Your resume may be the most important part of your job application. In many cases, this is the only piece of information that hiring managers use to make their decision. Your best chance of catching the attention of employers is to create a document that efficiently and effectively communicates your abilities and qualifications in a concise package. While the content of your resume is vital, the way you format it also plays a huge role in determining your success.

To start on your resume, review the following administration manager resume sample. We designed it to demonstrate exactly the kind of resume that employers will notice. Implement the writing techniques in your own writing. Additionally, the included writing guide will explain each aspect of the resume and provide tips for starting your own. Together, these are great tools for understanding how the hiring process works, what employers are looking for, and how to improve your chances of employers hiring you.


Administration Manager Resume Sample

Melissa Smith
Jersey City, New Jersey 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-1840


Versatile and capable leader with nearly 10 years of experience in administrative office management. Hold excellent analysis, leadership, and organization skills, as well as a good attention to details and an active approach to delegating tasks. Prioritize improving efficiency in operations to save money and increase success.

Core Qualifications

  • Excellent interpersonal and professional communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Confident in a position of leadership
  • Delegate and assign tasks
  • Create schedules and design programs
  • Good critical thinking, analysis, and evaluation
  • Familiar prioritizing and organizing multiple office tasks
  • Intimately familiar with standard office administrative software
  • Strong research abilities

Work Experience

Administration Manager – August 2014 to present
Howardson Finance, Jersey City, New Jersey
  • Oversee all office operations, ensuring staff efficiently completes assignments quickly and successfully
  • Collect information from all departments to better provide instructions for improvement
  • Manage operational development, implementing new strategies as necessary
  • Streamline communications between multiple offices
  • Interact with clients to encourage the development of relationships
  • Created staff schedules, taking labor and the payroll into consideration
  • Improve the office efficiency by 8% over three years
  • Decrease spending by 15%
Administration Manager Assistant – March 2012 to August 2014
Howardson Finance, Jersey City, New Jersey
  • Relayed information from the administration manager to clients, office staff, or other department heads
  • Performed assigned research on the market, other offices, and new technology or finance developments, and created easily accessible reports of findings
  • Followed instructions from the administration manager precisely and quickly
  • Provided assistance to managers on a daily basis
  • Maintained successful operation rating of 95%
Office Manager – June 2008 to March 2012
Atlantic Shipping, Jersey City, New Jersey
  • Oversaw office staff operations on a daily basis
  • Interacted with HR manager and other department heads to ensure office continued functioning smoothly
  • Created reports of office operations, including in-depth information of project progress, spending, income, and other data
  • Presented reports at quarterly board meeting, explaining changes, making recommendations for improvement, and answering inquiries
  • Interacted with individual office staff members, addressing issues, resolving conflict, providing information or guidance, and explaining special projects
  • Reduced office conflicts by 20% by implementing, leading, and managing new training and team-building programs
  • Increased client base by 15% over four years


Master of Science in Business Administration
University of New Jersey, 2011

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
University of New Jersey, 2007

Completed Human Resources Management Certification
New Jersey School of Business, 2012

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Is This a Good Administration Manager Resume? Let’s Check

Does the administration manager resume sample portray the writer as confident?

It sure does, and yours should too. This demonstrates how your resume goes further than simply listing information. The way you describe previous accomplishments and responsibilities says a lot about you, and employers will take notice. Because the administration manager position is one of leadership, you need to write with confidence to show you would feel comfortable leading others.

What signs of business administration expertise are present in the resume sample?

There are many. The administration manager resume sample includes three related positions and an education in business administration. Your experiences will likely be different, but you should dedicate just as much effort to establishing your qualifications. No matter what your work experience and education looks like, find a way to make your expertise clear.

Does the work experience section follow the standard formatting practices?

It does, and you should use it to help format your own work experience section. Because this is the most important part of any resume, you should organize it perfectly to maximize the chances of readers understanding it. The applicant put the positions in reverse chronological order, began every bullet point with a strong action verb, and only used present tense to describe the currently held position. Follow the formatting standards exactly.

Are the previous responsibilities in the administration manager resume sample focused on leadership?

They are. Your ability to lead others is the single most important quality that readers will be looking for. Focus on describing the times you took charge. What was the result? How did you succeed? The more experience you have managing others, the more qualified employers will see you. Notice that nearly every responsibility in the work experience section describes overseeing others and managing a team in one way or another.

Does the resume sample make the unique benefits the candidate could bring to the table clear?

Yes, it does. This is essentially what your resume should boil down to. Answer the question, “What will we gain for hiring you, which no other candidate can provide?” The administration manager resume sample answers this question by including real metrics in the work experience section. These not only add credibility to the resume, they also provide specific numbers so employers can see exactly how successful, efficient, and beneficial you have been in the past. Including this in your resume is an easy way to strengthen it.

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The Most Important Administration Manager Resume Sample Takeaways

Make the most of your job application by implementing the tips and strategies found in this writing guide and administration manager resume sample. Split your focus between the content and the formatting to create a resume that has both appealing information and clarity. Remember to make sure your leadership and administrative skills are clear from the tone and style of your writing. If you need some additional help, our intuitive resume builder tool is available for further assistance.