The backbone of a successful job application is a strong resume, and there are numerous tricks for crafting a great one. You want to make sure you get specific with the details you choose to include. You also need to do your homework and learn a bit about the company you apply to work at. Ultimately, you need to sell yourself as an employee, and you can observe what that entails by reviewing the facility manager resume sample.

In general, to become a better writer, you need to read a lot. The same principle holds true for writing resumes. An excellent way to enhance your resume writing skills is to read sample resumes. When the time comes to actually craft your own application, the formatting will effortlessly come to you.

If you feel constantly frustrated with your job hunt, then change aspects of the resumes you turn in. Read the sample resume and the tips that come with it to become an expert job hunter.


Facility Manager Resume Sample

Stacy Overton
Orlando, FL 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-4536


Organized facility manager with eight years’ experience overseeing the operations of various warehouses and facilities. Specialize in repairing equipment and ensuring employees have tools necessary to do jobs successfully. Possess strong ability to work independently and motivate team members.


  • Knowledge of laser facsimile machines and photocopying equipment
  • Familiar with accounting software, including Intuit QuickBooks
  • Expertise with project management software
  • Great personal service skills
  • Ability to multitask and prioritize work
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Resource allocation abilities

Work Experience

Facilities Manager – XTra Manufacturing, Anytown, FL
2012 – Present
  • Monitor the company’s warehouse regularly to ensure it stays well-maintained, secure, and safe
  • Develop schedules for over 40 employees at the company, and prepare operational reports to maintain efficiency
  • Acquire new store supplies on behalf of the warehouse, networking with various company heads in the area to obtain better deals on products
  • Conduct workshops and classes for employees to teach them proper safety protocols required at the warehouse
  • Oversee the maintenance of warehouse equipment when it breaks down, and conduct maintenance personally, using a variety of tools, such as pipe cutters and crimpers
  • Analyze internal processes, and recommend changes to management of areas needing improvement
  • Perform routine facility inspections to ensure warehouses and other facilities remain in compliance with state and local guidelines
Facility Maintenance Manager – Seafood Products, Tampa, FL
2009 – 2012
  • Participated in architectural planning of a new facility the company wanted to develop, offering suggestions and pointing out potential problem areas
  • Managed leases for three different buildings, communicating with landlords to negotiate better deals on terms
  • Hired new administrative and clerical personnel on behalf of the company, and reviewed employees’ performance once every few months
  • Terminated employment of employees who were not meeting standards, informing management of decision before following through
  • Planned budgets for new supplies and equipment, and wrote up new contracts with potential new clients
  • Established clear goals for each department, and made adjustments when it became clear company was not going to meet certain deadlines


Bachelor’s degree in construction management – 2008
University of South Florida
Graduated magna cum laude

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Is This a Good Facility Manager Resume? Let’s Check

Does the facility manager resume sample demonstrate the candidate’s ability to lead a team?

Leadership skills are highly valued at practically any company. In particular, when you apply for a managerial position, as is the case with this facility manager resume, you need to prove conclusively you can lead a team. The sample resume does a great job of mentioning several work experiences where the jobseeker managed teams and communicated with other powerful individuals.

Is the jobseeker making it clear she has a sufficient number of years of experience to handle a managerial position?

Many manager positions require candidates to come in with a certain number of years working in the industry. The exact number can vary, but you want to show you possess that number. This facility manager resume sample explicitly mentions she has eight years of experience in the professional summary. She also mentions the dates of each place of employment. Any time you discuss a job, you want to include the dates you worked at each one.

Does the facility manager resume sample showcase the jobseeker’s technical prowess?

Yes. A facility manager position often requires certain technical skills, so you want to get specific as possible on your resume. That includes mentioning specific kinds of software you know how to use, such as how the resume mentions the candidate’s proficiency with Intuit QuickBooks. The sample resume also mentions specific tools the applicant used in the past. The resume is not the place to be vague. Details are your friend in these documents.

Is the work history section ordered properly?

When you write the work experiences section, you want to start with whatever job is most recent. This gives the hiring manager the best sense of where you are at currently in your career. You then want to work backwards to jobs you held previously. You only need two or three jobs total, but you want to ensure they are relevant to the job you want to apply for now. If you do not have adequate work experiences, then you could delve into volunteer work.

Are communication skills emphasized in the facility manager resume sample?

Yes. Facility managers need to be capable of communicating with entry-level employees on the floors of warehouses. However, they also need to communicate and collaborate with managers and high-level professionals at other companies. Facility managers spend most of their days working with others, so you need to show you can handle that within the resume.

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The Most Important Facility Manager Resume Sample Takeaways

First, you should conduct research into what hiring managers expect out of facility managers. Then you want to show how you possess those skills and experiences. Do your best to include as many relevant qualifications as possible. Your resume will stand out more if you demonstrate numerous skills rather than only one or two. If you want to do your best to come up with the best resume possible, then utilize our resume builder in addition to the tips and facility manager resume sample above.