When you are looking for a new job, your resume often makes the first impression on a prospective employer for you. That means it needs to be well-written, edited to perfection, and most important, information-rich. The entire point of the stylistic discipline that goes into writing resumes is to present as much detail about your experience and training in as short a space as possible. To that end, it often helps to look at sample resumes and real-world examples.

These examples allow you to check your presentation of your knowledge as well as its level of specificity, which makes it easier for you to be sure you are presenting your best case for yourself as a candidate for the job. Use the machinist resume sample and tips included below to review your work, and keep in mind the completeness and makeup of the skills section as you work to make sure you cover all of the important core skills for this position in your own work.


Machinist Resume Sample

Cathy Wilson
Boston, MA 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-2367


Seasoned machinist with programming and supervisory experience. Over five years on CNC machines with two years of operational experience with other lathe-based tooling systems. Certified EMT and CDL holder.


  • Proficient with CNC Machinist’s Calculator, AutoDesk AutoCAD, and other design/machining software packages
  • Strong knowledge of mathematics and quantitative reasoning
  • Proficient machine programmer and debugger
  • Excellent visual inspection skills and near vision
  • Trained in the use of micrometers and other quality assurance tools
  • Proficient with workflow software and time management tools for productivity
  • Certified for Class A commercial vehicle operations
  • EMT certified for shop first aid

Work Experience

Senior CNC Programmer/Machinist, February 2013-Present
Boston Metalworks, Boston, MA
  • Program and calibrate CNC lathe machines for long-cycle production operations
  • Monitor and downcycle up to four production machines simultaneously
  • Consult with shift supervisors to make intelligent work assignments from among the pool of junior machinists
  • Train and support junior machinists through both explicit mentorship and role modeling
  • Provide in-shop first aid as necessary for injured workers
  • Operate commercial vehicles as needed to transport molds and machine parts between facility buildings
CNC Machinist, April 2009-February 2013
Cambridge Steel, Cambridge, MA
  • Calibrated and monitored CNC lathe machines throughout short-cycle operations
  • Cleaned and prepped the machine between cycles to ensure proper production
  • Inspected parts visually and with micrometers to verify quality production
  • Provided relief to machine operators throughout the fabrication facility to facilitate constant production throughout breaks
  • Delivered machine parts and punch press molds to storage facilities as needed
  • Cleaned and maintained work areas to reduce contaminants and foster higher workplace morale
Machine Operator, April 2007-April 2009
Atlantic Aluminum Contractors, Concord, MA
  • Operated press, drill, saw, and deburring machines as needed to fabricate parts for automotive manufacturers
  • Used micrometers and other quality assurance tools to inspect parts and assure manufacture proceeded within product specifications
  • Communicated with process technicians and quality assurance personnel whenever three or more out-of-spec parts came out in a row.
  • Provided first aid as needed to workers injured on the shop floor
  • Transported molds to the die shop and finished products to the shipping dock for packaging
  • Used workflow software to monitor productive time spent on individual production runs


CNC Machinist Certificate, 2009
Greenbriar Training, Boston, MA

Associate in Fabrication Technologies, 2008
Boston Community College, Boston, MA

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Is This a Good Machinist Resume? Let’s Check

Does this machinist resume sample communicate a professional arc that demonstrates the candidate’s fitness for the job?

Absolutely. You can see this in a variety of places. For starters, it is apparent from the job titles alone in the work experience section. It becomes even clearer when reading the list of accomplishments and duties at each job, because each job is a progressive step toward the next one, and each subsequent job clearly uses skills from the last one.

Is the writer using the best practices for writing each section when composing the machinist resume sample?

Yes. The use of active language is consistent throughout the resume, as is the use of varied language and keywords both in the skills section. Most importantly, every item in the work history starts with a specific verb that helps the reader visualize what is happening.

Does the jobseeker make sure to establish all of the core skills and training prerequisites needed for the position?

Not only does this happen, but this particular candidate has some extra optional credentials that make her even more attractive. With extra training in first aid and a CDL, she can take on more tasks in her department when things are busy. This shows extra value as an employee above and beyond the minimum requirements for the job. It also allows her to function in a flexible position if the shop requires some versatility in its staff.

Has the machinist resume sample frontloaded the most important information to grab the hiring manager’s attention?

To answer this, the only section that needs review is the summary statement. That review reveals this example is particularly well put together because it not only states the candidate’s level of experience, but it also manages to bring in major accomplishments and skills in a way that smoothly transitions from one to the next. The smoother this section reads, the better it is for you as a candidate.

Does the machinist resume sample include measurable accomplishments as well as basic skills and duties?

Yes, it does. These are less visible than accomplishments tend to be in other jobs, but if you look at the duties this particular machinist fulfilled, you will see the skill set displays specific accomplishments above and beyond the call of duty, like seeking EMT certification for a manufacturing job. This demonstrates a willingness to do whatever it takes to make sure the workplace is safe at all times.

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The Most Important Machinist Resume Sample Takeaways

As you put together your resume, the important takeaways from the machinist resume sample are clear. Focus on the details surrounding your experience. Make them as clear and identifiable as possible, and use the best practices discussed to make the resume clear: active language, specific verbs, and a close eye on the length and purpose of each section. Using the resume builder to organize your thoughts helps, too, because it lets you see and tweak each portion of the resume as needed. Organization not only helps you build the resume more efficiently, but it also helps you make it better.