A resume is your chance to impress a hiring manager and make him or her want to know more about you. It is a way to get your foot in the door of a company, but it must make an impact to do so. If your resume isn't packed with information explaining why you are an ideal fit for the job, then employers may pass you over. This is why it is so important to ensure it is well-written.

Writing a strong resume can be a challenge. However, you do not have to go at it alone. Below we provide you with the director of operations resume sample, which offers a helpful blueprint for what to include and how to format your own resume. In addition, the writing tips give you more information about what to do to ensure your resume stands out from the crowd and really grabs the hiring manager's eye.


Director of Operations Resume Sample

Timothy Regan
Bordertown, KS 11111 • [email protected] • 555-899-6572


Successful, resourceful, and reliable director of operations with over 20 years of experience in business. Expert in managing teams and leading others towards reaching goals while maintaining an eye on ensuring company success. Skilled in all aspects of business including marketing, sales, operations, logistics, and finance.


  • Passionate about guiding a business towards success
  • Knowledge of business development
  • Firm ability to lead and manage others
  • Excellent at strategic planning
  • Superior communication and organization skills
  • Competent in budgeting and finance
  • Strong ability to oversee growth, development, and change

Work Experience

Director of Operations - PDQ Company
  • Manage and oversee operations between departments to ensure company ran smoothly, monitoring operations to spot problems or issues
  • Handle serious employee issues, including disciplinary actions
  • Maintain company policies and develop new procedures as necessary
  • Work with department heads to coordinate activities and improve operations, developing ideas to help improve efficiency and profits
  • Assist with annual budget for company, providing input based upon work with each department
  • Sign off on purchase orders and approve requests for budget extensions
  • Put together annual company family outing
  • Cut operating budget by 15% in the first year on the job, and decreased employee turnover by 50%
Business Owner - Tim's Tunes
  • Organized, planned, and developed business from ground up
  • Hired, trained, and managed employees, including handling all issues, firings, and problems
  • Developed sales and marketing materials
  • Managed customer complaints and issues, and created customer care system to ensure faster ordering and higher customer satisfaction
  • Selected products and created displays
  • Maintained inventory and purchasing and managed company finances
  • Won best new business award in 2000
  • Sold business to competitor for $500,000
Marketing Manager - The House of Gold
  • Hired, trained, and managed employees
  • Created sales materials, including promotions and special events
  • Worked sales floor to monitor employee performance and encourage boosts in sales
  • Approved customers for lines of credit
  • Maintain sales data and develop reports for upper management
  • Present quarterly reports in shareholders meetings
  • Developed multiple sales campaigns to increase sales by an average of 30%
  • Increased operations efficiency by 15%


Master in Business Administration-2000
Strong University, KS

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Is This a Good Director of Operations Resume? Let’s Check

Does this director of operations resume sample include only relevant information?

A hiring manager has limited time to spend looking at each resume. If you pack your resume with details that don't pertain to the job at hand, employers may pass it over as a waste of time. All information in a resume needs to be relevant. In this example, the applicant does an outstanding job of keeping everything related to the position for which he is applying. It is strongly focused on showcasing his skills in business, management, and other related areas.

Is it clear from the resume that the applicant has a solid understanding of business operations?

The applicant has a very strong background in business. Besides having an MBA, he also ran his own business, which requires competence in business operations. These things alone provide the proof the hiring manager needs to know this applicant is well versed in business. However, the applicant also ensures each section includes information that further demonstrates his business knowledge to make this an exceptionally strong resume.

Does the director of operations resume sample showcase the applicant's skills in management?

Just as he did with showing his business knowledge and skills, the applicant made sure each section draws attention to his skills in management. He starts out explaining he is a strong manager with great leadership skills. He further verifies these claims through his work experience, mentioning specific instances where he has had to manage in past jobs. Plus, the resume starts out explaining his managing experience spans more than 20 years.

Are the applicant's leadership abilities clearly demonstrated in the resume?

The director of operations resume sample draws attention to the applicant's ability to lead through his past work experiences. As a business owner, he was the leader of a whole company. This is a strong testament to his ability to lead. He also makes sure to mention his leadership skills in the summary and skills sections.

Are there indications the applicant can work as part of a team?

Throughout the director of operations resume sample, the applicant mentions things that speak to his ability to work in a team. He explains how he has worked with others in his previous jobs to get tasks done. He also explains he is focused on reaching goals and doing what is best for the company overall, which both require teamwork.

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The Most Important Director of Operations Resume Sample Takeaways

You have learned a lot about how to craft a strong resume. From viewing the director of operations resume sample, you now should have a good grasp on what information to include to really grab the attention of a hiring manager. A director of operations applicant should mention plenty of details showing leadership and teamwork skills, as well as a firm understanding of business practices. If you need further help, we offer our resume builder to make the writing process a snap.