When you’re applying for management work, your resume is one of the most important tools you have to impress employers. In many cases, this document may be the only piece information they use to decide which candidates to follow up with an interview. However, many hiring managers admit that they spend only a few seconds on each resume unless something catches their attention immediately. It needs to be your goal to make your resume as eye catching as possible.

This shift manager resume sample is an excellent tool for improving your resume’s writing. It demonstrates what an effective resume looks like and provides insight into the kind of content you should include. The included writing guide goes even further in depth to describe the best writing techniques and strategies as well as what employers commonly expect. Before you begin writing your shift manager resume, take a close look at this resume sample and writing tips.


Shift Manager Resume Sample

Lauren McKinney
Los Angeles, California, 11111 • [email protected] • 555-412-8453


Versatile and talented management expert with more than 10 years of experience working in the service industry and in positions of leadership. Utilize communication, negotiation, and conflict resolution techniques to interact with customers and employees, managing every aspect of operation to improve efficiency on a daily basis. Experienced fulfilling administrative responsibilities and overseeing labor costs.


  • Leadership and management abilities
  • Excellent communication skills, both interpersonal and professional
  • Service-oriented mind-set
  • Critical thinking, analysis, and evaluation
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Extensive experience in the service field
  • Negotiation and conflict-resolution strategies
  • Confident with administrative responsibilities

Work Experience

Shift Manager – May 2014 to present
West Coast Department Store, Los Angeles, California
  • Oversee operations, making adjustments as necessary to facilitate effective performance and good service
  • Interact with customers, answering inquiries and providing information about the store
  • Create the weekly schedule, taking individual talent and labor costs into consideration
  • Maintain the company service standards, managing employee performance
  • Delegate tasks to various employees to keep all departments of the store operating smoothly at all times
  • Improved customer satisfaction rating by 15% over three years
Assistant Shift Manager – January 2013 to May 2014
West Coast Department Store, Los Angeles, California
  • Led sales employees when the shift manager was occupied with other tasks
  • Provided instructions to employees to keep operations effective
  • Counted registers’ money at the end of shifts, ensuring all currency is accounted for and signing employees out
  • Reported incidents and major complaints to the shift manager or other management staff
  • Held position in the top 5% of assistant shift managers
Customer Service Representative – December 2007 to December 2012
West Coast Department Store, Los Angeles, California
  • Interacted with customers, providing information and resolving conflict respectfully and tactfully
  • Maintained working knowledge of store layout and product descriptions to assist customers more effectively
  • Completed transactions accurately, providing precise change and handling money responsibly
  • Facilitated 50 more transactions per shift on average than the next quickest service representative


Master of Science in Business Administration Candidate
University of Los Angeles, Estimated 2019

Bachelor of Science in Communication
University of Los Angeles, 2014

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Is This a Good Shift Manager Resume? Let’s Check

Does this shift manager resume sample focus on leadership abilities?

It does. Leadership is the most important skill you need to demonstrate for employers to consider you for this kind of work. Like the above resume sample, you should include examples of your management abilities in the summary, skills section, and the work history. After reading your resume, employers should have no question about your ability to delegate tasks and manage an entire team.

Does this resume sample have with a confident tone?

It does. The style and tone of your resume is one of the subtlest aspects, but it is another element you can control to improve your chances. A leadership position requires a candidate who is confident in his or her abilities. This shift manager resume sample is intentional with every piece of information and goes out of its way to portray the candidate as capable and talented.

How effective is this resume sample’s work history section in describing the candidate’s management experience?

This resume sample centers around its work experience section and so should yours. As an example, it includes three previous working experiences and two relevant pieces of educational information, all of which relate to leadership and management. You may not have as much experience to list in your own resume, but that does not mean your work history section has to be less effective. Including more bullet points across fewer positions can do just as good a job establishing your qualifications.

Does this shift manager resume sample demonstrate or describe the candidate’s management qualifications?

It demonstrates them through real metrics. This is a strategy that you cannot afford to neglect. It adds a great deal of credibility to the resume, which makes it stronger. Additionally, it gives readers a better idea of exactly what they could expect if they choose to hire you. Of course, including metrics is also an opportunity to show off a little bit. Opting to mention company recognition or accomplishments can have a similar result on the effectiveness of your resume.

Does this resume sample flow from one section to the next?

The format of this shift manager resume sample follows a specific standard that flows well to maximize the chances of employers taking notice. To succeed, you should follow this standard as well. Begin with a summary that is no more than three sentences. This acts as your hook to catch the attention of readers. Then include a minimal skills section that will only take a few moments for readers to fully understand. This guides employers along to the work experience section, which should be the longest and densest section in your resume.

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The Most Important Shift Manager Resume Sample Takeaways

Once you understand the information in this shift manager resume sample and writing guide, you are ready to get started on your own resume. Be sure to include real metrics to strengthen your credibility. Follow the standard formatting techniques to meet employers’ expectations. Most importantly, aim to hook the reader in your very first paragraph. If you are still unsure of how to fit your information into resume format, use our intuitive resume builder tool to start writing.