If you want to land a good quality assurance job, you better have a quality resume to send to hiring managers. A good application can get you in the door for that first interview, so you need a resume that proves you’re an outstanding candidate. To ensure your document stands above the competition, try referencing an example that meets industry standards. Using our quality assurance resume sample, you can crosscheck your document against ours and feel confident you have the right information and the proper formatting.

In addition to this helpful PDF, we also offer writing tips that show how active language can make the different sections in your resume stand out. Strong writing improves your chances of winning over recruiters and proving you’re a perfect fit for a good quality assurance position. Study our resume sample while you build your own document, and use the provided resources to ensure you make the most of every job application.


Quality Assurance Resume Sample

Martin Charles
Walla Walla, WA 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-5555


Trained quality assurance specialist with over 15 year’s experience. Proficient with automation and collection software, as well as various forms of data analysis. Extremely attentive to detail and driven to help team succeed.


  • Knowledgeable about supply chain analytics
  • Excellent with organization and time management
  • Strong research and analysis abilities
  • Skilled oral and written communicator
  • Methodical in testing and assessing systems
  • Adept with various types of evaluation software
  • Exceptional problem-solving skills

Work Experience

Quality Assurance Specialist - Altek Communications
2011 - Present

  • Develop and maintain data testing processes for six branches across three Northwestern states
  • Examine documentation to gauge compliance with internal regulations and business codes
  • Compare current data to information from previous quarters to ensure limited discrepancies
  • Evaluate new software and upgrade depending on various analytical indicators
  • Train analysts and technicians on all company testing procedures and collection techniques to ensure uniformity of practice
  • Communicate processes and objectives to analytics team, translating company goals into statistical requirements
  • Employ predictive analytics, reducing standard testing time by more than 30%

Quality Assurance Analyst - Northern Shipping Supply
2006 - 2011

  • Created testing plans for growing shipping company
  • Installed new software for data tracking, improving test analysis speed by over 20%
  • Built relationships with business owners, enabling company to expand collection capabilities and increase testing scope
  • Advised company managers on best shipping schedules and routes, leading to a 10% climb in product movement
  • Used manual testing data to implement improved automation strategies
  • Designed video training program, helping new hires to learn accurate testing and processing

Associate Data Analyst - Market Metrics
2002 - 2006

  • Developed and delivered quality check reports for company meetings and forecasting sessions
  • Compiled metrics from multiple testing sources, expediting test analysis
  • Uncovered several flawed analysis techniques, resulting in a 15% drop in testing spending
  • Translated computer analysis findings into easy-to-read documents for business leaders to present during client debriefings
  • Upgraded testing policies while maintaining company standards and complying with necessary regulations
  • Headed up development team that addressed and corrected general statistical errors


Bachelor of Science in Computing - 2001
University of Washington

Quality Process Analyst Certified - 2004

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Is This a Good Quality Assurance Resume? Let’s Check

Analysts in this line of work have to understand the ins and outs of data collection and analysis. Is it clear this jobseeker has that knowledge?

This quality assurance resume sample offers plenty of examples of the applicant’s analytical experience. That said, the candidate doesn’t flood the resume with overly technical language. He mentions collection and automation software in the summary statement, making it clear that his training includes computer programming. Within the work history section, the applicant discusses various forms of data analysis used in past positions, which demonstrates plenty of on-the-job training.

Does the quality assurance resume sample provide evidence of the candidate’s ability to work with complex systems?

It certainly does. The first responsibility listed in the first job description explains that the jobseeker maintains data testing for six branches of a communication company. Using metrics like this can really improve your resume, as quantifiable evidence of your productivity appeals to hiring managers and effectively illustrates your abilities. The quality assurance candidate goes on to list several other examples of his systems processing acumen, citing several occasions in which he helped expand the testing scope.

Does this resume address the need for quality assurance specialists to have strong communication skills?

The candidate explains his ability to communicate effectively in several ways. He mentions his strength with oral and written communication in the skills section, and also discusses translating complex information into more readable material within the work history portion. Whenever possible, use work experience to back up the skills and qualifications you present. This shows recruiters you can talk the talk and walk the walk.

Does the education section show a strong foundation for quality assurance work?

While this portion doesn’t offer a lot of information, it contains exactly what an employer will want to see. The candidate received a degree in computing, which likely meets the requirement for the position. In addition to that, he obtained a certificate to further his training within the QA field. A quick glance at the education section of this quality assurance resume sample provides everything a hiring manager needs to know.


Does the quality assurance resume sample have a sensible structure that is easy to follow?

Your resume needs to read well, or else it won’t matter how qualified you are. This sample offers a straightforward summary statement that immediately engages the reader. After that, the applicant provides a succinct list of his most important skills. This leads into the work history section, where he describes his accomplishments and valuable experience. The education portion is short and sweet, wrapping up what is a very strong resume.

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The Most Important Quality Assurance Resume Sample Takeaways

Recruiters look through countless resumes in hopes of finding the perfect applicant. To prove you’re that diamond in the rough, your resume must adequately convey your abilities while also grabbing the reader’s interest. Creating a strong application isn’t easy, but a looking over a good quality assurance resume sample can make it much easier. Follow the format our sample provides, and incorporate the writing tips so you drive home the most important points throughout your resume. If you need a little extra help, feel free to use our resume builder as well.