A well-written resume provides you with the momentum your application needs to land in the interview pile. That’s because it does more than present your credentials. It also helps you organize and refine your own idea of your key accomplishments and best skills, and that helps you to better prepare for when you do land an interview. One of the better ways to develop a great resume involves studying examples so you can compare your own progress to successful resumes to see whether the key features of each align.

Check out this machine operator resume sample to see an example of a great resume in the field, and then study the tips and tricks that go with it to better understand the ways you can use its best moves in your own work. This resume sample not only has the stylistic elements you want to exemplify, but it also manages to deliver information you can adapt if you need to, and it presents you with an image of a complete resume.


Machine Operator Resume Sample

William Gibson
San Francisco, CA 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-2354


Experienced machine operator familiar with most manually operated fabrication machines. Skilled with quality assurance tools. Trained temporary workers on new machines for the last year.


  • Knowledge of fabrication technologies and machine operation
  • Proficient with workflow management software used in production industries
  • Strong quantitative reasoning and spatial reasoning skills
  • Strong verbal communication and process description skills
  • Knowledge of the tools used in quality assurance measurements and processes
  • Trained in the use of personal protective equipment and its limitations

Work Experience

Senior Machine Operator, February 2015-Present
Oakland Aluminum Parts, Oakland, CA
  • Operate a variety of fabrication machines used to cut, drill, sand, finish, or otherwise fabricate parts for automotive suppliers
  • Use micrometers and other quality assurance tools to evaluate parts and ensure they are meeting client specifications
  • Document the quality assurance process to quality assurance techs and alert technicians whenever two or more parts in a row are out of spec
  • Train temporary workers in single-machine operations as necessary
  • Clean and maintain machines between production runs, removing all scrap metal from around and on the machine
Machine Operator B, October 2013-February 2015
Bill Stevens Steel and Aluminum, Oakland, CA
  • Operated a drill press and a punch press to modify partially fabricated parts
  • Used micrometers and other tools to ensure the modification of parts in line with product specifications
  • Communicated with senior machine operators as needed to address manufacturing quality issues
  • Cleaned and maintained work areas
  • Used project management software to log working times on various projects
Deburring Machine Operator, October 2010-October 2013
Iron Ingot Metalworks, LLC, Oakland, CA
  • Operated the deburring machine to reduce metal burrs on recently cut lengths of raw material
  • Inspected the output of the machine periodically to verify complete deburring
  • Made machine modifications as necessary to ensure parts came out completely deburred
  • Trained new operators in the function and maintenance of the deburring machine
  • Cleaned and maintained the machine and immediate work area
Oil Maintenance Technician, October 2009-October 2010
Fast Rite Oil, Oakland, CA
  • Drained and inspected client vehicles during a 10-minute oil change process
  • Replaced oil filters and inspected the fit of new filters
  • Alerted vehicle owners to the presence of drips or leaks
  • Cleaned and maintained the bay work space
  • Coordinated oil change operations with a team of three other technicians.


General Diploma, 2010
San Francisco Public Schools, San Francisco, CA

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Is This a Good Machine Operator Resume? Let’s Check

Does the machine operator resume sample demonstrate the core competence with fabrication machines and mechanical principles that a good operator needs?

Absolutely. One thing is clear from this resume – the machine operator in question has experience with fabrication equipment. There are more types of machines than those listed here, but these are the basics, and demonstrating a strong background with them helps validate that the candidate learns new machines quickly as well. This goes hand in hand with the core quality assurance skills that show the candidate is capable of assessing his own work, too.

Does the resume show a reasonable progression of duties and skills in the profession?

For sure. Not only does the resume stick to just those positions that are most relevant for future machine operation jobs, but it also shows a steady stream of promotions that point to the candidate’s success in each successively more responsible role. More important, it also shows the candidate is willing to engage in training to be a better employee and to take on new challenges.

Has the machine operator resume sample adequately represented the skill set needed outside of the immediate mechanical fluencies?

Yes. This is another reason why discussing credentials like safety training or heavy equipment operation certifications helps a lot. Industrial jobs are rarely static, and the more you can do, the more useful you are likely to be to an organization. The writer of this resume did not lose track of that, which is why the inclusion of experience like the use of quality assurance tools is so important. It’s also important to remember that most industrial positions are multi-faceted, with individual workers contributing to the overall process. That means a skill set isn’t really complete until it includes a lot of overlap with other positions.

Do the jobs contribute relevant details about the worker’s ability to do the position in question?

Yes. The last job might seem the least related to machine operation, but don’t forget that mechanical aptitude and spatial reasoning skills are vital in jobs like this one. The inclusion of an early piece of work experience from another field is relevant if it establishes those things, which is why the oil change technician job still belongs front and center on a machine operator resume sample.


Does the summary sample frontload important information to catch a reader’s attention on this machine operator resume sample?

Absolutely. You can see the most important points that the writer plans to expand featured in those three sentences, like the fact that this jobseeker has training experience.

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The Most Important Machine Operator Resume Sample Takeaways

As you sit down to write, keep in mind that machine operators are a wide class of employee for manufacturing businesses. The job description outlines the specific duties of the role, and you can also find information about the support skills and extra training that will make you more successful as a candidate on that document. From there, selecting varied skills and presenting them in clear, active language like the machine operator resume sample is a process of writing and rewriting. Check out the resume builder for help organizing your writing as you move forward.