More than ever, corporations need consultants to guide their information technology architecture and functionality. With many consultants receiving excellent compensation for their services, the field has become crowded with IT professionals who want to steer their careers toward consulting.

This means it is more important than ever to distinguish yourself from the rest of the crowd by providing hiring managers a well-organized resume that clearly states your qualifications. Think of your resume as a one-page calling card that, if crafted properly, could get you into the interview round. A resume should not be an afterthought you write at the last minute.

Take your time studying the job description for the position you want and place a priority on crafting a resume that will resonate with your potential future employer. You can study a sample resume to get an idea of the right kind of content and formatting for your own document. Utilize our consultant resume sample for inspiration, and take a look at our resume writing tips as well.


Consultant Resume Sample

James Mitchell
Charleston, SC 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-4213


Insightful information technology consultant with extensive experience delivering high-end database architecture systems capable of processing large volumes of data. Aware of each aspect of planning, development, implementation, and support through proven successes. Knowledgeable about business cycles and operational needs to guide stakeholders in decision making.


  • Experience with large-scale database architecture
  • Active listener who seeks out needs and priorities of an organization
  • Strong team leadership ability across diverse business areas
  • Extensive experience with developing, testing, and implementing database software
  • Proven skill leveraging Python, Java, Unix, and Perl to create optimized system functionality
  • Knowledgeable with SQL Query and MS SQL Server

Work Experience

Bank of America
Charlotte, North Carolina
Production Consultant, August 2013-Present
  • Plan and execute expansion and optimization of financial database architecture
  • Advise diverse work teams on improving the speed and ability of data report production
  • Consult with stakeholders in all areas of the company regarding database function requirements and goals
  • Direct teams on automation, interfacing, and operating system projects to exceed clients’ needs and expectations
  • Formed team alliances to further company IT integration and function goals, enabling client to streamline IT department by 10% without sacrificing performance and responsiveness
North Carolina Educators Credit Union
Software Developer, June 2010-August 2013
  • Developed a wide variety of financial software solutions using Python, Java, Unix, and Perl scripting
  • Planned steps and deadlines for full implementation life cycles including configuration, testing, and installation
  • Assisted during software deployment, monitoring performance and addressing bugs
  • Led teams in utilizing Windows Infrastructure and Troubleshooting, resulting in a 40% increase in staff qualified to fully support software
  • Trained end users and technical support staff on newly installed software
Gateway Technologies
Columbia, South Carolina
Technical Support Associate, July 2009-June 2010
  • Provided technical support for clients that included resolving problems with hardware and software
  • Developed a problem ticket system that resulted in a 35% reduction in response time to support requests
  • Tracked software implementation progress
  • Supported issue resolution efforts
  • Wrote and updated project time and cost reports


The University of North Carolina - Belk College of Business
Charlotte, North Carolina
Master of Business Administration
May 2014

The University of South Carolina,
Columbia, South Carolina
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
May 2009

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Is This a Good Consultant Resume? Let’s Check

Does this consultant resume sample show the applicant’s qualifications to be a consultant in the Information Technology industry?

Yes. The education section clearly points out the applicant earned both a degree in computer science and a graduate level business administration degree. His work experience section documents his experience from the ground up in the corporate IT industry, starting as a technical support associate and ascending to the level of production consultant.

Look at the summary section of the consultant resume sample. Does it provide a quick yet comprehensive look at the applicant’s skills and experience?

This summary is impressive. It does provide a quick yet revealing look at the job candidate, which is important because hiring managers often skim many resumes at a time in order to find ones that they want to read in depth later. Use of the word “insightful” at the beginning is powerful because it shows that the jobseeker listens carefully and has the industry experience to create effective solutions. The applicant also uses the words “aware” and “knowledgeable” to indicate that he is an experienced consultant who perceives the full picture of IT database functionality.

Does the applicant show quantitative evidence of positive contributions in his previous positions?

Definitely! The applicant documents the improvements he made in various positions and quantifies them in percentages. At his first job, he instituted a problem ticket solution that reduced the response time of the support staff, resulting in less downtime. At his second job, he initiated training of a troubleshooting system that increased the number of staff members who could respond to a system issue. As a production consultant, he streamlined operations and saved the client money while preserving service delivery.

Does the applicant clearly outline the skill set required for a consultant in the skills section of the consultant resume sample?

Yes, the applicant has written a concise yet well-rounded skills section that will garner attention. It starts with impactful keywords such as database architecture and team leadership that will pique hiring managers’ interest and then rounds out the section with details such as known development languages and server experience. This short section effectively shows that this is a consultant who knows what he is talking about.

Is the consultant resume sample organized and easy to read?

Of course. When writing your resume, take a cue from this resume sample. Clearly title each section, utilize bullet points to showcase skills and experience, and resist the temptation to be overly wordy in your explanations.

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The Most Important Consultant Resume Sample Takeaways

There is no question that a clear and compelling resume is one of the most important elements for a successful job search. Along with being straightforward in your resume, you must also take steps to prove that your experience and skills are relevant to the position you are applying for. Make sure to study the job description for prominent keywords related to your consultant specialization, and integrate them into your own resume for additional impact. If you need more help in writing your resume, review our consultant resume sample and check out our resume maker.