A strong resume will always stand out from the crowd and catch the attention of hiring managers. However, creating a resume that can effectively communicate the writer’s skills while preventing the reader from losing interest is no simple task. There are methods and in-depth strategies you can employ to increase your chances of landing a job as much as possible.

To start on your own professional resume, take a look at this IT project manager resume sample. It demonstrates some of the best writing and formatting strategies to help you start on the right foot. And the included writing guide lays all of these techniques out in easy-to-understand tips. If you follow the sample and carefully craft your resume following the suggestions, you will have a huge advantage over other candidates. If you need some additional help, try out our resume builder tool for templates and structured guidance.


IT Project Manager Resume Sample

Sasha Kendrick
Reno, Nevada, 11111 • [email protected] • 555-753-4895

Summary Statement

Professional and experienced IT project manager with 10 years of experience working in the information technology field. Prioritize leadership and management abilities to delegate tasks and facilitate cooperation among IT technicians. Combine strong analysis abilities with an extensive understanding of IT technology.


  • Experienced with HTML and Java-based languages
  • Confident using Sybase SQLAnywhere
  • Internal and external technical support
  • Strong leadership, management, and delegation skills
  • Excellent professional, written, and verbal communication abilities
  • Critical thinking, evaluation, problem-solving, and analysis
  • Coaching, training, and mentoring
  • Cross-function team leadership

Work Experience

IT Project Manager – March 2013 to present
Johnson Technologies, Reno, Nevada
  • Consult with executives in the design and development of IT projects, creating a detailed plan
  • Oversee the entire IT department, ensuring the completion of all processes correctly and efficiently
  • Manage the company database and network, identifying errors or other issues and facilitating the repair processes
  • Manage the technical support employees, ensuring to resolve all reported issues
  • Lead IT team, delegating tasks and providing information for specifically assigned projects
  • Improve IT efficiency by 15% over four years
IT Operator – August 2011 to March 2013
Johnson Technologies, Reno, Nevada
  • Inspected the database on a daily basis, ensuring it continues to operate correctly at all times
  • Facilitated the backup and saving of all database information
  • Completed maintenance of the database, ensuring the continued effective completion of all processes
  • Identified poor network performance and implemented fixes
  • Performed upgrades of database hardware and software
  • Designed and implemented security systems to protect corporate information
  • Reduced database-related production halts by 50%
IT Support Technician – December 2007 to August 2011
Johnson Technologies, Reno, Nevada
  • Interacted with both internal and external clients, providing technology support
  • Answered inquiries, provided information, and explained complicated technological concepts
  • Assisted company employees in person when phone support was not enough to resolve technology issues
  • Inspected hardware and evaluated software to identify and resolve problems
  • Maintained position in the 90% most successful IT support technicians for four years


Master of Science in Information Technology
University of Las Vegas, 2012

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
University of Reno, 2008

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Is This a Good IT Project Manager Resume? Let’s Check

Does this IT project manager resume sample demonstrate technological expertise?

It does. The skills section is your best opportunity for including specific details about the technology you have experience with. This may include standard IT software or database familiarity. It is best to research the job you are applying for to discover which technology is relevant.

How does this resume sample establish leadership abilities?

It primarily uses the work experience section. In addition to tasks related to information technology, you should also describe your management responsibilities. After all, the position of IT project manager is one of leadership. This IT project manager resume sample also demonstrates how you can show your leadership expertise by writing with confidence.

Does this resume sample flow from one section to the next, creating an effective reading experience?

It does, and so should yours. It is one thing to write each section well, but the sign of a truly effective resume comes from how one section leads to the next. The summary statement should be brief so the reader does not lose interest. Writing about three sentences lets it act as a hook. Then the skills section is slim so as to be understandable at a glance. This all guides the reader quickly to the work experience section, which is the most important information. This is where you can start to write meaty paragraphs that describe your abilities.

Is there adequate previous experience in this IT project manager resume sample?

There is. This resume sample includes three previous jobs and two degrees related to the information technology industry. While this is a good amount of experience to showcase, you may not have quite as much and that is okay. You can just as effectively establish the same level of expertise with fewer previous positions. If this is the case, it may be wise to include more bullet points for each position to make up for having fewer working experiences.

Does this resume sample describe or demonstrate its qualifications?

This IT project manager resume sample effectively demonstrates the claims it makes. It does this by including real metrics. Rather than simply stating your experience managing team efficiency, mention exactly how much you have improved efficiency. This approach can also take the form of mentioning accomplishments or recognition. Either way, demonstrating your qualifications greatly strengthens your resume and makes it far more credible and easy to understand to employers.

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The Most Important IT Project Manager Resume Sample Takeaways

By following this IT project manager resume sample, you can make your resume as strong as possible. Do not neglect the formatting and think carefully about how the resume looks and flows. Focus on establishing your qualifications and including real numbers to communicate exactly what kind of employee you would be. If you need additional help writing your resume, be sure to use our intuitive resume builder tool for a solid start.