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Most hiring managers spend just seconds reviewing each resume. By looking at sample resumes and writing guides, you gain the knowledge of how to format your resume. Use a similar format when you build your own to ensure that hiring managers see the important information even when they skim your document.

Look through our police officer resume sample to start your education. Along with our example, we have included several key tips to further assist you in crafting a professional resume. Now you are ready to start writing your own document that demonstrates to hiring managers your fit for the position.


Police Officer Resume Sample

Molly Jones
Georgetown, TX 11111 • [email protected] • 555-503-3049


Experienced police officer working more than 10 years in law enforcement. Dedicated to saving lives through providing a safer community with lower crime rates. Trained in crisis intervention and conflict prevention with experience in investigation and routine patrols.


  • Speed limit enforcement
  • Accident and crime investigation
  • Handling of weapons and firearms
  • Enforcement of local and national laws
  • Crisis intervention
  • Crime prevention
  • Experience working with gangs
  • Non-lethal police tactics

Work Experience

Police Officer May 2014 - Present
Austin Police Department
  • Assist detectives with criminal and undercover investigations to determine the perpetrator
  • Mediate potentially dangerous situations, including domestic-related disturbances, to prevent escalation and protect victims
  • Detain suspects in criminal investigations and transport them to the police station as needed
  • Conduct lawful searches of commercial buildings, residences, vehicles, and other property for evidence
  • Maintain crowd control during large events, including Austin City Limits and SXSW, to prevent criminal activity and keep attendees safe
  • Attend school assemblies to lecture on crime prevention and alternatives to gangs that led to a 20% reduction in juvenile crime
Sheriff's Deputy July 2009 - May 2014
Travis County Sheriff's Department
  • Directed traffic during events, road closures, accidents, and emergencies to prevent incidents and injuries
  • Issued traffic citations and warnings to motorists violating motor vehicle ordinances
  • Investigated reports of suspicious persons or activities and intervened as necessary to prevent criminal activity and maintain safety
  • Processed prisoners according to department guidelines and maintained precise and accurate records during the pre-trial process
  • Received an award for assisting in bringing down a large illegal drug organization
Patrol Officer September 2007 - July 2009
Round Rock Police Department
  • Monitored patrol area for any unusual or illegal activity, potential safety hazards, and suspicious persons
  • Provided first aid to persons involved in accidents or other situations that led to injury or ailment
  • Responded to emergencies or reports of suspicious activity to ensure the safety of Round Rock residents
  • Enforced local and national motor vehicle and criminal laws and issued warnings or citations as needed
  • Testified in court as a witness or to provide evidence for criminal and traffic cases
  • Educated the community in safety and crime prevention tactics that led to a 10% reduction in the crime rate


Police Academy - Basic Course, 2007
Austin Police Training Academy

B.A. in Sociology, 2007
University of Texas, Austin

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Is This a Good Police Officer Resume? Let’s Check

A police officer's primary duty is to keep the peace and maintain safety for the community. Does the police officer resume sample emphasize the jobseeker's ability to maintain order?

Yes, it does. Maintaining a safe environment for residents begins with crime prevention. The jobseeker demonstrates her ability to prevent crime through her education programs by listing the percent by which the crime rate reduced. She also included her experience working in crowd control during some of Austin's biggest events: Austin City Limits and SXSW.

Does the work experience section demonstrate that she excels in all the expected duties of a police officer?

Absolutely! Although the jobseeker has three previous jobs for which the job duties are similar, she does not simply duplicate the list for each one in the police officer resume sample. In fact, there is little overlap. She takes care to provide a wide range of experience from investigation to appearing in court to crime prevention. She also rewrites the few duplicate job duties to emphasize a different component or accomplishment. Combined, the work experience section demonstrates she has ample experience in all of the expected duties.

Has the jobseeker detailed her knowledge of local and national laws in the police officer resume sample?

You bet. The jobseeker details her knowledge of the laws in the skill section. She also included it as one of her duties in her work experience. Other duties listed in her work experience section also imply her knowledge of and ability to enforce the law, such as issuing tickets, investigating, and conducting lawful searches.

Community relations is an important component of a strong police officer. Does this resume adequately illustrate the candidate's relationship with those she serves?

It sure does! She has listed two examples of community education programs in which she played a role that led to crime prevention. She also emphasizes her commitment to keeping the community safe in the summary section by stating her dedication to save lives and protect the community.

Would this resume pass the five-second test when hiring managers read through it?

Affirmative. Many hiring managers skim through resumes, spending just a few seconds on each one. This police officer resume sample uses an easy-to-read format incorporating bullet points. The jobseeker starts with a quick summary that includes her experience and skills. Then, she lists the most important skills in a bullet list. By using bullet lists for her job duties in the work experience section, the hiring manager does not get lost in a lot of text when reviewing the jobseeker's experience.

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The Most Important Police Officer Resume Sample Takeaways

Writing a strong resume begins with reviewing our police officer resume sample and writing guide. Utilizing a similar format makes it easy to read so that hiring managers glean the most important information even if they only spend a few seconds reviewing it. Incorporate a variety of job duties in your work experience section that demonstrates your accomplishments as well as the duties. This also imparts to hiring managers that you have the appropriate skills and qualifications for the job. For further assistance, try our resume builder.