A resume is one of the biggest factors in whether hiring managers decide to bring you onto the team. After an interview, many managers go back to resumes if they have trouble determining who to hire. You want your document to effectively go over your professional background and show what you can do in the future. A great thing to do as far as resume writing is to read other people’s resumes, such as this lawyer resume sample.

By reading sample documents, you can obtain a better understanding of the formatting hiring managers expect to see. There is a standard format employers desire, and the formatting should help them better read your application. Sample resumes also give you a good idea of what kind of information is beneficial to include on specific types of resumes in specific industries. Use our resume sample and the tips that follow to influence your writing.


Lawyer Resume Sample

Kassy Aronoff
Long Beach, CA • [email protected] • 555-555-8338


Innovative lawyer who has a background in family and criminal law. Thrives in a dynamic environment and has experience defending clients in courtrooms. Proven background in winning cases and putting in sufficient research to assist clients from a wide range of backgrounds.


  • Contract negotiation
  • Knowledgeable of scanners and photocopiers
  • Familiarity with project management and data mining software
  • Knowledge of government and law
  • Strong leader
  • Complex problem-solving skills
  • Great public speaker
  • Patent and trademark licensing

Work History

Lawyer – Homampour Law Firm
2012 – Present

  • Represent over 200 clients in the course of employment, winning over 95% of cases, most of them dealing with criminal law
  • Consult with clients regarding the possible outcomes of a case, and advise them with claim liability and business transactions
  • Present evidence in a courtroom to prosecute defendants and defend clients
  • Summarize cases for juries and judges, providing a basic overview of the type of evidence that will come into play
  • Negotiate settlements for civil disputes, often winning a sufficient amount for clients to cover medical expenses as well as pain and suffering
  • Prepare a variety of legal documents, including patent applications, deeds, and wills, on behalf of clients
  • Remain up-to-date with changes in the law, often conferring with lawmakers to obtain more details about a proposed piece of legislation

Legal Assistant – Drake Law Firm
2009 – 2012

  • Assisted 24 lawyers at the firm with a wide range of tasks, such as appraising inventory, arbitrating disputes, and filing pleadings
  • Met with clients in person to obtain preliminary information before attorneys became involved
  • Found and spoke with witnesses before they took the stand to review statements
  • Gathered research data to determine likelihood of attorneys winning a case
  • Investigated facts related to cases, such as going to the library to obtain public records
  • Directed law office activities, including the delivery of subpoenas
  • Organized exhibits to display on trials and was a part of over 100 successful lawsuits for clients the law firm represented


Juris Doctorate – 2011
University of Southern California

Bachelor’s degree in political science – 2008
Cal State Long Beach
Graduated magna cum laude

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Is This a Good Lawyer Resume? Let’s Check

Does this lawyer resume sample show the applicant has the proper education to become an attorney?

Yes, it does. Lawyers need to have a graduate degree to practice the law. Additionally, they need to pass the bar exam in their state. Employers will verify with the state board to determine whether you passed the bar, but you should state on your resume where you received your graduate degree from. It makes things immensely easier on the hiring manager if everything is right there on the page.

Look at the work history section. Does the lawyer resume sample contain information about how the applicant handled important tasks?

The work history section does indeed show how the candidate worked in a courtroom in the past. She has handled important responsibilities, and the candidate takes it a step further by mentioning her success rate. You should have a proven track record of success when applying for attorney positions.

Does the lawyer resume sample make it clear the jobseeker can handle a wide array of cases?

When you read a lawyer job description, there should be information related to what field of law the firm primarily handles. Some mostly handle criminal law while others handle bankruptcies and so on and so forth. You should customize your resume to whatever hiring managers want to see. Naturally, you should never lie and mention how proficient you are with a certain field if you have never worked in it before. However, you should emphasize the most prominent fields a firm handles.

Does the lawyer resume sample show the candidate is capable of handling every aspect of being a lawyer?

When most people think of lawyers, they think of being inside a courtroom defending clients. However, most of the time, lawyers spend a lot of time at their desks researching or filling out paperwork. You want to make it clear from your resume you are not afraid to handle the less glamorous aspects of the job. Show you can do anything.

Is this sample resume the right length?

Most resumes need to be less than one page in length, but some professionals can get away with having slightly longer applications; lawyers are definitely considered among such professions. This resume would likely require two pages, but that is alright. Ultimately, you just want to make sure your resume is long enough to convey all pertinent information about yourself as an employee.

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The Most Important Lawyer Resume Sample Takeaways

Format your resume like the sample to ensure every section, from the professional summary to the education section, is simple to read. Include information relevant to the exact career you desire. That may involve sending a slightly different document to each unique job listing. It sounds like a lot, but it is worth it to obtain a rewarding new career. Review the lawyer resume sample again if you need to, and check out the resume builder for further assistance.