Whether you’re just getting started in the healthcare industry or nearing your second decade, putting a resume together can be an intimidating process. Knowing it’s the key to open (or close) a potential employer’s door adds significant pressure. When you’ve pulled together your courage and decided it’s time to finally sit down and write the first draft, let our home health aide resume sample inspire you.

The examples provided and the accompanying writing tips can give you a jump-start when you’re at a loss for ideas. Remember that hiring managers only take about seven seconds to decide whether to read a resume more thoroughly or toss it to the side, so be succinct. State your ideas clearly and concisely, and move on. Note how the use of bullet points in the sample resume helps the jobseeker keep her document organized and on point. Yours can be, too, by simply following the format and browsing the writing advice.


Home Health Aide Resume Sample

JoAnna Simpson
Brentwood, TN 11111 • [email protected] • 555-612-9056


Professional home health aide committed to serving clients and their families for more than 10 years. Certified Medical Assistant competent in administering medication and monitoring a client’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Capable caregiver who provides for every aspect of daily needs from basic grooming and meal preparation to conversation and assistance with errands.


  • Knowledgeable regarding best practices in home health care
  • Skilled in teaching simple exercises for improved strength
  • Experienced in assisting seniors with special needs (e.g. dementia and Parkinson’s)
  • Comfortable accompanying clients to doctor visits and on household errands
  • Committed to consistent communication with family members
  • Team-driven to accomplish tasks with patients rather than for them

Work Experience

Home Health Aide, February 2013 – Present
Grogan Family, Brentwood, TN
  • Assist family in 24-hour care, rotating day, night, and weekend shifts with other caregivers
  • Prepare meals, attend to personal care needs, and follow regulations for keeping the residence sanitary
  • Administer medications and supplements according to the prescribed protocol
  • Aid client in performing mobility exercises routinely to maintain circulation and strength
  • Communicate with doctors’ offices for appropriate care
Certified Medical Assistant, June 2003 – January 2013
Cool Springs Assisted Living, Nolensville, TN
  • Prioritized resident services, providing careful attention to the needs of each resident to assure her or his comfort, safety, and peace of mind
  • Performed routine medical tasks such as drawing blood, administering prescriptions, and changing dressings
  • Recorded confidential updates to patients’ medical records to ensure accuracy of information at all times
  • Assessed vital signs and maintained log of labs, examinations, and other medical procedures
  • Awarded Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Service in 2012
Medical Assistant (Clinical Rotation), August 2001 – May 2003
Cool Springs Assisted Living, Nolensville, TN,
  • Mentored by experienced CMAs in offering quality assistance in a medical facility
  • Shadowed attending physicians to develop deeper understanding of holistic patient care
  • Transported patients to various areas of the center for routine procedures such as lab work and x-rays
  • Assisted with drawing blood and dispensing medication on an increasing basis
  • Provided relief for front desk associates during breaks, lunches, and days off


Associate in Science, Medical Assisting, 2003
National College, Nashville, TN

Certified Medical Assistant – American Association of Medical Assistants
Certified EKG Technician – National Healthc

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Is This a Good Home Health Aide Resume? Let’s Check

Does the home health aide resume sample demonstrate how the candidate has grown professionally throughout her career?

It does! In her initial job as a student participating in clinical rotations, the candidate was “mentored by” expert CMAs and “shadowed” physicians. When she goes on to receive her certification, it’s clear her responsibilities increase. Rather than “assist” with drawing blood, she completes the task herself. In her current position, she works independently with a family to fulfill those same functions. Providing evidence of professional growth is a significant component of a strong resume.

Does the jobseeker establish she’s both qualified and confident to perform the routine medical procedures required of a home health aide?

Yes, she does. In the summary, the candidate identifies herself as a “Certified Medical Assistant [who’s] competent in administering medication and monitoring a client’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being.” She follows that statement with instances where she performs those duties in her current role and undertook them in previous positions, building a substantial case for herself as a competent applicant.

Does the home health aide resume sample include soft skills medical assistants need as well as hard skills?

The resume incorporates both. Note the statements about her commitment to communication and her team-oriented nature as well as the “careful attention” she devotes to residents’ needs. All these demonstrate intangible competencies the caregiver brings to her work, but she also points to the tangible: drawing blood, dispensing medications, and changing dressings. Presenting both strengthens the document and gives a more complete picture of the candidate’s qualifications.

Do the verbs the candidate chooses to describe her work adequately address the responsibilities of a medical aide?

The verbs in the home health aide resume sample clearly articulate the actions of a healthcare worker: assisting, preparing, administering, aiding, and transporting, among others. Choosing strong verbs that represent daily functions on the job conveys an energetic applicant committed to the task.

Does the education section of the home health aide resume sample contain information that’s relevant to healthcare workers?

Yes! Not only does the education section include the jobseeker’s associate degree, it also outlines the certifications she’s received beyond her college education. She focuses the additional entries on medical credentials since they are relevant to her current work: Certified Medical Assistant, Certified EKG Technician, and Certified Phlebotomy Technician. Note that she doesn’t include her high school diploma or any unrelated professional licensure.

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The Most Important Home Health Aide Resume Sample Takeaways

Your resume should be an honest reflection of who you are, so candidly reveal your relevant work history, demonstrating how every experience has contributed to the excellent home health aide you’ve become. Let your confidence shine through in the skills you emphasize and the medical expertise you exemplify. Remember that verbs portray energy, so play up your best traits with action words. If you find yourself at a loss for ideas, refer to our home health aide resume sample, and if that’s not enough, let our resume builder pull it all together for you.