Veterinary Technician Resume Samples in 2023

Getting hired for a job you’ve always wanted in a successful veterinary practice takes lots of patience and hard work. You’ll need to put all of your efforts into writing a convincing resume that gets the employer’s attention and focuses on how you’re special. A strong resume can help give you an advantage when it comes to hiring managers noticing you and inviting you to an interview. Most people struggle with writing a compelling resume that shows off excellence. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the process, you can look through example resumes from your field.

There are many different example resumes you can look at to get some inspiration and learn the basics of formatting. The veterinary technician resume sample is a great place to start if you want to see a realistic and complete example. After reading over the sample and tips below, you can start creating your own document that wows your next employer.


Veterinary Technician Resume Sample

Jamie Neal
Columbia, MD 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-9034

Summary Statement

Attentive and enthusiastic veterinary technician with proven track record spanning 12 years in the industry. Animal lover dedicated to improving each pet’s quality of life and health. Skilled at communicating with pet owners and helping them be a part of their pet’s health plan.


  • Experienced with cardiac care, surgical assistance, and critical monitoring
  • Excellent knowledge of animal biology and behavior
  • Skilled working with a wide variety of species
  • Top attention to detail when recording vitals
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Exceptional teamwork skills

Work Experience

Veterinary Technician, Columbia Pet Hospital
March 2014 – present
  • Prepare cats, dogs, and other pets for their examination with the veterinarian by taking vitals and talking with the owner
  • Use X-ray equipment to assist with diagnosis of conditions and start pets on the right treatment
  • Provide critical care to pets after surgical procedures, with a 98% survival and recovery rate
  • Encourage owners to immunize their pets according to the schedule at sick visits, with a 34% increase in vaccinations at the practice
  • Assist the veterinarian with procedures, such as surgery, dental work, and more
Veterinary Technician, Belmont Animal Hospital
August 2009 – March 2014
  • Triaged critically injured or ill animals and stabilized their condition as soon as possible
  • Resuscitated unconscious animals during life-threatening events at the hospital, with more than 75% going on to survive
  • Cleaned and wrapped wounds from dog fights, car accidents, or other mishaps on dogs and cats
  • Administered medications, such as injections, subcutaneous fluids, eye drops, ear treatments, and oral formulas during treatment
  • Mentored four student veterinary technicians each spring and trained them on all aspects of the job
Assistant Veterinary Technician, Belmont Animal Hospital
September 2005 – August 2009
  • Cleaned animal cages and examination rooms by sanitizing surfaces and removing trash
  • Checked each animal hospital patient’s vital statistics, such as temperature, heart rate, and oxygen, every hour
  • Prepared food plates for anorexic animals and managed to get more than 80% of them eating again
  • Took canine patients from the animal hospital out for bathroom breaks every two hours
  • Promoted to full veterinary technician after demonstrating a strong work ethic and commitment to the job


Associate of Arts in Veterinary Technology – 2008
Howard Community College, Columbia, Maryland

High School Diploma – 2005
McHenry High School, Lisbon, Maryland

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Is This a Good Veterinary Technician Resume? Let’s Check

Is this veterinary technician resume sample written in a way that could convince a hiring manager to consider this applicant?

The writer of this resume uses compelling language to show off her suitability for the job. She also formats her resume so that it is easy to read and succinct, making it simple for the hiring manager to find information quickly. The candidate starts off with a convincing summary statement that details her worth to a veterinary practice. She then uses plenty of accomplishments in her work history to give more evidence of her value.

Working as a veterinary technician means you’ll be around animals extensively. Does this resume give details about the candidate’s experience with animals?

This veterinary technician resume sample has plenty of information about the candidate’s experience working with animals on a daily basis. In her summary statement, the writer states she has 12 years of experience in the field. She also states that she’s worked with many different types of animals in her skills section. Further, there are plenty of details about her working with different types of pets in a veterinary practice throughout the work history.

Veterinary technicians must also be able to help pet owners. Does this veterinary technician resume sample give information about experience with human customers?

Yes. The candidate indicates she is “skilled at communicating with pet owners” in her summary statement. She also talks about her communication ability in her skills section, which is a must for maintaining a dialogue with pet owners. Additionally, in her experience, she was able to “encourage owners to immunize their pets” by discussing details with them.

How does this resume give evidence of the candidate’s knowledge and ability about medical issues surrounding animals?

In the resume skills section, the writer shows off a strong understanding of “cardiac care, surgical assistance, and critical monitoring.” She also gives information about her background knowledge of animal anatomy and behavior. Throughout her work experience section, she gives examples of knowledge of certain veterinary procedures, such as resuscitating animals, administering medication, and checking vital signs.

Does this veterinary technician resume sample show any evidence of strong critical thinking, which is a must-have in this field?

The candidate gives plenty of details of her ability to think and act quickly and appropriately during serious and life-threatening situations at the animal hospital. She has dealt with animals in serious distress and provided care during those critical situations. She has also been successful at helping seriously ill animals recover successfully.

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The Most Important Veterinary Technician Resume Sample Takeaways

Making your resume great is the first step in landing a job in the veterinary medicine industry. If you show off your abilities working with animals and your knowledge about all things related to veterinary practices, you’ll be able to prove to hiring managers you’ve got serious potential. Then, you’ll be able to focus on performing well on your interview. With the veterinary technician resume sample and the resume builder tool, you can reach your career goals.