You may be starting a career in law enforcement or aiming to test for the next promotion at your department. In either scenario, you need a strong resume that adequately portrays your qualifications. As you prepare to draft your ideas, take the time to browse example resumes. Looking at what others have written can help you know the best approaches to take with organization, style, and tone.

Our law enforcement resume sample may be particularly helpful since it offers a structured example as well as writing tips to guide your preparation. Compare your resume to the sample and see how what you’ve written lines up with a professionally designed document, or borrow ideas for formatting and word choice.

When you sit down to compose your resume, don’t suffer through the process alone. Let our tips and example document guide you to an exceptional presentation of your qualifications. Why not get started today?


Law Enforcement Resume Sample

Patrick Owens
Dallas, TX 11111 • [email protected] • 555-329-7843


Law enforcement veteran of 15 years committed to protecting lives and property. Dedicated public servant who prioritizes the prevention of crime. Exceptional skills in cross-cultural communication have led to development of a community-based youth program that decreased the high school dropout rate in southwest Dallas’ Mountain View community.


  • Expert in legal codes, department policies, and effective police strategies
  • Skilled in communicating with individuals of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds
  • Adept at remaining calm in unpredictable circumstances
  • Trained in proactive approaches to preventing crime
  • Dedicated to bettering community-law enforcement relationships through consistent, positive interactions
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office, the National Crime Information Center database, and advanced crime mapping software

Work Experience

Police Officer, September 2006 – Present
Dallas Police Department, Dallas, TX
  • Attain Sergeant rank within five years, supervising an increasing number of patrol officers (currently 15)
  • Model community policing, implementing a youth sports and education program in the Mountain View area
  • Resolve community issues before they lead to criminal activity, assisting families in obtaining resources such as crisis counseling and financial assistance
  • Prevent crime by maintaining amicable relationships with business owners and residents
  • Patrol southwest Dallas and investigate suspicious activity to maintain public security
Police Officer, January 2002 – August 2005
Dallas Area Rapid Transit, Dallas, TX
  • Secured rapid transit system through active surveillance
  • Interfaced with Dallas PD and other area agencies to solve cases that involved DART and DPD or additional jurisdictions
  • Conducted preliminary and follow-up investigations of disputes, transit-related accidents, and other incidents
  • Curtailed theft in transit stations with increased patrols, reducing 2004 altercations by 2%
  • Awarded Distinguished Service Medal in 2004
Courtroom Bailiff, August 1996 – December 2001
Tarrant County Courthouse, Fort Worth, TX
  • Escorted judges, members of the jury, plaintiffs, and defendants during trials to ensure their security
  • Screened persons entering the courthouse for the prevention of unauthorized contraband on the premises
  • Enforced courtroom rules, maintaining orderly proceedings
  • Liaised between members of the court to preserve the integrity of the litigation
  • Monitored the introduction of evidence, securing its reliability throughout the legal process


Associate in Applied Science, Law Enforcement, 1996
Amarillo College, Amarillo, TX

Peace Officer Certification – Texas Commission on Law Enforcement
National Crime Prevention Specialist Certification – National Crime Prevention Association

Professional Memberships and Affiliations

Dallas Police Association
Fraternal Order of Police

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Is This a Good Law Enforcement Resume? Let’s Check

Does the law enforcement resume sample use strong, specific verbs to convey a background in policing?

Definitely! In fact, the candidate chooses words like “model” and “prevent” when describing his current responsibilities, along with “secured” and “conducted” when detailing previous tasks. These verbs, among others, effectively illustrate his duties as a law enforcement officer. Also note he uses past tense for former jobs and present for his current position. Strong, active verbs in both past and present tense keep your resume interesting and demonstrate energetic commitment to public service.

Does the resume include only prior law enforcement experience to establish his expertise in the field?

The law enforcement resume sample outlines the jobseeker’s roles as a bailiff and police officer but leaves out unrelated positions. For example, perhaps the applicant worked at a coffee shop during college. He could list that job to demonstrate customer service skills, but he already has more than enough law enforcement history to show off his ability to work with people, so there’s no need to include the coffee shop job.

Does the candidate in the resume sample establish personal knowledge of the impact his work has on the community he serves?

The candidate presents a confident understanding of his role in the division he patrols. Notice how his summary partially focuses on his contribution to a higher continuation rate for students in Dallas’ Mountain View neighborhood. The jobseeker also emphasizes helping impoverished families get resources they need, accentuating his in-depth awareness of personal impact, which is a strong component of this resume.

Is the law enforcement resume sample organized and easy to skim?

It is! With bold headings delineating sections, the resume allows a police chief to locate significant information easily and determine whether to interview the candidate. When hiring committees sort applications, they take very little time to decide a jobseeker’s potential, so the better organized your resume is, the better chance you have of making the cut.

Does each section in the resume sample complement the others, giving a full picture of the officer’s qualifications for a promotion or lateral transfer to another Texas agency?

The complementary sections in the law enforcement resume sample are noteworthy. For example, the summary mentions crime prevention as a priority; the job histories add evidence. At Dallas PD, the candidate models community policing, addresses issues early, and emphasizes relationships; all are methods incorporated to prevent crime. Previously at DART PD, he participated in surveillance and increased patrols as deterrents. The examples in the work experience section support the priority statement in the summary, providing substantive evidence of the officer’s qualifications.

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The Most Important Law Enforcement Resume Sample Takeaways

The significance of a carefully planned resume cannot be overstated. The document is an opportunity to present yourself in the best light for consideration by departmental leadership. As such, it gives you permission to brag about your accomplishments so that you not only establish you’re qualified for the job but also demonstrate you’re aware of your impact in the community. Organize your resume well, make the sections complementary, and use strong, active verbs to prove your expertise. If you need additional assistance, review our law enforcement resume sample or let our resume builder add the finishing touches for you.