Whether you are actively seeking new employment or are simply keeping loose tabs on the job market, it is important to have an impressive, finished resume on hand so you can submit an application whenever an appealing opportunity presents itself. A resume written in an engaging and professional tone and formatted succinctly to present your top qualifications helps separate you from the competition and convince hiring managers to grant you an interview. If you are unsure how to begin creating such a document, start by studying a relevant resume sample.

Use our nurse manager resume sample as a model against which to compare your own resume. Look to it for ideas on which skills and industry keywords to include and how to present your experience and education in a concise but memorable manner. If you need more guidance as you build your document, allow our accompanying tips to help you navigate through the resume-creating process.


Nurse Manager Resume Sample

Janice Smith
Miami, Florida 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-4188


Proficient nurse manager with expertise in policy and procedure development, staff supervision, and inventory control. Thirteen years of experience with hospital protocols and maintaining a friendly and professional bedside manner. Caring supervisor with a passion for motivating staff to progress in their careers and helping patients make full, comfortable recoveries.


  • Interviewing, hiring, and training staff
  • Medical supply and medicine inventory management
  • Scheduling
  • Duty delegation and supervision
  • Performance evaluation and reports
  • Nursing policies and procedures
  • Interpersonal communication

Work Experience

Nurse Manager, 2012 – present
Atlanticare Hospital, Miami, FL
  • Oversee and assist with daily operations of nursing staff in a heart and stroke floor consisting of 22 beds
  • Mentor and encourage staff to receive professional development training and higher education to remain up to date on medical practices
  • Achieve and maintain the status of the highest valued department in the hospital, in terms of patient satisfaction, with a rate of 98%
  • Conduct performance evaluations and execute disciplinary actions as needed
  • Establish and enforce department budgeting policies, monitoring medicine and supply inventory and all incoming and outgoing financial activity
Nurse Manager – 2008 – 2012
Shore Envision Hospital, Miami, FL
  • Supervised a nursing team of 20, delegating assignments and helping where needed to ensure superior patient treatment
  • Reduced department overtime by 25% with detail-oriented scheduling
  • Worked alongside other hospital department managers to develop and implement new nursing policies and improve existing care and response procedures
  • Collaborated with physicians and other members of medical staff to tailor the care of all patients to their specific needs
  • Created budgeting strategies and provided head management with reports on monthly progress
Nurse – 2004 – 2008
Shore Envision Hospital, Miami, FL
  • Maintained consistent, quality care for patients, handling four beds per shift
  • Multitasked care duties and prioritized assignments by levels of urgency
  • Assisted nurse manager with time-sensitive reports, training, and scheduling tasks, working overtime when necessary
  • Recommended new software and department systems that resulted in a 15% increase in data recording accuracy and daily productivity
  • Participated in quarterly staff retraining programs to remain current on care policies and procedures


Bachelor of Science in Nursing – 2004
University of Miami, FL
Graduated magna cum laude

RN License – 2004
Florida Board of Nursing

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Is This a Good Nurse Manager Resume? Let’s Check

Does the nurse manager resume sample display enough of the jobseeker’s training and academic credentials to prove she is qualified to be a nurse manager?

It sure does! The sample’s education section points out the jobseeker’s bachelor’s degree in nursing as well as her state nursing license to prove she has the necessary education for this type of position. Additionally, the sample’s work experience section presents a clear progression from nurse to nurse manager, demonstrating that the applicant can handle both typical nursing duties and important managerial responsibilities.

Does the resume sample show that the jobseeker has the necessary hard and soft skills to fill a position as a nurse manager?

The sample displays some of the candidate’s top skills in the summary statement and skills sections. It mentions managerial proficiencies such as “staff supervision,” “inventory control,” and “scheduling.” It also addresses the equally important nursing aspect of the job, describing the jobseeker as “caring” and emphasizing skills in “nursing policies and procedures” and “maintaining a friendly and professional bedside manner.”

Does the nurse manager resume sample successfully display a thorough range of important duties and responsibilities that pertain to a job as a nurse manager?

Yes! After identifying her best, most relevant skillsets in her summary and skills sections, the jobseeker shows how she uses the skills in her work experience section. She addresses a variety of important aspects of the job, such as budgeting, staff training and development, and ensuring quality care for patients. This shows hiring managers she is capable of handling the expectations and responsibilities associated with the position.

Does the jobseeker in the nurse manager resume sample list special accomplishments in addition to typical responsibilities to set her apart from other applicants?

She does, and she uses metrics to paint a clearer picture of these accomplishments in the minds of potential employers. Rather than list only her normal everyday duties, she states that she achieved a 98% patient satisfaction rating, reduced overtime by 25%, and increased data recording accuracy by 15% so hiring managers can see how her skills have benefitted previous employers.

Is the nurse manager resume sample relevant, interesting, and concise enough to grab and hold hiring managers’ attention?

The resume sample does an excellent job of using a professional tone with industry keywords to pique the interest of hiring managers. Every skill, accomplishment, and work experience in the document is relevant to the position. To keep employers interested in learning more about her, the jobseeker uses a concise, easy-to-read format.

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The Most Important Nurse Manager Resume Sample Takeaways

Resume-writing may seem like an overwhelming project at first, but if you use the right tools throughout the process, you can have a final draft to be proud of in no time. Follow our guidelines and compare your document to our nurse manager resume sample to make sure that your summary, skills, work experience, and education sections are concise, relevant, and impressive. If you require more assistance after reviewing the sample, turn to our convenient resume builder to help you get started.