As a program manager, your role is all about organization and structure. You take charge of program execution and the associated project portfolios to bring order and provide focus. Did you know you can apply those skills to your resume as well? You resume needs order, focus, organization, and structure to perform well on the job market. Well-structured resumes capture employers’ attention and move you to the top of the callback list for interviews.

So how do you structure a resume? We can show you with our program manager resume sample. This sample gives you a visual representation to reference when considering how to depict your experience, how much of your history to show, and how to write your accomplishments in a compelling way. Check out the sample below, then read on for tips and guidelines on how to apply the methods in the example to create your own outstanding resume.


Program Manager Resume Sample

Jake Soderberg
Albuquerque, NM 11111 • soderbergj@emailservice • 555-555-3372


Expert program manager providing the structure and leadership necessary to execute corporate program goals. Exceptional critical thinking abilities leveraged to make targeted decisions regarding program direction and outcomes. Skilled at establishing the policies and procedures necessary to seamlessly govern projects under the program umbrella, including providing structure and operating procedures for project managers and junior personnel.


  • Program leadership
  • Project portfolio management
  • PMO team leadership
  • Policy development
  • Strategic planning and execution
  • Executive communication and collaboration
  • Continuous process improvement
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Staff training and development
  • Management coaching
  • Project and program management best practices

Work Experience

Program Manager, 2014 – Present
Desertech Consulting, Albuquerque, NM
  • Champion the internal One Stop transformation program focused on creating a single unified information and collaboration platform, SOPs, and policies for all global business units
  • Evaluate existing systems and policies on a case-by-case basis for each business area
  • Determine commonalities and requirements impacting teams on a worldwide basis
  • Formulate and solidify technical, strategic, and functional requirements aligned with global needs
  • Create a clear roadmap for development, testing, and rollout of a centralized platform for all locations
  • Assign project managers to stages of development
  • Define a phased roll-out strategy in a series of 32 staggered projects
  • Monitor progress, consulting with project leads through daily meetings
  • Manage and allocate a $42M program budget
  • Recruited 92 new developers to facilitate the project
  • Saved over $11M thus far by retiring conflicting and obsolete systems; implementation currently 50% complete
Program Manager, 2009 – 2013
Veracitech Development Solutions, Albuquerque, NM
  • Oversaw the Enterprise Services Adoption program for the consulting practice, focused on increasing utilization of managed enterprise services in client accounts
  • Liaised with account managers and national sales managers to analyze account behavior and determine technology adoption drivers
  • Shaped proposal concepts tailored to key untapped market segments
  • Outlined strategy for national sales and account managers to target key influencers
  • Oversaw a $14M departmental budget
  • Acquired 12 new multibillion-dollar branded clients within a single year
  • Built the enterprise services division to $33M, accounting for 62% of business revenue


Master of Business Administration (2006)
The University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM

Bachelor of Business Administration (2003)
The University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM

Project Management Professional (PMP) (2012)
Project Management Institute

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Is This a Good Program Manager Resume? Let’s Check

Does the program manager resume sample differentiate between program and project management?

Yes. Each job in the work history plus the details in the summary and keywords make it clear that our example candidate is one step above project management and instead focused on high-level programs that affect key areas of the business, if not the whole business. While it involves project management, it’s more at the level of establishing the framework by which project managers operate as our example jobseeker’s direct reports.

Are the types of programs the example candidate worked on clearly outlined in the resume?

They are! In the most recent role on the program manager resume sample, the job listing details a major internal IT transformation and harmonization program at a global level. The prior job focuses on changing the technology sales organization to achieve better results in adoption of a particular technology. Each one shows a clear strategic goal and a path to execution. Showing the types of programs you’re experienced with can be valuable when presenting your resume to employers seeking to launch similar programs.

Does the program manager resume sample detail budget sizes for the programs?

Showing your level of budget authority is a great way of telling employers the scope of programs you’ve managed. It’s also a good way to show career progression, such as our sample candidate. In the example resume, the candidate starts off managing a $14M program budget but progresses to managing a $42M program budget. The increase alone shows that even if his title remained the same, his career still progressed on an upward trajectory.

Is the resume targeted toward programs that have a positive impact on the business?

Of course! In the program manager resume sample, our example program manager has led programs that saved $11M, led to a round of 92 new hires, built revenues to $33M, and acquired a number of key clients. Business program leadership is nearly always centered on creating forward momentum and accomplishing core goals; showing the outcomes of those programs in the resume makes it clear that you can define a strategy and then successfully execute it at a top leadership level.

Does the resume follow best practices in writing active, engaging content?

Look at the sample resume. Every sentence starts with a strong action verb: championed, shaped, defined, outlined, acquired. This replaces the common and entirely tired “Responsible for” so ubiquitous in resumes. Ditch the dull language and use powerful verbs at the start of each sentence to create a sense of authority and convey that you were actively engaged in your job.

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The Most Important Program Manager Resume Sample Takeaways

Even if, as a program manager, you’re part of high-level project leadership, don’t get lost in the smaller details that project managers focus on. Keep your resume centered on your impact over project governance instead, including how your leadership impacted the effectiveness of organizational project management. Remember to be clear on whether the programs you manage are long-term permanent institutions, or if they’re a short-term set of targets defined by sub-projects. With these pointers, our program manager resume sample, and our resume builder tool, you’re just a few steps away from a great resume.