When looking to advance your career, one of the first steps is making sure your resume is impeccable. As you introduce yourself on paper, recruiters immediately begin to make judgments as to whether you would be a good fit for the job. Having a well-crafted document helps ensure you represent yourself well and can make all the difference between securing an interview and getting lost in a stack of uninspiring resumes.

As you sit down to write your resume, you may find you need a little inspiration to help you gather and organize your thoughts. To get you past hurdles like writer’s block, you may find it useful to refer to a medical technologist resume sample, such as the one below. Take a look at the sample and accompanying writing tips to get a feel for the essential elements of a quality resume. This can help you feel more confident as you begin to compose your resume.


Medical Technologist Resume Sample

Rebecca Green
Los Angeles, California 11111 • green.rebecca@anymail • 555-232-4545


Precise and reliable medical technologist with more than six years’ experience in hospital and medical research settings. Focused, driven, and comfortable in fast paced environments with proven precision. Familiar with conducting and analyzing an array of complex tasks and skilled at leading work in team settings.


  • Quality assurance/control
  • Thorough knowledge of OSHA and CLIA standards
  • Steady and careful hand for proper handling of laboratory samples
  • Compliant with laboratory standards and procedures to ensure safety, accuracy, and cleanliness
  • Calibration and other routine maintenance of laboratory equipment
  • Comprehensive knowledge of chemistry, biology, and microbiology

Work Experience

Medical Technologist, June 2013-present
Los Angeles Metropolitan Medical Center, Los Angeles, California
* Develop a new protocol for staff performance and equipment maintenance. Saw improved accuracy by 17% in six months
* Train new technologists and assistants in laboratory standards, safety, policy, and procedures
* Perform clinical and laboratory testing in areas of hematology, urinalysis, bacteriology, serology, and more
* Communicate results clearly both in writing and verbally as a part of a competent and dedicated medical team
* Regulate equipment and perform routine cleaning, calibration, and maintenance to continue providing precise results
* Act as the laboratory representative for the hospital’s safety council. Teach monthly training meetings about safety practices to all laboratory staff
Medical Research Assistant, September 2010-June 2013
Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles, California
* Handled 40-50 laboratory specimens daily, which included sample preparation, testing, and analysis. Interpreted results under the guidance of senior staff and helped communicate outcomes to hospital staff and patients.
* Calculated and measured red blood cell counts on 500 samples as part of a clinical research study on aplastic anemia.
* Kept laboratory areas stocked and supplied with all essential equipment.
* Assisted doctors, medical technologists, and others with sample analysis, equipment maintenance, and procedures as instructed.
* Maintained an average accuracy of 97% in monthly validity verification testing.


Bachelor of Science, Medical Laboratory Science, April 2013
University of California Los Angeles

ASCP Certified Medical Technologist/Medical Laboratory Scientist, 2013
Clinical Laboratory Scientist license, California Department of Public Health, 2013
CPR Certification, American Red Cross

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Is This a Good Medical Technologist Resume? Let’s Check

Is the resume organized well and easy for a hiring manager to read?

With the contact information listed first, the jobseeker has made it easy for the employer to get in contact with her for an interview. She also has a strong summary statement that gives a small taste of her experience, skills, and personal strengths. At just a glance, the recruiter can see she has over six years of experience in hospital settings and medical research. Because the medical technologist resume sample flows well, it encourages the reader to take a deeper look.

Does the medical technologist resume sample show the applicant’s relevant skills?

The applicant has listed six skills that are extremely pertinent to the field of medical technology, including her ability to carefully handle specimens and her knowledge in various fields of science. She avoided creating a list that is too long and has not included her fantastic piano playing ability, which although interesting, does not mean she would make a great medical technologist.

Does the medical technologist resume sample demonstrate the jobseeker has the education and training necessary to succeed?

The sample resume clearly shows the applicant received the appropriate formal education and certifications a professional medical technologist should have. By listing her degree in medical laboratory science, her CMT license, and her certification with the ASCP, a recruiter is sure to not weed her out because she does not have the necessary credentials.

Is the work history section specific, and does it contain measurable achievements?

In the medical technologist resume sample, the applicant listed two job histories linked to the field of medical technology. She included specific duties, such as calibrating machinery and calculating red blood cell counts for a research study. She has also included numeric values to give a clear demonstration of her responsibilities and accomplishments. Stating she “handled 40-50 laboratory specimens daily” and “maintained an average accuracy of 97% in monthly validity verification testing” tells an employer much more than if she had simply written she “handled many specimens” and “maintained high averages in monthly testing.”

Many medical technologists have similar education and experience. What separates the jobseeker from the rest?

By including a variety of skills, tasks, and accomplishments, the applicant distinguishes herself from the crowd. For example, she listed she has experience in medical research, something not all candidates might have. Also, she included skills such as leadership that also help to make her attractive to recruiters. Lastly, she used strong action verbs at the beginning of each bullet point to help engage readers.

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The Most Important Medical Technologist Resume Sample Takeaways

You already know you would make a great fit for the job because you have the education, skills, and experience to succeed. The next task is proving that to a recruiter. Drafting your resume with the help of the medical technologist resume sample and the tips discussed above is sure to better ensure you send employers the right message about who you are. For additional help, do not hesitate to check out our resume builder to get your document ready to impress.