Recruiters review resumes as a way to identify candidates who are a fit for an open position. Jobseekers need to create a document that accurately outlines skills and experience without overwhelming hiring managers. Use the case manager resume sample to format and write your own final draft.

Pay attention to the writing tips that can help clarify your experience to hiring managers. Since the resume is one page, it is important to be concise and specific about accomplishments and tasks in previous positions. Accomplish this by adding statistics and other quantifiable data about any contributions to improving work processes. If your job poses significant challenges, then demonstrate your ability to provide solutions to complex problems. Also communicate how your daily work contributes to the smooth functioning of other departments within the organization. With all of these tips and the sample resume, you are well on your way to getting your next interview.


Case Manager Resume Sample

McKenzie Williams
Chicago, IL 46377 • [email protected] • 555-344-2333


Experience with managing large caseloads both in-house and at home visits. Compassionate and caring, with strong communication skills to handle complex situations. Excellent understanding of state and federal benefits and paperwork submission requirements.


  • Can manage up to 40 cases at once at in-house settings
  • Experience with elderly and foster care populations
  • Ability to display empathy and care when patients are in distress
  • Solid knowledge of local, state, and federal grants for program costs
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Can develop programs for patients and consumers that increase support services knowledge

Work Experience

Case Manager – 2013-present
Wellbeing Youth Associates, San Diego, CA
  • Conduct and scheduled regular home visits for 20-30 foster children concurrently
  • Coordinate visits with social workers for home visits as required for foster children in need of specialized services
  • Set up care plans for foster parents and followed up about the plans on a monthly basis
  • Handled intake documents for youth and filed them with the appropriate state and local agencies
  • Increased the reporting accuracy for the case worker team by 15% by implementing a checklist of task completion
  • Cultivate relationships with local community organizations to design activities and programs specific to the needs of foster children
Case Manager – 2010-2013
Open Care, Wilmington, NC
  • Conducted intake and assessment interviews to newly enrolled members about any medical treatment schedules and options
  • Worked closely with elderly members to address any distress and coordinated any necessary resources
  • Produced monthly educational and entertainment programming for residents based on their preferences and needs
  • Implemented a program that decreased the amount of time to close health insurance claims by 20%
  • Generated weekly and monthly quantitative and qualitative reports about program consumer cases.
Case Worker – 2005-2010
Intercare Hospital, Valdosta, GA
  • Gave support services options for patients once their hospital visit ended
  • Managed a caseload of 30-50 patients for multiple departments at the hospital
  • Provided any counseling to hospital patients in distress
  • Documented notes about patients after each visit for the lead social worker
  • Followed hospital best standard care practices with each patient
  • Submitted and filed paperwork with insurance and government agencies
  • Managed the volunteer program for multiple hospital units


Bachelor in Social Work – 2005
Georgia State University

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Is This a Good Case Manager Resume? Let’s Check

Does the case manager resume sample show an ability to provide excellent care while maintaining paperwork requirements?

Throughout the resume, it is apparent that the jobseeker can provide counseling services in a practical manner. Some counseling requires a professional license, and the candidate knows when to escalate a patient to a more specialized therapist. Taking and logging notes is also an important task for case workers, and this detail shows in each job engagement.

Soft skills are important in any case manager position. Does this candidate show a capacity to provide empathy to many different stakeholders?

Case manager deal with patients and consumers who may be facing stressful situations. While standard policies and procedures must be in place to evaluate care, case managers also need to understand contextual situations well. This resume shows the candidate can work with patients in different contexts at jobs with significant tenure.

How does this resume distinguish the candidate from other qualified applicants for open case manager positions?

Distinguishing yourself in a resume is important. What this case manager resume sample shows is a capacity to work well on teams, stay organized with a number of tasks, and remain patient oriented. In addition, this jobseeker took initiative and implemented new procedures to increase data reporting accuracy. It is important to use quantifiable data to show process improvements, and cost savings shows employers you take initiative beyond your core job responsibilities.

Employers want to see career progression if a candidate stays in the same field. Does this resume show an increase in responsibilities for the case worker candidate?

Yes. After college, the candidate started in a busy hospital environment with a heavy caseload. One leadership position that is apparent in the entry-level role is managing the hospital volunteers. The next position requires more autonomy with planning programs and increased managerial responsibilities. In addition, this jobseeker took initiative and created procedures that improved delivery and decreased costs for the department. This case manager resume sample also shows more recent strategic experience on the job that translates into cost savings for the organization.

Does the case manager resume sample provide information in a clear format that is easy for employers to read and scan?

Yes, the format helps employers understand depth of experience in this jobseeker’s background. Keep your writing tight and organized to communicate your background on one page. The professional summary as well as the skills and qualifications list provide a list of what a candidate can bring to an open position. With the work experience, it is easy to see that a number of skills are transferrable to different patient and consumer populations.

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The Most Important Case Manager Resume Sample Takeaways

When hiring managers review a resume, they want to quickly understand a candidate’s skills and knowledge. A case manager resume sample can help you follow a standard format and write compelling and accurate material about your background. Keep the language professional, and focus on identifying your core accomplishments and achievements from past positions. It is also a good idea to double check your document for spelling and grammar usage errors. The resume builder is also a tool that you can use to create a well-organized document for employers.