An impressive and factual resume is essential when searching for a job to begin or further your career in landscaping. Your resume is the first impression you make on hiring managers, and since most of them only skim your document for 10 seconds or less, you can’t skimp on the information or organization aspects of it.

Many people find looking at a sample resume makes it easier for them to write their own. Our landscaper resume sample PDF is an excellent source for resume writers who need a bit of extra help. In addition to providing a physical example of how you should organize your own writing, the sample gives you a more thorough understanding of which information is most important to hiring managers who are looking for landscapers. We also included several tips and tricks for writing an engaging and professional resume. Use the sample and the writing tips together to create your own document that will help you get your foot in the door at the job you want.


Landscaper Resume Sample

Jane Smith
Los Angeles, CA 11111 • janesmith@anymail • 555-555-2849


Talented and experienced landscape technician with more than 10 years of experience working on residential and commercial properties. Exceptional strength and stamina with the ability to work in all types of weather and temperatures while continuously lifting up to 100 pounds. Self-starter who can work independently while maintaining strong customer service, supervisory, and organizational skills.


  • Lawn seeding and sod installation
  • Lawn cutting, fertilization, and aeration
  • Flower, bush, and tree planting and maintenance
  • Pest management or eradication
  • Proficient in relevant CCAD software for PC and Mac
  • Heavy equipment and power tool handling
  • Excellent driving record
  • Strong communication skills
  • Fluent in English and Spanish

Work Experience

Landscape Technician, May 2010 – Present
The Landscaping Company, Los Angeles, CA
  • Manage a crew of five other landscapers to ensure the company finishes jobs on time and within budget
  • Mow, fertilize, weed, and perform other weekly tasks associated with keeping contracted guests’ lawns beautiful
  • Load and unload tools, heavy equipment, and other supplies from the truck at the beginning and end of each day
  • Build hardscapes such as stone walkways or small retaining walls as requested
  • Perform fluid checks and other required tests to maintain company equipment and vehicles
  • Plant flowers, trees, bushes, and other landscape design elements to create beautiful and sustainable lawns
Landscape Technician, June 2006 – May 2010
Another Landscaper, Hollywood, CA
  • Performed routine weekly lawn maintenance, including removing garbage and lawn clippings, mowing, fertilizing, and more
  • Applied child- and pet-safe pesticides and fertilizers to residential and commercial lawns as requested
  • Created and implemented lawn irrigation systems to maximize lawn health while minimizing overuse of water resources
  • Implemented a rewards program that created new customers and helped to ensure return clients each summer
  • Used CADD software to design and build landscaping and hardscaping designs for residences
  • Attended community meets to bid on projects for creating parks and other green spaces within the city


Associate of Applied Sciences in Landscaping Design – 2006
Los Angeles City College, Los Angeles, CA

Professional Memberships and Affiliations

Member of the California Landscape Contractors Association, 2012 – Present

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Is This a Good Landscaper Resume? Let’s Check

Does the applicant showcase her ability to complete physical labor?

Absolutely. You can see this in the summary at the top. The second sentence details hard skills that are relevant to the position, such as stamina, the ability to work in inclement weather, and strength to lift heavy equipment when necessary.

Is the section for work experience well-organized and does it follow best practices for writing this section?

This landscaper resume sample provides an excellent example of how your work experience section should read. The header for each job makes it stand out and provides essential information such as the name of the company, the applicant’s position, and how long she worked for the company. Each listing includes several bullet points that detail specific tasks and accomplishments at the landscaping position. Each bullet begins with a strong action verb.

A landscaper has to know how to work with equipment, plants, and supplies and have the knowledge to put those things to good use. Would a hiring manager read this landscaper resume sample and quickly learn the applicant has the qualifications for the position?

This landscaper made it a point to mention the most relevant skills toward the top of each section of her resume. In addition to leading with them in the summary section, she listed them according to importance in the skills section. She also gave solid overviews of her abilities and accomplishments in the work experience section. The last bit of information shows she’s a member of a professional landscapers’ organization. No matter where the hiring manager looks first, he or she will see relevant and interesting details.

Landscaping typically doesn’t require college education, but does the landscaper resume sample prevent the hiring manager from seeing gaps between finishing education and beginning work?

Yes, it does. This applicant didn’t have any gaps between graduating with her associate degree and beginning to work, and her dates show that clearly. However, if you do have gaps, you can omit dates from your education section and stick to listing only the years in your work experience section. You can discuss any gaps further during the interview should the hiring manager ask.

Industry-specific keywords are important to include. Does the jobseeker do a good job including landscaping-related terminology?

Yes! She made sure to mention several aspects of landscaping in her landscaper resume sample that go beyond basic mowing and weeding. Some examples of landscaping-specific keywords seeding and sod installation, aeration and irrigation, and the capability of lifting, moving, and using heavy equipment.

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The Most Important Landscaper Resume Sample Takeaways

When writing your resume, it comes down to two important factors: organization and detail. The easier it is for hiring managers to skim your resume for the most important information, the more likely it is that you will receive a call for an interview. Organizing your resume in the same fashion as this landscaper resume sample is an excellent start. If you need further assistance, you may also benefit from using our helpful resume builder.