Writing a resume can be a chore if you are not clear on how to do it. Because your resume is so important, you must find the tools you need to assist you as you write. The following training manager resume sample is a great reference to use. The writing tips are also helpful, offering you advice on what to include and how to write your resume.

In the end, you want a strong resume that is well-written. It must communicate clearly your skills, training background, and experience, so an employer can see you are a match for the job. With an outstanding resume, you tell hiring managers why they need to learn more about you, thus encouraging them to set you up for an interview. A lackluster resume will more than likely end up in the trash. So stand out from the competition by creating an exceptional resume using the tools below.


Training Manager Resume Sample

Larry Tutweiler
VanGuard Mountain, MT 11111 • [email protected] • 555-265-9987


Motivated and inspirational corporate training manager with a diverse background in business. Experience training large and small groups within various industries. Commitment to the success of the company through integrating technology and providing solid training programs based on the company's goals and needs.


  • Expert in developing educational programs
  • Excellent ability to work with a diverse group
  • Experienced in helping to improve employee job knowledge
  • Outstanding communication skills
  • Ability to work with difficult groups and train new employees
  • Superior organizational skills
  • Excel in understanding company needs and integrating them into training programs
  • Extensive background in corporate training and knowledge of training processes
  • Strong leadership skills

Work Experience

Corporate Training Manager - Lexicon Trainers
  • Manage team of 15 corporate trainers
  • Meet with companies to establish training guidelines based on company need
  • Develop basic and adaptable training programs for various industries and types of businesses
  • Create training manual for new trainers
  • Hire new trainers
  • Conduct meetings with trainers to discuss new developments, issues, and other relevant topics to improve training activities
  • Helped bring on five new companies for an increase of $300,000 annually
Corporate Trainer - Lexicon Trainers
  • Created training guides for each company worked with
  • Conducted corporate training events for small and large businesses
  • Helped participants become comfortable with the training process through icebreakers and fun projects
  • Worked towards developing diverse training materials to help make training courses more interesting and engaging for participants
  • Conducted over 250 separate week-long training events
Sales Manager - Buyers Paradise
  • Managed sales team of 20 employees
  • Conducted interviews and hired new employees
  • Created training materials for new hires
  • Oversaw daily meetings to assign tasks and communicate goals
  • Recorded and monitored sales
  • Developed training program to help make sales team more rounded in business, including skills building classes for leadership, sales, communication, and interpersonal interactions
  • Awarded top sales team recognition each year of employment


Corporate Training Seminar - 2008
Skills for Business Success Center, Goingston, MT

Bachelor of Science in Business - 2006
The University of Mountain Plains, Mountain Plains, MT

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Is This a Good Training Manager Resume? Let’s Check

Does the training manager resume showcase the applicant's business knowledge?

Having a strong knowledge of business is important in this field because a training manager is teaching others about such practices. This applicant shows he has the right background in the education section, where he showcases his degree in business. In addition, his work experience as a sales manager shows he has actually been a business leader and has experienced firsthand the inner workings of a company.

Does the resume have a strong summary statement?

The summary statement is the first thing a hiring manager reads, so it must be clear and convincing. It should showcase the most important things about the applicant. In the training manager resume sample, the applicant makes sure he draws attention to his most desirable skills and knowledge. He explains he has a diverse background with plenty of solid knowledge and the ability to do a great job as a training manager.

Is it apparent from the resume that the applicant is a good teacher?

The applicant makes sure to showcase how he took on a teaching role at each of his past positions. His corporate training experience shows he must have been an excellent teacher because he received a promotion to a manager position. In the sales manager position, he explained about his role in teaching new hires and current employees to ensure company success. The training manager resume sample mentions a couple times that he created training manuals, which requires strong teaching skills.

Does the training manager resume sample stress the applicant's leadership skills?

The applicant is a clear leader. Not only does the resume begin with mentioning this, but there is proof throughout that he has proven skills in leading others and being successful at it. His career progression helps to showcase how he used his leadership ability to rise through the ranks of the company to reach the senior position of training manager.

Can a hiring manager clearly see the applicant is committed to quality work?

The applicant makes sure the training manager resume sample draws attention to his commitment to quality through explaining his achievements. He also is careful to mention the various tasks he has been responsible for that require quality work to be successful. In the work experience section, there are several achievements, such as the top sales award he received and his promotion from trainer to training manager, that show he is focused on doing his job well.

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The Most Important Training Manager Resume Sample Takeaways

While you may not be an expert at resume writing, you now have the tools you need to put together a convincing one. The training manager resume sample serves as an effective guide when it comes to figuring out what to include and how to format your resume. The writing tips can help you polish things up to ensure your resume stands out. If you feel you need a little more help, take a look at our resume builder. This tool can make it easy for you to put your resume together.