Recruiters and hiring managers spend about six seconds skimming a resume to determine whether a candidate is a serious contender for a position. It is important to sum up your experience and abilities near the top to improve your chances of getting hired for a maintenance technician position. Our maintenance technician resume sample shows several ways that you can make a great impression.

See how to preview your experience and accomplishments in a summary statement and make your skills stand out. We also demonstrate how to write an informative work experience section and include degrees and technical certifications in the education section. This sample is useful for maintenance technicians, and we follow it up with several questions and answers that direct your attention to the parts of this document you might want to implement in your own resume. Taken together, these resources will prepare you to write a solid resume.


Maintenance Technician Resume Sample

Trevor Gibson
Indianapolis, IN 11111 • [email protected] • 555-982-2356


Certified maintenance technician with more than nine years of experience. Worked in three production facilities, repairing and servicing a wide variety of manufacturing equipment. Minimize equipment downtime to maintain high productivity, amounting in 99% functionality rate during operating hours in present position.


  • Repairing and servicing manufacturing equipment
  • Mechanical diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Maintaining tool and part inventory
  • Identifying and ordering components
  • Installing machinery and replacing parts
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Machinery calibration
  • Safety protocols
  • Maintenance documentation
  • Verbal communication

Work Experience

Maintenance Technician, May 2014 - Current
Flux Industrial Manufacturing, Indianapolis, IN
  • Install and maintain more than 15 production machines configured for safety and optimal output
  • Perform preventative maintenance on a regular basis to reduce the rate of part failure and frequency of extensive repairs and overhauls
  • Schedule maintenance at off-times to prevent or limit production downtime to 1% of operating hours
  • Assess causes and factors in malfunctions to determine whether repairs are extensive enough to require the skills of a specialized machinist
Maintenance Technician, Oct. 2011 - Apr. 2014
Ridgeco, Indianapolis, IN
  • Repaired a variety of electrical, hydraulic, mechanical, and pneumatic machinery and kept all equipment functioning in top condition
  • Ran regular diagnostics and performed upkeep routines to keep production facility operating at maximum productivity
  • Interpreted machinery diagrams and schematics to identify components that required replacement and determined whether repairs necessitated a designated machinist
  • Assisted with general facilities maintenance including electrical wiring, lighting installation or replacement, and testing and maintenance of factory floor and office safety and security systems
Assistant Maintenance Technician, Jul. 2008 - Sept. 2011
Beck-Murphy, Indianapolis, IN
  • Assisted maintenance technician with keeping machines operational and identifying and replacing broken or malfunctioning components
  • Completed daily rounds on factory floor, checking the status of equipment and control devices and identifying instances requiring preventative maintenance, servicing, or repairs
  • Reviewed machine schematics in advance of unusual repairs and assessed requirements, including parts and tools to complete repairs, within scheduled timeframe
  • Performed building maintenance tasks as requested, including replacing or repairing fixtures and installing office equipment


Certified Maintenance Technician - 2013
International Maintenance Institute, Houston, TX

Diploma - 2008
Arsenal Technical High School, Indianapolis, IN

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Is This a Good Maintenance Technician Resume? Let’s Check

Does the candidate effectively organize and format this maintenance technician resume sample?

Yes, he does. The candidate clearly states his experience and the types of facilities where he has worked in his summary statement. He continues on to list his specific skills and then explains how he implemented these skills in his current and past positions in the work experience section. He wraps up his resume with details about his technical certification and high school diploma.

The summary statement is a good place for an applicant for a maintenance technician position to identify his or her best qualifications, including the types of equipment serviced. Does the candidate provide a quick overview of his abilities and experience in this maintenance technician resume sample?

Yes. The summary statement in this sample indicates that the candidate has a professional certification and a significant amount of experience. He draws attention to his ability to work on many different types of manufacturing equipment. The candidate rounds out this section by pointing out his proven ability to keep machines functioning during operating hours.

Maintenance technicians need a combination of technical and communication skills in order to successfully perform their jobs. Does this candidate include a suitable range of abilities in his skills section?

Yes, he does. The candidate starts with general skills like repairing and maintaining equipment, running diagnostics, and identifying problems. He then draws attention to his ability to manage a repair department, perform preventative work, and follow safety protocols. The candidate concludes with important abilities including documentation and communication.

Maintenance technicians may have experience repairing various types of equipment. It is important to bring up specialized abilities as well as general principles that indicate an ability to learn how different systems work. Does the candidate provide prospective employers with a clear sense of his proven capabilities and capacity for development in his work experience section?

The candidate includes three entries in this section of the maintenance technician resume sample, starting with his current position. Over the course of his career as a maintenance technician, he shows that he is capable of keeping many types of production machinery in working order.

Maintenance technicians may have a combination of training and certifications. Does the candidate provide a useful overview of his background in the education section of this maintenance technician resume sample?

Yes. The candidate also organizes this section in reverse chronological order so that his most recent and advanced qualification appears first. He includes his certification, the year he earned this credential, and the certifying body. He goes on to include his high school diploma, as this can be a requirement for some maintenance technician positions.

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The Most Important Maintenance Technician Resume Sample Takeaways

Maintenance technicians often have specialized repair skills. It is important to find out whether the position you are applying for involves working on similar machinery. If this is the case, you may benefit from being more specific about your repair abilities than the candidate in this maintenance technician resume sample. If the machinery is different, focus on your general skills and mechanical intelligence. Assess the requirements for the position you are seeking before you start writing and draw attention to your specialization or versatility accordingly. If you would like additional guidance, check out our resume builder.