Your first impression on a potential employer comes in the form of your resume, so it is vital that this impression is not only favorable and supportive but also memorable. Employers and hiring managers must sift through dozens if not hundreds of applications when looking for a new employee to hire, so they do not spend much time looking at each resume. They speed through applications, setting aside only those that impress them within a few short seconds. You need to expertly write a resume illuminating your qualifications that make you suitable for the job.

One of the most surefire ways to ensure a well-written resume is to use a resume sample like the maintenance supervisor resume sample shown here. You should refer to this example when creating your resume so that you do not make mistakes or leave out anything important. Using this resume sample and writing tips can help increase the quality of your own resume to improve your chances of getting a job offer.


Maintenance Supervisor Resume Sample

Siobhan MacArthur
Park City, UT 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-1738


Skilled maintenance supervisor with nine years of experience supervising construction equipment maintenance workers. Thorough leader providing management to large teams of mechanics to quickly and safely repair any mechanical problems in equipment. Knowledgeable overseer accustomed to working with suppliers and negotiating repair parts to minimize costs.


  • Strong understanding of Caterpillar Construction Equipment
  • Clear communication
  • Fluent in Spanish
  • Excellent negotiating skills
  • Administration of discipline to workers
  • Good organizational skills
  • Thorough inspection of equipment
  • Quick problem-solving
  • Robust mathematic and measurement abilities

Work Experience

Maintenance Supervisor – Kilroy Corporation Construction
  • Manage a team of 20 maintenance workers to ensure safety and compliance with federal regulations
  • Communicate individually with workers in the team so they know the expectations on them at all times
  • Devise weekly schedules that maximize efficiency and minimize downtime of employees
  • Reduce costs in maintenance budget by 13% from 2014 to 2016
  • Deliver solutions to issues that maintenance workers are unable to solve among themselves
  • Negotiate with equipment distributors to arrive at the best price for new parts and equipment as the need arises
Maintenance Supervisor – Paradise Grounds Construction
  • Coordinated group of nine maintenance workers with two other groups led by other supervisors for maximum efficiency
  • Recruited, hired, and trained new employees when positions would become available
  • Ordered repair parts as senior supervisors saw fit
  • Directed day-to-day activities of maintenance workers for optimal repair schedule
  • Created monthly inspection schedule for pre-emptive maintenance, repairing 12 large pieces of equipment before anything went wrong or malfunctioned
  • Reviewed state and federal guidelines to maintain compliance with regulations
Maintenance Worker – The Grand Family Construction Company
  • Repaired construction equipment as necessary to ensure safety and productivity
  • Inspected machinery on a rotating basis to check for worn-out parts or potential safety hazards
  • Conducted weekly reports detailing repairs made and components replaced
  • Reduced number of new parts to order by organizing and categorizing parts already in storage
  • Led monthly worker meetings to discuss any concerns, questions, or complaints to address with the supervisors


High School Diploma, 2004
Bingham High School, Utah

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Is This a Good Maintenance Supervisor Resume? Let’s Check

Does the maintenance supervisor resume sample illustrate the candidate’s ability not only to manage other people but also to understand the equipment requiring repairs?

As you can see, our applicant has very industry-specific work experiences, which demonstrate her ability to work with construction equipment. She has shown her knowledge of equipment maintenance through both managing mechanics of that equipment and also being a maintenance worker herself early in her career. Her qualifications are present right off the bat in her summary statement and then in her skills section, and the work experience section fully expounds upon them.

Is it evident that the candidate is able to effectively supervise large teams of maintenance workers if necessary?

In the maintenance supervisor resume sample, the jobseeker demonstrates how she has consistently taken on increasing responsibility and done so while still positively contributing to the company. She began in a non-supervisory position, then led a small team of workers, then more than doubled the number of employees she oversaw in her following position. She has shown her ability to take on more responsibility and more employees as time goes on.

Does the jobseeker capture the attention of potential employers within the first few seconds of scanning this maintenance supervisor resume sample?

The first thing the hiring manager or employer sees is the candidate’s summary statement, which concisely and clearly demonstrates who she is as an employee. Right out of the gates she states her position and how much experience she has in that position. She continues by detailing her responsibilities as a maintenance supervisor, which lets the reader know what to expect when hiring her.

Is the maintenance supervisor resume sample easy to read and attractive?

This resume is stellar not only because of the candidate’s qualifications but also in the way that she presents them. You do not want to overwhelm readers with excessive information, but you also do not want to make them feel as if they are missing out on key data. Our candidate strikes this balance by being brief but thorough while smoothly transitioning from one section to the next.

Does the applicant express her value to a company in a way that is easy to understand?

Companies depend on maintenance workers, so they want clear evidence of a candidate's skills. Our applicant makes her worth known by including metrics, or quantifiable figures, in her work experience section. Figures like “13%” and “12 large pieces of equipment” clearly demonstrate to the reader how much exactly this jobseeker could contribute to the company.

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The Most Important Maintenance Supervisor Resume Sample Takeaways

A properly formatted resume wins over hiring managers and makes them remember you for when they conduct interviews. By hooking the reader in the summary section and keeping the reader’s interest throughout the piece, you demonstrate the skills and abilities that make you the right candidate for the job. Following this maintenance supervisor resume sample will help you sharpen your writing skills to a fine point to create an excellent resume. If you need more help, look to our resume builder for assistance.