If you are seeking a new job, focus on your resume to improve your chances as much as possible. Employers commonly use candidates’ resumes exclusively when deciding which applicant to interview. This means your resume is your best and only tool for standing out from every other applicant you are competing with. One of the best ways to improve your resume writing is to review a resume sample.

The following manufacturing resume sample will help you make your resume as strong as it possibly can be. The sample demonstrates the best formatting strategies, shows what kind of content to include, and explains what employers are expecting. Additionally, the included writing guide will help you even more. It goes into more details about all these aspects and offers the best writing tips for anyone just beginning the writing process. Improve your job search by implementing the strategies shown in this beneficial resume sample.


Manufacturing Resume Sample

Kelsey Harrison
Long Beach, California, 11111 • [email protected] • 555-784-9532


Talented and dedicated manufacturing professional with over eight years of experience in the manufacturing field. Experience operating, maintaining, and designing manufacturing machinery and equipment. Combine practical experience as a machine operator with formal training as an engineer to facilitate the most successful manufacturing operation possible.


  • Mechanical engineering training
  • Critical thinking, evaluation, and analysis skills
  • Experienced in positions of leadership and management
  • Machine design, maintenance, operation, and upkeep
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Proficient in standard design and 3D rendering engineering software
  • Understanding of mechanical process and corporate workflow
  • Mathematically minded

Work Experience

Manufacturing Engineer, January 2015-Present
Pacific Manufacturing, Los Angeles, California
  • Manage all manufacturing machinery, overseeing operation to ensure it works safely, efficiently, and quickly
  • Inspect malfunctioning machinery, identifying aspects contributing to the problem and implementing effective repairs
  • Maintain manufacturing machinery before and after operation to reduce the chance of damage
  • Design new manufacturing machinery to fulfill specific operational tasks using modeling tools
  • Implement new strategies to improve the efficiency of manufacturing processes
  • Perform research on developing manufacturing technology
  • Reduced machine break-down rates by 15%
Manufacturing Supervisor, April 2012-January 2015
Pacific Manufacturing, Los Angeles, California
  • Oversaw all manufacturing operations, ensuring personnel displayed safe behavior at all times and correctly followed all safety policies
  • Gathered information on operational processes and compiled it into detailed reports for managers and department heads
  • Interacted with machine operators, offering guidance, suggestions for improvement, and encouragement
  • Reported malfunctions or other unusual machine behavior to the manufacturing engineer immediately
  • Improved manufacturing efficiency by nearly 10% over two years
Machine Operator February 2009-April 2012
Pacific Manufacturing, Los Angeles, California
  • Operated manufacturing machinery on a daily basis, creating products or materials quickly, safely, and efficiently
  • Followed safety policies at all times to prevent accidents or injuries
  • Completed standard maintenance before and after operating machinery to minimize wear and reduce the chance of malfunction
  • Reported production errors and equipment malfunctions according to company policy
  • Met daily quota more than 95% of operational days across three years


Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
University of Los Angeles, 2014

Engineering Certification
Los Angeles School of Engineering, 2014

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Is This a Good Manufacturing Resume? Let’s Check

Does this resume sample have a strong work experience section focused on manufacturing work?

It does. The work history section is the most important part of any resume, so you should strive to have a strong work experience section as well. This resume sample has three related positions in the manufacturing field. The writer further establishes her qualifications with an impressive education section. Not everyone has quite as much working experience, however. If your work history section has fewer positions, that does not mean it has to be weaker. Just make sure the information you include is strong, and include more bullet points for each position so the section is meaty and effective.

Does this manufacturing resume sample effectively establish the writer’s mechanical knowledge?

Yes, it does. Mechanical expertise is at the core of the manufacturing field, so you should mention it throughout your entire resume. This resume sample includes references to mechanical expertise in the summary statement as well as in the skills and work experience sections. If you have more information about the position you are applying for, such as details from the job description, you can improve your resume by including specific information and keywords.

Does the format smoothly guide the reader guided through this resume sample?

It’s essential to do what you can to encourage readers to notice each section of your resume. This manufacturing resume sample masters formatting to help the writing flow from one section to the next. The summary is brief, no more than three sentences, and it acts as a hook to catch the attention of employer. Then, the skills section is minimal so any readers can understand the information at a glance. Finally, the work experience section is the first large section. It includes a lot of information to establish the writer’s abilities and qualifications. A good resume keeps the reader engaged so he or she gets the full impact of the work experience details.

Does the manufacturing resume sample indicate the candidate’s interpersonal skills along with technical knowledge?

It does. While manufacturing technicians need to have thorough knowledge of mechanical equipment and operations, they also need to communicate effectively with colleagues and managers. This resume shows the candidate’s ability to promptly report malfunctions to the correct people, write detailed reports of operational processes, and interact with machine operators to improve performance.

Does this resume sample describe or demonstrate the candidate’s qualifications?

The manufacturing resume sample demonstrates this information by using real metrics in the work experience section. These numbers add substance and credibility to the resume, giving readers a better understanding of the unique attributes the candidate can provide. Do not neglect this excellent writing strategy in your own resume.

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The Most Important Manufacturing Resume Sample Takeaways

Manage the content you include in your resume carefully and focus on formatting to organize the information as efficiently as possible. Use real metrics to strengthen the document and catch the attention of employers. Include keywords or phrases from the job description customize your resume to the position and set yourself apart from other candidates. Refer to this manufacturing resume sample for inspiration and guidance while you are writing. Our resume builder tool is also available to help you get started.