Well-written resumes are the key to getting your foot in the door for an interview for most jobs, but for highly professionalized positions, it is even more important. That’s because a speech pathologist needs to be able to demonstrate certain core competencies that transcend the particulars of one position to be able to do the job as the client’s individual needs dictate. One of the best ways to make sure you are presenting the right information in the right way is to study a speech pathologist resume sample like the one here, using it as a rough outline for your own information.

Once you are ready, the accompanying tips can help by bringing the best features of the sample into focus for you. That way, you will have as much help as possible when you sit down to shape your next resume, giving you a better chance of landing the job in the end.


Speech Pathologist Resume Sample

April Wednesday
Alexandria, FL 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-5676


Seasoned speech language pathologist with a certification for transgender speech therapy and experience with post-surgical occupational therapy. Strong active listening and verbal explanation skills. Developed a new curricular approach to speech therapy for autistic teenagers.


  • Experienced with individual and group therapies
  • Strong active listening and verbal explanation skills
  • Proficient with speech therapy software including Bungalow Software Aphasia Tutor and Avaaz Innovations software
  • Strong knowledge of general psychology
  • Knowledge of medical systems and protocols
  • High social perceptiveness and problem sensitivity

Work Experience

Transgender Speech Pathologist, October 2015-Present
Children & Family Services, Alexandria, FL
  • Assess client goals and develop action plans for each individual
  • Design individual therapies to work for each client’s specific vocal transition
  • Perform standard measurements of vocal progress throughout the course of therapy
  • Develop new methods for incorporating musical instruction into gender-based speech therapies
  • Serve a case load of 18-21 clients for treatment periods of between three and fifteen months
Occupational Speech Pathologist, April 2013-October 2015
St. Clementine’s Children’s Hospital, Tampa, FL
  • Worked with post-surgical patients and long-term intensive care patients to preserve and recover vocal fluency
  • Assessed patient vocal abilities and developed action plans for vocal rehabilitation
  • Provided informed care as part of an interdisciplinary patient-centered care team
  • Wrote reports documenting patient progress to the rest of the care team
  • Assisted patients needing long-term voice therapy with referrals to outpatient therapy centers after discharge
Speech Pathologist’s Assistant, December 2010-April 2013
Tampa Bay Intermediate School District, Tampa, FL
  • Provided one-on-one support for students working to overcome major speech impediments and language challenges
  • Created new systems for transitioning autistic students from one task to another without behavioral issues
  • Documented student progress for the district’s language therapist
  • Provided in-room support for the student’s learning throughout the school day
  • Strategized with other assistants to create comprehensive protocols for speech therapy in the Tampa public schools
Child Care Specialist, June 2008-December 2010
ABCs Child Care Center, Tampa, FL
  • Oversaw play groups and activities involving six to 12 children between the ages of three and seven
  • Developed age-appropriate activities and games for children under care that stimulated thinking and creativity
  • Created healthy and nutritious snacks that fit the government MyPlate system to help build healthy eating habits
  • Worked with parents to assess and provide for the needs of each individual child
  • Documented incidents of aggression and disagreements to the senior staff as needed


Transgender Voice Therapy Certification, 2015
TGVA, The Association for Transgender Voice Therapy

Master of Speech Pathology, 2013
University of Southern Florida, Miami, FL

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Is This a Good Speech Pathologist Resume? Let’s Check

Is this speech pathologist resume sample specific about the jobseeker’s accomplishments and skill set?

Yes. In fact, the skill set here is careful to delineate types of speech pathology experience, which helps hiring managers distinguish which experiences will be most relevant to the job. This makes it easy for the hiring manager to see the jobseeker as a strong candidate because those specific experiences speak more to the required skill set for the job at hand.

Does the speech pathologist resume sample show the impact of the candidate’s work for past employers?

Yes. By drawing attention to the fact that this candidate was designing new processes and seeking to make the workplace better in every previous job, the jobseeker is able to demonstrate value to past employers. That in turn helps signal value to prospective new employers, making it more likely the jobseeker will get an interview.

Is the information limited to just those experiences that are relevant to the job at hand?

Absolutely. This is an important move that the speech pathologist resume sample makes but many real-life resumes in the industry accidentally miss. Not all of the information presented here is directly related to healthcare settings, but it does all strongly relate to speech language pathology. Even before the candidate was a certified speech pathologist, the work history shows experience assisting one. This makes the candidate look stronger and it helps draw attention to the breadth of experience this applicant brings to the role.

Is the best information “above the fold,” in the summary statement where readers encounter it first?

Yes. In fact, the jobseeker crafted the summary statement to call attention to pieces of every section, even the education section. In most cases, the education section gets a little less attention than the others. In this case, however, it was important to provide room for it because there are different specialties within the career.

Does the speech pathologist resume sample limit itself to a single page?

Yes. Even though this resume needs to bring more information about the jobseeker’s credentials than many would due to its specialty, it still manages to keep the content streamlined enough to fit onto one page. This happens because the writer executes the document in the active voice and uses specific language throughout, reducing wordiness. The result is a content-rich exploration of the candidate’s skills and qualifications in the shortest space possible.

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The Most Important Speech Pathologist Resume Sample Takeaways

When you look to create your own resume, it’s important to know what aspects of the speech pathologist resume sample to focus your attention on. Prioritizing the clear and concise presentation of your information is important, but each review of the language also provides an opportunity for a review of the details. Take advantage of those opportunities so you can present the best and clearest case for your candidacy, and see the interview opportunities pile up. Don’t forget to use the resume builder to organize your document for better efficiency while you write.