Is the job search leaving you feeling like you’re never going to find a job? If you constantly find yourself getting rejected after sending out your resume, you may need to do a little rewriting. Creating a standout resume plays a large role in landing a job interview. This document acts as your introduction to hiring managers, and you need to build something that is full of information, yet easy to read. Most hiring managers give resumes an eight-second glance before deciding whether to learn more about the candidate. If you want to create a document sure to help you get an interview, you need to have a strong foundation. Reading through examples, like the director resume sample below, gives you a great base for your personal resume. You can learn how to format important sections or what type of industry-specific information you may want to include. Check out our sample and the writing tips as you get ready to craft or revamp your professional document.


Director Resume Sample

Esteban Phillips Miami, Florida 11111 • phillips.esteban@anymail • 555-342-6798


Creative director who has been heading videos and short movies for over a decade. Skilled multitasker and communicator who works well with production teams and actors in fast-paced environment. Deliver quality films by incorporating innovative filming techniques.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Strong decision-making skills
  • Great time management
  • Team building and development
  • Creative problem solver and thinker
  • Detail oriented
  • Familiar with graphics creation software and scripting software
  • Good management of personnel resources
  • Technical knowledge of practicalities of filmmaking

Professional History

Film Director, February 2009 - Present Sunshine Productions, Miami, Florida>
  • Select which scripts to work on
  • Plan out shots, frames, choreography, and other creative aspects of short movies
  • Manage a crew of at least 50 people for each project
  • Hire actors and crew members for projects based on the needs of the script and the artistic direction of the film
  • Research time periods and real-life events when working on a script that involves true events
  • Review film every day to ensure the work stays on schedule
  • Choose props, scenery, and equipment based on the budget available for the project
Assistant Director, September 2003 - February 2009 Land of Lakes Film Group, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Selected supporting cast members for short films
  • Interviewed subjects of documentaries on camera
  • Conducted occasional rehearsals when the director had other matters to attend to
  • Designed graphics for broadcasts and videos
  • Saved film group $1,200 by negotiating new contract with food and beverage provider
  • Kept an inventory of props, materials, cameras, and other equipment to ensure there was enough on hand; ordered maintenance when needed
Filmmaking Internship, September 2002 - September 2003 Old North Film Company, New York City, New York
  • Scouted out filming locations for various projects the company was working on
  • Created online promotions for completed films and videos to get public interested in the work; increased webpage traffic by 17%
  • Designed the sets of three of the films started during the internship
  • Directed the weekly videos used to create buzz around the film company
  • Organized props and costumes for actors to ensure production went smoothly
  • Delivered food and drinks to directors, producers, and other team members


Bachelor of Fine Arts in Filmmaking, 2002 New York Film Academy, Los Angeles, California

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Is This a Good Director Resume? Let’s Check

Does the director resume sample clearly show the applicant has the skills needed to succeed in the position? When you read through the sample, you’ll notice the candidate emphasizes the skills he has that will help him do well as a director. From the Summary to the education section, the hiring manager learns about the candidate’s skills and education. This sample applicant discusses his ability to communicate well, manage a production team, and make creative decisions. You can figure out what type of skills the employer is looking for by reading through the job description. Whenever possible, incorporate key phrases from the description into your skills or professional experience section.
Is the example document easy for employers to read? The format of the director resume sample makes it an easy document for employers to read. The combination of short sentences, bullet points, and consistent formatting creates a good-looking and legible document. Take a look at the professional history section as an example. The applicant listed the same introductory information for each position and used bulleted points to show off his accomplishments and responsibilities.
Is the technical expertise of the candidate clear in the director resume sample? Directors need to know how to work with special filmmaking equipment, which is why their technical expertise needs to be clear on the resume. Thankfully, the candidate made sure he discussed this technical knowledge. His education in filmmaking, as well as skills with graphics creation software, showcases his knowledge related to creating videos and movies.
Does the director resume sample do a good job of pointing out the applicant’s professional growth? Most employers want to hire someone who learns something new at each job and meets professional goals. The candidate shows off his ability to grow professionally by listing out all his film-related experience. He starts with his most recent experience as a director and ends with his first position as a filmmaking intern.
Is the professional history section engaging and informative? A good resume keeps readers engaged. Some applicants may create a simple list of responsibilities for the professional history section, but this will not keep an employer interested. Instead, the goal should be to include achievements and participation in special projects. Check out the professional history section of the sample. You’ll notice the candidate used action verbs to start out each bullet point. He also included metrics to make his achievements really standout.

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The Most Important Director Resume Sample Takeaways

What do you need to remember as you create your own resume? If you want to craft a strong document, like the director resume sample, you need to keep your content relevant to the director position you are trying to get. Don’t forget to include professional and soft skills throughout the document to make yourself a clear candidate. You should also focus on the format of each section. Use short sentences and bullet points to keep everything easy to read. You can get more help building a resume from our resume builder.