injured and sick patients, transporting patients, working with medical personnel, and keeping accurate treatment records. She even has some experience accompanying helicopter teams. She has also taken classes that improved her job performance. She appears to have an excellent background for a new EMT position.

Are this candidate’s skills appropriate for an EMT position?

This candidate has a great skill list, starting with the most important for an EMT, which is the ability to treat patients. She can use medical equipment, has the required certifications, and can drive an emergency vehicle safely. She also mentions a special skill, training for an Ironwoman. This indicates to future employers that she is physically strong and can handle the rigors and demands of an EMT job. Ironwoman training also shows tenacity and the ability to set and keep goals, both of which are great attributes for an EMT.

Is this EMT resume sample easy to read and comprehend at first glance?

Absolutely. The harried and rushed hiring manager will certainly appreciate this resume. Notice the precise, pithy statements. The bullet points organize the lists tidily. The sections are clearly outlined and easy to see. This resume is impeccable in its formatting and can be quickly read.

Is the volunteer work in this EMT resume sample relevant to the job?

Yes. The volunteer work performed by this candidate shows that her interest in the medical field and in helping others goes beyond her daily job. She volunteers with Wounded Warriors to raise support and funds for their projects, and she has also cared for animals in a shelter. This volunteer experience is further evidence of her compassionate nature.

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The Most Important EMT Resume Sample Takeaways

Don’t let your resume intimidate you. Look it in the eye, stare it down, and get to work by following our EMT resume sample. Create a succinct, easy-to-read document by using bulleted lists and bold section headings. Put your best skills front and center and describe your work experience with short statements, starting each with an action word. For the finishing touch, show a bit of personality in your summary, and prepare for a successful job search.