Your resume forms your potential employer’s first impression of you. As if that wasn’t enough pressure, it is also the deciding factor in the number of interviews you get. A strongly written resume is one of the most important components of your job search. Many jobseekers don’t know how to write a strong resume, which is why a resume sample is such an effective tool. Using a resume sample specific to your industry will go a long way toward helping you craft a strong document of your own.

Our pharmacist resume sample will give you ideas for the kind of information and skills you want to include in your document. It’s also a great reference if you’re unsure what kind of format you want to use. It serves as a barometer for your own resume, and can help you understand where your current document may be lacking. Using our accompanying writing guide, you will have the tools you need to start on a powerful document.


Pharmacist Resume Sample

Bradley Fredrickson
Salt Lake City, UT 11111 • [email protected] • 555-928-9718


Seasoned pharmacist with over a decade of experience in pharmaceutical operations such as managing technicians and assessing compounds for consumption safety. Dedicated professional with strong expertise in countless pharmaceutical compounds and their uses. Committed to uncompromising accuracy and organization of medications and compounds.


  • Strong leadership and interpersonal communications skills, specifically written and oral
  • Superb clerical skills, such as organization of important files, medical records, and prescriptions
  • Highly proficient in medical and clerical software including Epic, MEDITECH, and Excel
  • Fundamental comprehension of chemical compounds, their uses, and natural biological responses
  • Exceptional decision making and critical thinking
  • Commitment to task efficiency and teamwork
  • Strong ethics

Work Experience

Mt. Olympus Compounding, Draper, UT
Pharmacist, April 2011-present
  • Assess the strength, identity, or purity of medications
  • Manage pharmacy operations by performing administrative duties, hiring and training staff, and purchasing non-pharmaceutical merchandise
  • Maintain pharmacy records, such as prescriptions, patient profiles, inventories, and poison and narcotic registries
  • Increased pharmacy efficiency by an average of 16% per year
  • Write and publish educational literature for doctors and other pharmacists
University of Utah Health Care, Salt Lake City, UT
Pharmacist, June 2006-April 2011
  • Contacted insurance companies to verify coverage and resolve billing issues as needed
  • Updated and troubleshot pharmacy database software
  • Provided specialized services for patients with such conditions as asthma, diabetes, or high blood pressure
  • Collaborated with other healthcare professionals to review, plan, or monitor the effectiveness of drugs
  • Maintained a 99% accuracy of records in a database with over 300 patients
Intermountain Healthcare, Salt Lake City, UT
Pharmacy Technician, January 2003-June 2006
  • Verified the accuracy of prescriptions and refill requests and provided drugs accordingly
  • Mixed pharmaceutical compounds according to prescriptions
  • Priced stock and marked sale prices
  • Responded to patient requests and questions over the phone or in person
  • Received incoming medications and non-pharmaceutical supplies; verified quantities, checked against current inventory, and notified stock supervisors if needed
  • Received eight different Employee of the Month awards for highest accuracy and total number of compounds mixed


Certified, National Association Boards of Pharmacy, May 2006
Salt Lake City, Utah

Doctor of Pharmacy, May 2006
University of Utah, Utah

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Is This a Good Pharmacist Resume? Let’s Check

Does the pharmacist resume sample illustrate the resume writer’s ability to accurately mix required compounds?

One of the most important and potentially dangerous parts of a pharmacist’s job is the mixing of chemicals and compounds for prescriptions. One careless move can result in the serious harm or even death of a patient. This resume writer clearly stated on multiple occasions his dedication and skill for accuracy.

Take a look at the work experience section. Did the resume writer demonstrate his soft skills rather than list them?

Soft skills are a crucial part of any job, and it’s no different for pharmacists. It can be difficult to communicate these skills, and is more important to show rather than tell them. Our resume writer clearly demonstrated his soft skills by including metric accomplishments, such as the 16% per year efficiency improvement. This demonstrates our resume writer’s ability to work quickly without sacrificing accuracy.

Does the pharmacist resume sample include the necessary education for the position?

Pharmacists must complete a Pharm.D before employment and continue their education to maintain licensure. Our resume writer clearly included under his Education section his Doctor of Pharmacy degree as well as his pharmacist’s license. Hiring managers will not waste their time on your resume if these qualifications are hard to find or improperly notated.

Does the pharmacist resume sample avoid using complicated pharmaceutical lingo?

One of the easiest ways to land your resume in a paper shredder is by overwhelming hiring managers with a block of unreadable jargon. Hiring managers will have a level of understanding for the industry, but they are not pharmacists. Getting too far into the weeds is a mistake. Our resume writer did a great job of including his skills and previous tasks without bogging the document down with unnecessarily complex language.

Does the pharmacist resume sample use recent and relevant positions in the work experience section?

Hiring managers are uninterested in your previous positions that do not directly relate to your ability to perform daily tasks. This is especially true for a pharmacist job that requires specific skills and knowledge. If our resume writer had spent a year or so working in retail or at a restaurant, the skills he learned and tasks he performed would be irrelevant to pharmaceutical work. Conversely, even though he was not a pharmacist during his time at Intermountain Healthcare, his experience as a pharmacy technician directly correlates to the functions a pharmacist must perform.

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The Most Important Pharmacist Resume Sample Takeaways

When you use our pharmacist resume sample as a guide, you ensure that your own resume will be sharp and concise without sacrificing critical details. You will have an easier time crafting a document that will not only impress hiring managers, but demonstrate your unique qualifications for the position in an easy-to-read manner. You will also have access to the tools you need to showcase your prior experience concisely and clearly. For additional help building the resume that will get you the job you’re looking for, use our resume builder.