A great resume can be the deciding factor that causes a hiring manager to call you in for an interview. It is not difficult to demonstrate your experience and skills in writing, but awareness of best practices can help you craft a document that achieves the right impact. A sample resume for a technical project manager position can be a valuable resource as you start the writing process.

The technical project manager resume sample featured below includes all of the sections that most employers expect to see. You might refer to this sample to get a sense of which types of information to include and appropriate formatting. We also provide several writing tips that suggest ways to improve your resume and set yourself apart from the competition. Read on to learn how to make your document easy for hiring managers to skim and swiftly come to the conclusion that you are a great candidate for the job.


Technical Project Manager Resume Sample

Roy Robertson
Austin, TX 11111 • [email protected] • 555-922-3932


Certified technical project manager with eight years of experience at a large company and small startups. Consistently delivers completed projects on schedule with a high level of readiness. Expert user of enterprise and project planning tools and services.


  • Managing project lifecycle in single project-centric and project-matrix environments
  • Development methodologies
  • Creating master and individual schedules and objectives
  • Enterprise resource planning and project management software
  • Coordinating and supervising teams
  • Developing implementation plans
  • Budgeting and resource allocation
  • Recruitment and outsourcing
  • Contract management
  • Documentation and reporting

Work Experience

Technical Project Manager, Dec. 2014 – Current
NetCom, Austin, TX
  • Manage six projects in succession involving a mix of stable and project-specific development groups
  • Drive up project efficiency average by more than 60%
  • Operate as liaison between coding, data mining and analysis, engineering, and user experience teams
  • Coordinate team contributions and determine final testing and release sprint timelines
  • Resolve late-stage development issues and ensure release occurs on schedule
Technical Project Manager, Jan. 2012 - Nov. 2014
Tech Flow Systems, Austin, TX
  • Supervised two primary projects on yearly cycles, completing both in advance of final development deadlines
  • Implemented Agile-based iterative approach to coordinate local and remote development groups
  • Oversaw local cross-functional group with 10 members and connected with four remote teams around the world
  • Obtained project readiness scores of 97% and 99% on both projects by date of release
  • Documented insights from project proceedings to guide future projects
Assistant Technical Project Manager, May 2010 - Dec. 2011
Adkins-Rhodes, Austin, TX
  • Coordinated teams of developers and engineers and reported progress to the head technical project manager
  • Tracked and maintained detailed records of expenditures for two major projects with budgets exceeding $2 million
  • Calculated and reported risks during each major phase of development and drafted solution proposals, minimizing time lost to errors and other challenges
  • Wrote and distributed project status updates to leadership and internal staff
  • Packaged projects for presentations to government and industry stakeholders as well as the public at trade conventions and conferences


Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification - 2015

Bachelor of Business Administration in Science and Technology Management - 2010
University of Texas, Austin TX

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Is This a Good Technical Project Manager Resume? Let’s Check

Hiring managers only spend around six seconds reviewing a resume before determining whether the applicant is a contender for an available position. Is this technical project manager resume sample easy to skim?

Yes, it is. The candidate describes his most important qualifications in a few brief phrases in the summary statement. He organizes the skills section as a bulleted list. He also relies on bullet points to draw attention to his professional duties and accomplishments. The education section simply includes his most recent and relevant certification and bachelor’s degree.

Does the summary statement provide a preview of the candidate’s best qualifications?

Yes. Right off the bat, the candidate points out his professional certification and eight years of experience working for both large and small employers. He brings up his proven ability to complete polished projects on time and concludes this section of the technical project manager resume sample by drawing attention to his industry-standard software skills.

The skills section of a resume should form a bridge between a candidate’s previous positions and the job that he or she wants. Does this candidate sum up his experience and anticipate future development?

The candidate lists skills supported by his work experience and applicable to most positions in this field. This technical project manager resume sample does not indicate the position for which he is applying, but a candidate might prioritize certain skills or describe them in terms that resonate with a job description.

How does the candidate convey their responsibilities and accomplishments in the work experience section?

The candidate starts every entry by including his role and dates of employment at each company. He organizes the details under each position with bullet points and starts each line with an action verb. In his current position, he draws attention to his ability to manage multiple projects at the same time while increasing efficiency. The position he filled immediately prior required him to focus on one project at a time, and he points out that he completed two projects ahead of the final deadlines. He brings up metrics including efficiency ratings, project readiness scores, and budget sizes throughout to establish the stakes of his success.

The education section is the shortest section in this technical project manager resume sample. Does the candidate include all of the information an employer might want to know?

Yes, he does. Many positions in this field either require or request professional certification. The candidate lists this credential first because it is his highest and most recent achievement. He also includes his college degree. These credentials satisfy the requirements for most technical project manager positions.

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The Most Important Technical Project Manager Resume Sample Takeaways

As you apply for a technical project manager position, try to make your ability to complete projects on time as clear as possible in your resume. It is a good idea to carefully study the description of the job you want so that you demonstrate your planning and leadership abilities in ways that will appeal to prospective employers. Aim to make your formatting as straightforward as our technical project manager resume sample. If you encounter difficulties or would like further guidance, consider using our resume builder.