You can’t expect to land a job interview if your resume doesn’t help you outshine the other applicants. Your document needs to illustrate your best qualities as a lawyer, while also having the correct format and meeting the necessary job criteria.

If the resume writing process becomes overwhelming, try using an example resume as a guide. Our attorney resume sample shows exactly how you should structure your document, while providing examples of language that can improve your resume’s readability. Using our model will help you come up with parallel experiences and professional accomplishments to include in your own resume.

In addition to our helpful PDF sample, we have writing tips to show you the best ways to present the various sections of your resume. These resources can help ensure you don’t leave anything out and your writing is as strong as possible. Look over the provided sample and continue using these references throughout your writing process.


Attorney Resume Sample

Beth Harris
Oxnard, CA 10101 • [email protected] • 123-456-0000


Qualified attorney with 11 year’s experience. Skilled in courtroom litigation, brief preparation, and all facets of personal injury and family law. Meticulous and attentive to detail, while still being personable and able to drive mediations toward common ground.

Skills & Qualifications

  • Exceptional research and preparation skills
  • Strong legal writing abilities
  • Trained on Microsoft Office and Legal Files software
  • Excellent courtroom etiquette
  • Able to communicate effectively with clients
  • Knowledgeable about corporate codes and plaintiff rights
  • Practiced in all elements of custody cases

Work Experience

Attorney - Allen Michaels Law
2013 - Present

  • Serve as lead counsel on over 75% of firm’s personal injury trials
  • Build personal injury cases with people from various backgrounds, collecting evidence, conducting interviews, and researching civil codes
  • Study case results from recent California trials to learn more about legal precedent and monitor developing interpretation of legal statutes
  • Research legal ramifications of changes in insurance and Medi-Cal policies that may influence portions of case prep
  • Oversee training and hiring for paralegals, assistants, and associates

Family Law Attorney - Mason and Morrison
2010 - 2013

  • Tried separation and custody cases, while also serving as a mediator and advisor to other lawyers
  • Acquired new clients through third party mediation, increasing company case load by over 25%
  • Raised firm’s billable hours by 10% by providing legal services to former clients working through custody issues
  • Developed network of local third-party experts who helped shore up cases dealing with specific assets and business earning complications
  • Itemized and categorized clients’ holdings and worked with opposing counsel to determine best methods of asset distribution

Junior Attorney - Holland, Meyer and Jepson
2006 - 2010

  • Assisted lead attorney with brief preparation and client interviews
  • Attended trials and hearings, and helped prepare clients for cross examinations during court recess periods
  • Argued minor offenses, receiving successful verdicts on over 80% of misdemeanor hearings
  • Conducted legal investigations for criminal cases, meeting with involved parties to take written statments
  • Reviewed internal processes to help senior staff improve efficiency and increase firm’s workload


Juris Doctorate - 2004
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Bachelor of Science in History - 2000
University of Santa Barbara

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Is This a Good Attorney Resume? Let’s Check

Does the jobseeker offer examples of skills and experiences that will help with managing a large case load at a busy firm?

After reading this resume, hiring managers will have no doubt that the applicant can handle the workload. Starting with the first listing in the work experience section, the candidate explains that she takes charge on 75% of the personal injury cases. In the same section of the attorney resume sample, there is mention of increasing a firm’s case load and billable hours. Even the busiest legal offices will feel confident that this candidate can meet the demands of the job.

Working effectively with clients requires both training and the right personality. Does the attorney resume sample indicate that the jobseeker has both?

No doubt about it. In the summary statement, the jobseeker explains that she has experience and training, then addresses her personability and mediation talents. She stresses these points again in the skills ands qualifications section, listing "strong research and preparation skills," as well as "able to communicate effectively with clients." It’s clear that the applicant understands the various skillsets lawyers need to possess.

In the work experience section, does the applicant show an ability to undertake various legal tasks in multiple fields of law?

In each segment of the work history portion, the attorney resume sample uses different active verbs that offer important bits of legalese. Words such as "tried," "acquired," "argued," and "conducted" show how this attorney played an active role and helped past employers in a myriad of ways. The applicant also clearly defines her work and expertise in both personal injury and family law.

Using statistics helps illustrate an employee’s success. Does this attorney resume sample provide numbers and data to show the benefits of her work?

The resume sample includes numerical data multiple times in the work history section. Each instance shows how the work of this applicant led to additional clientele and increased revenue and helped previous legal offices grow. The statistics provided aren’t overly technical and don’t disrupt the flow of the document, but rather illustrate how the candidate’s efforts resulted in positive outcomes for her employers.

Attorneys must follow very specific guidelines to win cases and avoid legal fallout. Will this resume leave recruiters feeling like the candidate has the necessary qualifications?

Start to finish, this resume sample inspires confidence. The skills section lists multiple legal abilities, and the experience portion shows how those skills translated into success. Attorneys must meet high professional standards to remain in the legal field. The training and experience shown in this resume indicate the applicant meets those standards.

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The Most Important Attorney Resume Sample Takeaways

If you want to craft a document that shows your talents and impresses recruiters, this attorney resume sample can lead you in the right direction. The writing style and structure make this resume easy to read and very informative, and the sample illustrates the type of professional details needed in a legal resume. When you provide the right information in an engaging way, you stand a much better chance of piquing the readers' interest. Use our sample and tips throughout your writing process, and check out our resume builder if you’d like additional help.