When lives depend on your ability to respond to critical situations, you gain excellent skills in parsing complex information to identify important facts. It can be harder to apply those skills when it comes to rendering down your career history to the most important facts, but it’s absolutely crucial to creating a winning resume. Employers only want to see the details of your professional history that are relevant to the jobs you’re applying for. Knowing how to prioritize and select information for your resume can demonstrate the exact skills employers are looking for, and can help you get your foot in the door for a new job.

To learn how to create a succinct yet informative resume that supports your career goals, try reviewing our 911 dispatcher resume sample. This sample demonstrates the details you should focus on when describing your work history and accomplishments, and shows you the engaging, action-oriented writing employers seek. Combine the lessons in our sample with our resume writing tips to create a strong resume that sells your best qualities.


911 Dispatcher Resume Sample

Horatio Diaz
Tempe, AZ 11111 • hdiaz@emailprovider • 555-287-8865


Skilled 911 dispatcher with 8 years of experience demonstrating the utmost dedication to saving lives as the first point of contact for emergency calls and response. Adept at making critical decisions in highly charged situations requiring swift thinking and excellent analytical skills. Excels in a role as central point of contact linking law enforcement and medical teams to ensure appropriate response to each call.


  • Emergency call response
  • Call routing and assignation
  • Emergency dispatch
  • Critical thinking and decision-making
  • Calm in crisis situations
  • 92 wpm typing speed with excellent 10-key skills
  • Familiar with multiple PBX and data entry systems
  • Strong team builder and relationship manager

Work Experience

911 Dispatcher, 2012 – Present
City of Tempe Emergency Services Division, Tempe, AZ
  • Respond to emergency 911 calls in a fast-paced call center environment supporting a city with a population of over 180,000 citizens
  • Evaluate caller situation and determine priorities based on threat level and available resources
    * Dispatch first responders from both police and EMT teams to the call location as appropriate
  • Screen inappropriate calls or improperly routed calls to the appropriate department
  • Follow-up with other dispatch teams or special agencies, such as the FBI, as needed
  • Trained over 100 newly hired 911 dispatchers on appropriate call handling protocols and situation de-escalation
  • Handled on average 32 calls per hour for the high-volume night shift, well above the average of 21 calls per hour
911 Dispatcher, 2009 – 2012
City of Phoenix Emergency Services Division, Phoenix, AZ
  • Received, reviewed, and routed emergency calls from Phoenix citizens during the graveyard shift
  • Logged all call data, including recordings and data entry, during the call
  • Made critical decisions and determinations regarding emergency response and personnel dispatch
  • Communicated call details clearly and effectively to first responders
  • Nurtured relationships with local law enforcement and medical personnel to ensure collaborative work on emergency response
  • Gained recognition and commendations for an excellent demeanor when working with frightened or angry callers
  • Honored with a special Medal of Recognition from the Mayor for talking hostages through a crisis situation in the city center, supporting successful resolution with zero fatalities


Bachelor of Public Safety (2009)
University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

CPR Certification (2010)
American Red Cross

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Is This a Good 911 Dispatcher Resume? Let’s Check

Does the 911 dispatcher resume sample reflect a strong blend of crisis management skills and technical capabilities?

It does. In the resume, the sample candidate repeatedly exemplifies a cool head in a crisis, with the ability to communicate information to both callers and first responders in a clear, effective fashion. He points out his talent for forming a rapport and for nurturing collaborative relationships with first responders, but he also calls out his typing skills, ability to handle data entry and dispatch systems, and familiarity with PBX systems.

Is the resume tailored to reflect the collaborative nature of 911 dispatch operations?

Absolutely it is. In the 911 dispatcher resume sample, our example jobseeker points out working with local law enforcement and emergency medical personnel, both of whom are critical in any emergency response situation. He also makes mention of cooperation with external agencies in special situations, such as the FBI. A 911 dispatcher is often the central point of contact for reaching out to appropriate support agencies for special situations, and the resume should reflect this.

Does the 911 dispatcher resume sample call out any particular situations of valor?

Yes. In his role with the City of Phoenix, the sample candidate received a medal from the mayor for working with hostages in a crisis situation. This not only calls out an exceptional accomplishment, but shows the candidate’s skills in action through his ability to remain calm in such a highly charged situation, calm hostages trapped on the location, and advise them on the actions needed to preserve everyone’s safety.

Does the example candidate show instances of seniority and mentorship on his resume?

He does. In the 911 dispatcher resume sample, he points out training over 100 personnel on call handling protocols and situation de-escalation, both important skills to have. Considering the sample candidate was with the City of Tempe for over five years, this level of seniority indicates trust as someone who understood the job and had performed to such exemplary levels he could train junior personnel effectively.

Does the resume sample point out the scope of the sample candidate’s authority by calling out specifics?

In more ways than one. First, in Tempe he makes it clear his role supports the full city population of over 180,000 people. In both roles, he also points out working either graveyard shift or night shift, both time periods that often require special handling and unique skills.

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The Most Important 911 Dispatcher Resume Sample Takeaways

Searching for a job doesn’t have to be a life-threatening crisis. Make sure your resume reflects the skills that make you a star at your job, from your ability to remain calm in a crisis to your talent for walking callers through what to do while waiting for first responders. Stress your capability to work with law enforcement and medical personnel to protect citizen safety and ensure swift response to emergency calls. Use the writing tips from our 911 dispatcher resume sample along with our resume builder to create a winning resume that supports your career goals.