Competition can be fierce when applying for a position as a franchise manager, and every opportunity to impress hiring managers counts. That’s why it is essential to have a resume that is well-written and formatted and points out your pertinent achievements, skills, and work experience. With all of the information out there, resume-writing may seem like a confusing and difficult task. However, if you use a relevant resume sample as a guide, the process is much easier.

When you are ready to construct your own resume, begin the process by perusing our franchise manager resume sample and the accompanying writing guidelines. Use these tools to better understand how to format your resume so it is easy to read. Include some of the relevant keywords you find, and learn how to set yourself apart from other candidates with measurable accomplishments. With our sample and a little bit of dedication and perseverance, you can create a standout document ready to capture the attention of hiring managers.


Franchise Manager Resume Sample

Jacob Hanson
New York, NY 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-7329


Seasoned franchise manager with expertise in business strategy development, analysis, and adjustments. Detail-oriented leader with strong proficiencies in staff training and supervision as well as customer retention and expansion. Passionate about utilizing extensive knowledge of all franchise departments to ensure smooth and productive operations.


  • Business strategies and processes
  • Revenue generation and sales techniques
  • Market research and analysis
  • Budgeting
  • Supplier and vendor relations
  • Payroll and bookkeeping
  • Staff training and development
  • Customer and employee relationships

Work Experience

Franchise Manager – Center City Restaurant
2013 – present
  • Oversee all departments of the franchise, including bookkeeping, administration, human resources, and marketing
  • Create business plans with detailed budgeting and sales strategies, profit goals, and department expectations
  • Reduce company costs by 15% by cutting out inventory excess and renegotiating supplier contracts
  • Hire and train new staff in all departments of the franchise, ensuring they comprehend and adhere to company standards and procedures
  • Increase annual profits by 25% with concentrated product promotions, updated advertising and marketing, and refurbished interior design projects
Franchise Manager – Newtown Parts and Services
2007 – 2013
  • Supervised 40 employees in day-to-day operations and performed training, scheduling, and professional evaluation duties
  • Developed and enforced updated customer service and follow-up policies to increase client retention by 25%
  • Exceeded monthly sales quotas by at least 10% with restructured sales pitching and campaigns
  • Managed billing schedules, accounting processes, and payroll, keeping meticulous records of all finances to analyze for business plan adjustments
  • Directed supplier and vendor selections, contract drafting, and renegotiations to reduce material costs and waste and increase profits
Franchise Assistant Manager – Goldman Solutions, Inc.
2002 – 2007
  • Scouted locations for potential expansion projects and assisted with significant acquisition processes
  • Implemented updated software and systems to track finances, increasing accuracy in billing, payroll, and other bookkeeping departments by 18%
  • Conducted extensive research and analysis of industry and market trends and made recommendations for business strategies accordingly
  • Monitored department performance and tracked company finances, providing the franchise manager with weekly progress reports
  • Improved and maintained client relations with new communication procedures and customer service policies


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – 2002
University of New York, NY
Graduated summa cum laude

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Is This a Good Franchise Manager Resume? Let’s Check

Does the franchise manager resume sample display the jobseeker’s ability to manage employees, maintain customer relations, and develop business strategies to benefit franchises?

Absolutely! Take a look at the summary statement. The jobseeker points out these vital skillsets immediately. He asserts a knowledge in “business strategy development, analysis, and adjustments” in the very first sentence, and then goes on to address his skills in “staff training and supervision” and “customer retention and expansion.” He uses later sections to go into detail about these proficiencies.

Does the franchise manager resume sample indicate that the jobseeker has the necessary education and work experience to qualify for such a position?

As you can see, the education section of the sample simply but effectively states the jobseeker’s degree in business administration, including the impressive honor of graduating “summa cum laude,” to show that he has the academic credentials to excel in this position. Additionally, the work experience section details 15 years’ experience in this specific industry to prove he is qualified for the job.

Does the franchise manager resume sample provide hiring managers with a glimpse of how the jobseeker might help the company if accepted for the role?

If you review the work experience section, you can see how the jobseeker uses measured accomplishments to illustrate how he has benefitted previous employers. He uses percentages to explain how he reduced costs, increased profits and client bases, and improved the accuracy of finances. This gives employers a firm idea of how he might benefit the company if hired.

A franchise manager needs to have a fundamental understanding of the internal departments that work together to successfully run the business. Does the jobseeker in the sample exemplify this knowledge?

The jobseeker clearly states in his work experience section that he oversaw not just some, but all departments within the franchise, including “bookkeeping, administration, human resources, and marketing.” He describes his role over these departments further in his descriptions, mentioning responsibilities with staff training and scheduling, payroll and other financial tasks, and updating marketing strategies.

Usually, hiring managers initially only scan a resume for a few seconds before deciding whether or not to continue reading. Does the franchise manager resume sample allow for easy skimming?

Not only does the sample utilize a consistently concise format, it also includes important keywords and phrases that grab hiring managers’ attention as they skim through each section. The jobseeker successfully portrays his chief qualifications and experiences without turning his document into a longwinded novel. This captures the attention of employers enough to want to learn more about the candidate through an interview.

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The Most Important Franchise Manager Resume Sample Takeaways

Your resume is a powerful tool in the job searching process. A document that is well-written and formatted correctly and markets your top qualifications and relevant work experience can bring you one step closer to landing an interview and, ultimately, the job you want. To make your resume as strong as possible, adhere to our resume best practices and follow the example set by our franchise manager resume sample. For even more help, feel free to use our resume builder.