Your resume is your best tool for landing a new customer service job. Employers use the information found in this simple document extensively to decide which candidates to consider. However, it is not a simple task to put together a resume that will catch their attention. Because they review so many, they cannot spend much time reviewing any one resume. That is why it is important that you hook them immediately and encourage them to continue reading yours. The following customer service manager resume sample will show you how to do just that.

When writing a resume, the format you use plays almost as big a role as the content of the document. Employers will have specific expectations for how you organize your resume as well. We designed this resume sample and the included writing guide to demonstrate the most effective way to format your resume so the information will flow.


Customer Service Manager Resume Sample

Charlotte Summers
Los Angeles, CA 11111 • [email protected] • 555-483-1548

Summary Statement

Talented and professional customer service expert with nearly 10 years of experience working in the service industry and in management. Prioritizes communication, both with customers and other team members, to provide excellent service and facilitate cooperation in all areas of operation. Utilizes highly developed critical thinking, service, negotiation, and leadership skills on a daily basis.

Professional Qualifications

  • Service orientated mindset
  • Excellent interpersonal and professional communication skills
  • Strong leadership and management abilities
  • Critical thinking, analysis, and evaluation
  • Problem solving skills
  • Administrative experience
  • Negotiation techniques and conflict resolution
  • Training and development abilities

Work Experience

Customer Service Manager – April 2013 to present
West Coast Department Store, Los Angeles, CA
  • Oversee all operations, evaluating the effectiveness of the service team
  • Provide instruction and guidance for the proper way to assist guests
  • Create training material to explain proper terminology and service procedures
  • Train new recruits, answering inquiries and ensuring they fully understand and are capable of performing normal operations
  • Manage and design training seminars to establish a base understanding of certain concepts in service staff
  • Improved efficiency of daily operations by 15%
Shift Manager – August 2010 to April 2013
West Coast Department Store, Los Angeles, CA
  • Oversaw a team of 12 on a daily basis, ensuring completion of normal operations without incident
  • Interacted with customers, answering inquiries, providing service or information, and assisting with shopping needs
  • Guided service team, providing instruction and delegating tasks
  • Created the weekly schedule, taking labor costs into consideration and ensuring enough staff is always present to handle work load
  • Maintained customer satisfaction rating of 85% for nearly three years
Customer Service Representative – January 2008 to August 2010
West Coast Department Store, Los Angeles, CA
  • Interacted with guests, providing assistance and offering advice
  • Maintained working knowledge of product layout provide directions to customers
  • Completed transactions with customers, handling money responsibly and providing change precisely and accurately
  • Maintained position in top 10% of service representatives based on customer satisfaction


Master of Science in Business Administration Candidate
University of Los Angeles, 2018

Bachelor of Science in Communication
University of Los Angeles, 2016

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Is This a Good Customer Service Manager Resume? Let’s Check

Does this customer service manager resume sample have adequate experience?

It does. It includes three previous positions, each relevant to the one applied for, and two degrees. This is an exceptional work experience and education section, but it is okay if you do not have quite as much experience. List every position you can that is relevant. If you have less working experience, you can include a few more bullet points to balance it out. Remember that the work experience section should be the meatiest part of your resume, so find a way to fill it out.

How does this resume sample utilize formatting to flow better?

The customer service manager resume sample precisely follows resume standards in its formatting. The brief summary effectively acts as a hook to catch hiring managers’ attention. Then it leads them forward with a minimal skills section that the reader is able to understand at a glance. These early sections combine to quickly guide the reader to the work experience section, which is the first extensive section in the resume. This information goes into detail about previous working experiences to communicate the writers’ expertise. It should be your goal to get employers to at least read this far in your resume.

Does this resume sample establish strong service abilities?

It does and so should yours. Remember that customer service is at the core of this position. Nearly every aspect of your resume should reinforce this aspect. You should describe your experience in positions of service in your summary, skills section, and work experience.

Does this customer service manager resume sample describe or demonstrate its qualifications?

It demonstrates them by including real metrics in the work experience section. In the first position’s description, the metric is, “Improve efficiency of daily operations by 15%.” Using actual numbers in your resume adds credibility to your claims and helps employers gain a better understanding of what you can provide them. Alternatively, you could describe accomplishments or recognition you have attained in previous jobs.

Does this resume sample focus on establishing leadership skills?

It does. The second vital skill that relates to this position is leadership. Along with service abilities, this should be a huge focus of your resume. The customer service manager resume sample mentions management in nearly every section of the document. It is especially important to include it in the summary and work experience sections.

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The Most Important Customer Service Manager Resume Sample Takeaways

By following this customer service manager resume sample, you can make your resume as strong as possible and significantly improve your chances of landing the job you are after. Make sure that you format your resume correctly and that it flows from one section to the next. Center your entire resume around the core skills of the position: management and service. If you need additional help after reading this resume sample and writing guide, our resume builder tool is a great resource to help you begin the actual writing process.