Your resume is much more than just a list of your experience. When this document is well-written, it demonstrates your most valuable professional skills and how they make you the best person for a job. A great resume can determine whether you land an interview. This is why it is important to take the time needed to craft the best resume possible.

Although you may think you only need to write one resume, it can be worth it to look over this document each time you apply for a job. You apply for a variety of maintenance positions, and your resume should be as varied as these opportunities. If you’re not sure where to get started, check out our maintenance mechanic resume sample included below. It can help you learn how to show the impact you’ve had at previous jobs and how to tailor this document for different opportunities. Additionally, learn general resume tips so you can ensure your resume always stands out because of its professionalism.


Maintenance Mechanic Resume Sample

Andrew Blevins
Apex, NC, 11111 • ablevins@anymail • 555-555-2509


Licensed maintenance mechanic with nine years of experience who specializes in welding. Detailed worker with experience managing bilingual maintenance team and training new mechanics. Able to design safety protocols and predict when machines will need maintenance.


  • Welding
  • AutoCAD software
  • Hand and power tools, including drills and saws
  • General carpentry and electrical
  • Blueprint reading
  • Manual dexterity
  • Depth perception
  • Able to work in tight, non-climate controlled environments
  • Detail oriented
  • Fluent in Spanish

Work Experience

Maintenance Supervisor, 2013 – present
Nash Industries, INC. - Durham, NC

  • Coordinate maintenance staff and prepare weekly schedules
  • Construct replacement parts for machines
  • Perform equipment diagnostics
  • Enforce safety standards
  • Order new inventory
  • Observe equipment to diagnose problems
  • Prepare reports about routine maintenance
  • Update and implement safety and maintenance protocols
  • Launched maintenance database

Maintenance Mechanic, 2011 – 2013
Heedman Corp. - Durham, NC

  • Identified and replaced defective parts
  • Utilized CAD software to draft maintenance solutions
  • Performed safety inspections
  • Conducted preventative maintenance
  • Trained new mechanics
  • Enhanced inventory system to save company $5,000 annually
  • Designed procedures to increase maintenance team safety by 30%
  • Recognized for effective employee training

Maintenance Mechanic, 2009 - 2011
Jennings Corp. - Raleigh, NC

  • Installed pipes, switches, and conduits inside machines
  • Maintained inventory system
  • Identified pneumatic and hydraulic failures inside machines
  • Repaired faulty equipment
  • Inspected pulleys, gears, and machine alignment
  • Created inventory system to improve efficiency by 15%

Maintenance Mechanic, 2008 - 2009
Southern Charm Inn and Suites, Cary, NC

  • Fixed plumbing, air conditioning, and electrical systems
  • Developed solutions to continuous maintenance problems and implemented best practices
  • Predicted possible issues with equipment and took preventative measures
  • Utilized blueprints to take apart and rebuild faulty machines
  • Identified and removed mold and mildew in rooms
  • Inspected emergency lights and fire extinguishers
  • Recognized for quick, efficient maintenance


Welding Diploma, 2012
Piedmont North Carolina Community College

AutoCAD Certification, 2011
Piedmont North Carolina Community College

Certified Industrial Maintenance Mechanic, 2011
North Carolina Association of Industrial Mechanics

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Is This a Good Maintenance Mechanic Resume? Let’s Check

Does the maintenance mechanic resume sample include metrics?

It does. After referencing the jobseeker’s work experience, you can see he doesn’t just say he saved a company money. He shows it by including the amount he helped the company save. Including numbers is a great way to demonstrate the impact you have had. Additionally, this jobseeker lists specific accomplishments, such as how he has updated safety protocols and started a company’s maintenance database. When combined with numbers, these accomplishments show hiring managers this jobseeker brings innovation to each position he fills.

Is the jobseeker’s contact information easy to read?

Yes. Look back at the maintenance mechanic resume sample and note that the jobseeker has placed his contact information right beneath his name. That makes this information one of the first things a hiring manager will see, making it easy for people to contact this candidate for an interview. Additionally, he clearly lays out the telephone number, and the email address sounds professional. Note that the jobseeker has not listed his full address but has simply written out the city and state he lives in.

Do the jobseeker’s skills demonstrate he has the necessary qualifications?

They do. Note that he leads with skills that make him stand out, welding and AutoCAD. The jobseeker’s skills also demonstrate he has all the capabilities needed to work as a maintenance mechanic. This list shows hiring managers the candidate not only has the required abilities, but also has skills that make him a competitive candidate, such as being bilingual and able to work in uncomfortable environments.

Does the maintenance mechanic resume sample include keywords?

Indeed. Job descriptions frequently employ keywords, and hiring managers look for these terms on the resumes they receive. Refer back to the resume sample and see that the jobseeker emphasizes his experience with safety. The job description likely requests experience with safety standards and inspections, and by incorporating these terms in his resume, the candidate demonstrates he has read the job description and realized these are important qualifications. ‘Enforces safety standards’ and ‘Performed safety inspections’ are likely phrases hiring managers are looking for, and by using the same wording as the job description, this resume is sure to stand out when hiring managers utilize an applicant tracking system.

Does the maintenance mechanic resume sample include the appropriate education?

It does. Maintenance mechanics generally do not need an advanced degree. Look back at the education section of the resume sample. You can see the applicant does not have a degree, but does include his relevant education, such as his welding diploma and AutoCAD certification.

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The Most Important Maintenance Mechanic Resume Sample Takeaways

By referring to the maintenance mechanic resume sample, you can ensure you utilize the best practices when you write your resume. Remember to include the keywords from a job description so your resume stands out and to demonstrate your accomplishments through metrics. Because your resume shows hiring managers you are a great fit for the job, make sure your contact information is easy to read so it’s simple for hiring managers to call you for an interview.