The first step toward finding the job you want is developing a powerful resume. That’s why studying a medical office manager resume sample is important – it provides insight into the particular skills and accomplishments employers find most relevant. Discovering the core skills you need to use is just one part of the benefit that comes from using a resume sample, though. It also gives you the opportunity to see what kinds of terms you should use to make your accomplishments more specific, and it gives you a demonstration of your options for varying up the language in your resume.

After you study the resume sample, check out the tips below for more information about why the resume works and what features your own resume should bring to the forefront. That way, you will gain a deeper understanding of the elements of the resume that you can use as you prepare your own documents for the job hunt.


Medical Office Manager Resume Sample

Monday Vargas
Boston, MA 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-5090


Veteran medical office manager focused on individual practices and clinics. Proficient with all major office productivity software. Oversaw office operations for a neurological practice with a half dozen doctors and two dozen nurses and support staff.


  • Proficient with Intuit Quickbooks, Microsoft Office, iWork Suite, Minitab, and AMA CodeManager
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills, including instructional skills
  • Great customer service skills
  • Strong data management and organizational skills
  • Experience delegating and supervising office tasks
  • Clerical training and experience

Work Experience

Medical Office Manager, February 2014-Present
Neurological Partners of Boston, Boston, MA
  • Develop processes for the consistent operation of a large private medical specialty practice
  • Work with support staff and hospital HIM to coordinate processes for patient records and care sharing between facilities
  • Oversee the day-to-day operations of the entire medical office, directly supervising a dozen medical assistants and administrative personnel
  • Assess the efficiency and effectiveness of office protocols and work to maintain high-quality expectations for performance
  • Provide training to new staff members and to relief staff rotating in to cover temporary leaves
Medical Office Assistant, December 2011-February 2014
Tucker Pain Clinic, Boston, MA
  • Provided initial point-of-contact communications for patients at the pain clinic via phone, email, and front desk services
  • Checked patients in and out of appointments and provided scheduling services
  • Developed daily reports documenting missed appointments and emergency special appointments or outcalls for review by the office manager
  • Entered medical information into records databases for each patient
  • Executed daily backups of all medical information systems
Medical Receptionist, April 2008-December 2011
St. Mary’s Hospital, Boston, MA
  • Provided point-of-contact services for members of the public in various hospital departments as assigned
  • Entered patient information into medical records as instructed by nursing staff
  • Provided nursing staff and doctors with information obtained directly from patients’ friends and family as needed
  • Supervised the enforcement of hospital visitor requirements and visiting hours in assigned departments
  • Managed hospital patient information in accordance with hospital guidelines and HIPPA regulations


Master of Business Administration, 2014
Massachusetts State University, Boston, MA

Office Management Certification, 2013
Boston Technical Institute, Boston, MA

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Is This a Good Medical Office Manager Resume? Let’s Check

Did the writer groom the medical office manager resume sample for readability?

Absolutely. You can tell because the writing is in active voice with specific noun and verb choices. That allows it to flow freely while avoiding wordy construction in the language. The result? A clear, easily absorbed pitch for the candidate’s chosen position. A lot of the same advice that relates to clarity and conciseness works for readability, because those characteristics are strongly interrelated.

Does the medical office manager resume sample keep the information about past jobs relevant to the tasks at hand?

Yes. There are some jobs that predate being an office manager, but they also have the distinction of being positions that are in the career path for office managers. This means their skills and accomplishments will be relevant for the jobseeker’s goal job, and the choices about which accomplishments and skills to include shows that the candidate is well aware of it. Everything from phone skills to customer service skills transfers upward smoothly.

Has the writer tuned into the best way to communicate about the job’s specific skills to a hiring manager?

Yes. Selecting words that stand out as related to the job and that are important when describing the skills means the reader more readily recognizes a candidate’s fitness for the job. This allows the medical office manager to discuss how skills like her scheduling abilities enhance her performance.

Are the jobseeker’s soft skills apparent in the accomplishments in the medical office manager resume sample’s work history section?

Not only does the language in the work experience support a reader skimming while retaining the important information, but it also presents a well-rounded picture of the jobseeker. This comes through both in the execution of the section and in the choice of accomplishments and duties she presents, and that lets the reader perceive soft skills like interpersonal communication and telephone etiquette directly in the jobseeker’s accomplishments.

Does the organization of the medical office manager resume sample help serve the needs of the jobseeker?

Absolutely. The goal of any resume is to get one’s foot in the door so the hiring manager calls you back for an interview. The candidate organized every section to serve its own purpose. The three points in the summary show a broad fitness for the job. The skills cover a variety of tasks related to office management, including interpersonal skills. Lastly, the work experience shows a career path developing toward this job.

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The Most Important Medical Office Manager Resume Sample Takeaways

There are a couple things to remember when you work with the medical office manager resume sample. First, keep in mind that you might not have experience in this position when you apply, and study the progression of jobs that lead to it. That way, you can better understand whether it is a good fit for you. Once you decide to go for it, present the past experiences from your work history in a way that calls attention to your preparedness for this role. Use the resume builder for more help as you organize your document.