When you’ve perfected your resume, updating the content and formatting to meet today’s standards, it is sure to open doors to many opportunities. Of course, your resume is your first contact with many employers, so it just makes sense you’ll review it for spelling and grammatical mistakes. It’s also natural to look over it to be sure your contact information and employment history are accurate. The trouble happens, for some, when candidates aren’t aware of modern formatting and content standards (such as limiting the resume to one page and providing an email address, but not a home address).

If you want the assurance of knowing you’ve created a resume that stands a good chance of grabbing the attention of hiring personnel, check out our RN case manager resume sample. Use it as an example after which you can model your own resume. A high-quality example also provides a way to recognize the current standards for resumes. Combine this with our resume writing tips to ensure your confidence and increase your chances of getting an interview.


RN Case Manager Resume Sample

K.C. Martinez
Ely, Nevada 11111 • kcmartinez@anymail • 555-234-5678


RN case manager with over 13 years of experience in a variety of settings, including the emergency room and a hospice. Dedicated to developing positive relationships with team members and patients. Proven competence in handling high-stress situations and providing guidance and support to nurses involved in direct patient care.


  • Nevada RN license
  • Skilled in therapeutic communication
  • Experienced at medication administration
  • Knowledgeable about pain control
  • IV management
  • Superior leadership abilities
  • Comprehensive understanding of HIPAA regulations
  • Fluent in Spanish

Work Experience

Lead Registered Nurse – Hospice Care, 2013 – Present
Friends of Therese Home and Hospice, Ely, Nevada
  • Supervise management of quality of life and comfort services during the final stages of more than 100 patients’ lives, involving team of 12 nurses
  • Evaluate continuous assessment of patient pain and comfort levels, delivering accurate data to health care team
  • Ensure compliance in records, reports, and evaluations at end of each week with ongoing 99.8% accuracy
  • Educate and support nurses who provide information to caregivers of terminally ill patients
  • Communicate daily with members of hospice care team, including physician, social worker, religious support, nursing assistants, volunteers, and family members
  • Mentor five new hospice nurses, assisting with compliance, paperwork, and emotional aspect of job
Registered Nurse – Emergency Room, 2007 – 2013
Mosier Hospital, Ely, Nevada
  • Administered critical care IV medications and pain relief medications, checking vitals and assessing patient response regularly
  • Participated in emergency response to over 500 traumas, including cardiac arrests, broken bones, burns, and drug overdose situations
  • Provided care to patients from infancy to final stage of life, adjusting methodology and other aspects of care as necessary
  • Comforted patients and family members suffering from pain, shock, stress, and grief
  • Created and updated resource files regarding religious and cultural preferences of patients, file still in use today
Registered Nurse – General Care, 2004 – 2007
Lackawanna Medical Clinic, Ely, Nevada
  • Checked vitals, prioritized treatment, led patients to exam rooms
  • Assisted doctor in medical procedures
  • Gave shots, drew blood, weighed patients, administered tests as directed, and sent samples to lab
  • Educated patient and family members on conditions, treatment, pain management, follow-up care, and use of medications
  • Updated clinic records, transferring paper records to digital format, catching hundreds of omissions and bringing 57 immunization records up to date


BS in Registered Nursing, 2003
University of Nevada at Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada

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Is This a Good RN Case Manager Resume? Let’s Check

Does the format of the RN case manager resume sample make it easy for hiring personnel to locate skills, experience, and credentials?

It is imperative that nurses and their supervisors have the right training and educational background. This resume sample uses a clear format with headers and bullets, making it easy to scan through for information such as pertinent skills (fluent in Spanish), specific experience (ensure compliance in records, reports, and evaluations at end of each week), and credentials (Nevada RN license and BS in Registered Nursing).

Review the skills and work experience sections. Does the example prove the nurse has the right skills to be a valuable leader of the health care team?

Definitely. Supervisors of nurses need a variety of skills, and this RN case manager resume sample provides examples of many of them. Some examples include supervising a team of 12 nurses, mentoring new nurses, and “communicate daily with members of hospice care team.” These statements from the resume sample show the nurse can provide necessary services and has the emotional understanding to provide support to team nurses.

Does the resume sample include specific numbers to provide potential employers with a concrete understanding of the value of the applicant?

Yes. The RN case manager resume sample includes specifics regarding the number of patients treated, the accuracy of records, and quantifiable improvements. The resume writer also includes specific achievements, including “bringing 57 immunization records up to date” and creating a resource file on patient religious and cultural preferences.

Are work and educational experiences formatted in a reverse chronological order, making it easy for hiring personnel to recognize the nurse’s career growth?

Again, yes. Each work history segment and the education section has a clear format with dates, so hiring professionals can easily determine where and when the applicant used specific skills. In addition to moving onward from duties such as checking vitals and updating records, the work experience section shows the range of experience the nurse has. For example, the applicant worked in a clinic, acted as an ER nurse, and provided hospice care.

Today’s hiring professionals don’t want to see a lot of writing. Successful resumes have short bullets and concise wording. Does the RN case manager resume sample use these tactics to show rather than tell the applicant’s qualifications?

Absolutely. The writer focuses on short lists between five to eight items, rather than generating long lists of every skills or responsibility. Action verbs create a picture of the applicant’s work, such as “followed up on over 15% of ER patients” and “mentor five new hospice nurses.”

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The Most Important Surgical Tech Resume Sample Takeaways

As you’ve read, the quality of resume is an important factor in determining whether you get an interview. Use an effective resume as a standard to guide your work, making sure to follow modern best practices. These up-to-date techniques include using bullet points, concise writing, action verbs, concrete facts, measurable achievements, and clear organization. If you’re ready to get started, be sure to reference our RN case manager resume sample and included resume builder. Good luck on the next step of your career path.