One of the best ways to set yourself apart from other candidates in a competitive job market is to have an attractive and informative resume. When written and formatted well, your resume can play a significant role in bringing you one step closer to the job you want. It is often what determines whether or not you get an interview, so it’s important to make sure it successfully markets your top professional skills, accomplishments, experiences, and other relevant qualifications.

Writing a resume can be challenging and frustrating, but reviewing a sample resume within your industry helps to simplify the process. As you begin to create your resume, compare it to our restaurant general manager resume sample to get a better idea of what information to include in each section. Use the sample and our accompanying writing tips to learn the best way to write and format your document so it captures the attention of potential employers.


Restaurant General Manager Resume Sample

Jacob Hughes
Denver, CO 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-4830


Focused and friendly restaurant general manager with 14 years of experience in staff development, budget control, and business strategies. Proven record of exceeding profit goals with updated marketing and innovative customer service policies. Utilize extensive knowledge of food, alcohol, and health and safety laws to guarantee a quality dining environment on a consistent basis.


  • Customer service and complaint resolution
  • Profit generation
  • Inventory management
  • Staff training
  • Business strategy development
  • Budgeting
  • Health and safety codes

Work Experience

Restaurant General Manager – The Cellar 99
2012 – present
  • Oversee daily operations of kitchen, dining room, and bar areas in a $1.3 million restaurant
  • Maintain a consistent presence during open hours, resolving customer complaints and ensuring the satisfaction of all patrons
  • Exceed revenue goals by at least 20% every year for five years with the implementation of social media marketing, food and drink promotions, and updated customer service policies
  • Implement quarterly training and development programs to ensure that all staff members understand and adhere to company policies and health laws
  • Reduce employee turnover by 30% with fair and friendly management procedures, including unbiased conflict resolution methods and open employee feedback policies
Restaurant General Manager – Westside Dining
2008 – 2012
  • Hired, trained, scheduled, and supervised 60 employees in a high-volume fine dining restaurant and bar
  • Ensured all employees followed policies in accordance with OSHA and FDA regulation to uphold a superior dining setting at all times
  • Examined inventory, renegotiated supplier contracts, and consolidated orders to reduce expenditures by 50% over five years
  • Increased annual profits by 13% with new business strategies consisting of expanded target marketing and updated menus and specials
  • Improved customer satisfaction ratings from 85% to 97% within two years, proven through concentrated customer surveys and website reviews
Restaurant Assistant Manager – Ventura’s Restaurant & Bar
2003 – 2008
  • Assisted the general manager with scheduling, employee evaluations and progress reports, and budget control
  • Updated marketing and advertising strategies to increase restaurant profits by 10% each month
  • Researched entree and drink popularity and worked with head chefs and bartenders to update menus accordingly
  • Monitored all areas thoroughly, helping both the front and back of house during peak hours to maintain quality dining experiences
  • Performed payroll duties and conducted reports detailing revenue progress, sales trends, and forecasts


Bachelor of Science – Hospitality Business Management
Colorado State University, Colorado

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Is This a Good Restaurant General Manager Resume? Let’s Check

Does the restaurant general manager resume sample show that the jobseeker is able to generate revenue in addition to managing restaurant employees?

Yes. The jobseeker uses his summary statement to address both aspects of the position. He first identifies his skill in “staff development” and then continues to emphasize his “proven record of exceeding profit goals” with expertise in areas such as “business strategies” and “marketing.” He then uses his work experience section to detail both sides of the position equally.

Most restaurant general manager positions require candidates to have had previous work in the industry. Does the sample demonstrate the jobseeker’s relevant experience?

The work experience section illuminates the jobseeker’s 14 years’ worth of restaurant experience. He includes a previous position as a restaurant assistant manager to emphasize his ability to take on increasingly important responsibilities and show his career advancement over the years. Additionally, the jobseeker includes a relevant degree that, while not always a requirement for such a position, certainly helps prove he is qualified for the role.

A restaurant general manager should understand all aspects involved in restaurant operations, including the kitchen, bar, and service side of the business. Does the jobseeker in the restaurant general manager resume sample demonstrate this knowledge?

He does, mentioning his knowledge of customer service, food, and alcohol in his summary statement. He illustrates this knowledge even more in his work experience section, stating that he worked with kitchen and bar staff to update menus, resolved customer complaints and implemented new customer service policies, and helped “both the front and back of house” when necessary.

Does the jobseeker in the restaurant general manager resume sample include measurable accomplishments to help set him apart from other applicants?

The jobseeker uses percentages throughout his work experience section to emphasize his career accomplishments. He asserts that he “increased annual profits by 13%” and reduced company costs by 50%, to name a few achievements. Using these impressive metrics makes it much more likely that hiring managers will remember him as a desirable candidate for the job.

Is the restaurant general manager resume sample visually appealing as well as easy to read and understand?

It is. The summary consists of three concise sentences that provide enough information to pique the interest of hiring managers. The skills section uses short phrases and bullet points so readers can skim through it quickly. The jobseeker again uses bullet points in his work experience section to ensure it is easy to read, and he finishes with a succinct education section that provides the essential details of his education without adding unnecessary material.

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The Most Important Restaurant General Manager Resume Sample Takeaways

Creating a strong and relevant resume is the first step to a successful job search. With our restaurant general manager resume sample and additional writing guidelines, crafting the perfect resume is easier than ever. Use these convenient tools to discover the best ways to write and format every section of your document so hiring managers will want to meet you within the first few seconds of reading. If you need more assistance, check out our resume builder.