A solid resume presents a candidate’s background, experience, and skills in light of the requirements for a particular position. As an aspiring talent acquisition coordinator, you are probably familiar with some of the traits that distinguish top jobseekers and can recognize an outstanding applicant among a stack of resumes. You might still find writing your own resume to be a challenge. Our talent acquisition coordinator resume sample can be a helpful resource for jobseekers in this field.

The resume sample below offers an example of how you can structure a resume to impress hiring managers, recruiters, or other talent acquisition coordinators. We also provide a series of questions and answers focusing on best writing practices to help you determine which elements you would like to use in your own resume. These materials should give you a clearer idea about how to present your qualifications for a talent acquisition coordinator position.


Talent Acquisition Coordinator Resume Sample

Jon Burton
Boston, MA 11111 • [email protected] • 555-987-6543


Talent acquisition coordinator with eight years of experience at Boston-area data analysis firms. Longstanding relationships with regional computer science departments and industry networking groups. Aware of current recruitment trends, including competitive bonuses and signing packages.


  • Networking and recruitment
  • Job fairs and professional events
  • Preparing advertisements and descriptions
  • Selection criteria for data analysis positions
  • Logistical support for interviews and meetings
  • Administering hiring challenges and tests
  • Salary negotiations
  • Building benefits packages
  • Writing offer letters
  • Human resource information systems

Work Experience

Talent Acquisition Coordinator, Sept. 2014 - Current
DataByte, Boston, MA
  • Attract 26 new employees to company at job fairs and through targeted outreach on professional and technical social networks
  • Maintain relationships with five computer science departments and employment centers at regional universities
  • Perform regular compensation analysis to increase attractiveness of job offers and remain competitive within area market
  • Sustain high employee retention rate by offering competitive bonuses and benefits packages
  • Support management in final rounds of interview process by administering skill evaluations
Technical Recruiter, Nov. 2011 - Aug. 2014
Bay Area Analytics, Boston, MA
  • Screened more than 150 applications for a top data researcher position and assisted with interview process for new lead analyst
  • Found 10 new hires through affiliation with data science networking groups
  • Scheduled interviews and coding challenges for candidates
  • Generated a bonus package with financial department that earned a 98% approval rate among current employees and citation as a decisive factor for new hires
  • Achieved an 88% acceptance rate for full-time hires
Recruiter, Jun. 2009 - Oct. 2011
New England Research & Development, Boston, MA
  • Posted and monitored job descriptions on major hiring and industry specific websites
  • Represented company at more than 20 college and industry job fairs
  • Conducted more than 100 preliminary interviews
  • Recruited a total of 12 coders, five system analysts, and two data analysts to keep pace with company growth
  • Wrote quarterly reports analyzing hiring trends and sources


Bachelor of Business Administration in Strategy and Innovation - 2009
Boston University, Boston, MA
Magna cum laude

Relevant Courses: Talent Representation and Management, Strategy for Technology Based Firms

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Is This a Good Talent Acquisition Coordinator Resume? Let’s Check

Could hiring managers learn what they need to know by quickly skimming this talent acquisition coordinator resume sample?

Yes, they could. The candidate clearly labels, and spacing separates the sections for easy readability. The summary statement is brief and previews the major points. The skills section is a bulleted list with the most important qualifications appearing near the top. The work experience section also makes use of bullets to draw attention to the candidate’s duties and accomplishments. The education section is brief but structured to quickly communicate necessary information.

Does the candidate point out the most compelling aspects of his resume in the summary statement?

Yes, he does. The candidate starts with the extent of his experience and area of focus. He goes on to point out the external networks and relationships he has cultivated in the Boston area, which give him a competitive advantage for a position based in this region. He also draws attention to his awareness of ways to make job offers more attractive to desirable candidates.

Does the candidate prioritize the most relevant skills for a talent coordinator position in the skills section?

The skills section of this talent acquisition coordinator resume sample starts with the most essential abilities for a candidate in this field. Networking and recruitment are fundamental to his success, as is his ability to create and post job advertisements and descriptions. The candidate also suggests his ability to facilitate hiring and onboarding processes at data research firms.

Does the work experience section of this talent acquisition coordinator resume sample inform hiring managers about the candidate’s achievements?

Yes, it does. The candidate includes a variety of details about his current and past positions. In each case, he describes his unique accomplishments and most representative duties. A hiring manager could see that he has moved up from working as a recruiter to specializing in recruitment for technical jobs to filling a talent acquisition coordinator role where he pursues highly skilled candidates in the field of data analysis. He mentions achievements, including high offer acceptance and retention rates and popular bonus packages.

Does the education section go into a sufficient amount of detail?

Yes, this short section of the talent acquisition coordinator resume sample contains everything that a hiring manager needs to know. The candidate provides information about his bachelor’s degree, including his major, date of graduation, the school he attended, and the fact that he graduated with high honors. He also includes courses that connect his field of study to his present role as a talent acquisition coordinator for data-driven companies.

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The Most Important Talent Acquisition Coordinator Resume Sample Takeaways

A talent acquisition coordinator is likely to have an employment history involving recruitment. Your resume should build a bridge between your past experience and training and the position you are seeking. Look for ways to orient each section to the job you want. Even if you are not staying in the same field or geographical area like the candidate described in this talent acquisition coordinator resume sample, try to show how your past experience makes you the ideal candidate for your next position. If you find yourself getting caught up in formatting, use our resume builder.