A resume is a document designed to introduce a job candidate to potential employers. If you put the right amount of effort into writing your resume, you could advance to the next step if employers like the impression they get of you. Therefore, it is essential to create a resume that is strong and that successfully conveys your skills, experience, and other important qualifications. It is common for hiring managers to glance quickly at resumes, so you must ensure yours stands out if you want to get an interview.

If you don’t know where to begin when it comes to resume writing, consider using our head of advertising resume sample. By doing so, you can get a feel of how to structure your resume. You can also compare your resume to the sample to see if you are missing anything important. For further help, check out our writing tips to ensure your resume is well written and professional.


Head of Advertising Resume Sample

Catherine Jones
Seattle, WA 11111 • [email protected] • 555-777-1122


Talented advertising professional with 10 years of experience in the field. Expertise in marketing strategy development, brand development, and sales analysis. Dedicated team player with outstanding communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills.


  • Brand development
  • Team building and leaderships skills
  • Sales analysis
  • Project management
  • Solid public speaking abilities
  • Contract negotiation
  • Marketing strategy development

Work Experience

Director of Advertising, January 2015-Present
Optimize Marketing, Seattle, WA
  • Work with staff and department heads to discuss advertising media selection, budgets, contracts, and marketing plans
  • Plan and develop advertising strategies and determine where to advertise, such as television, radio, online media, or print
  • Develop pricing strategies for services and products designed for the target audience of the company
  • Analyze websites designed by marketing team members, taking the look and feel into consideration to determine any necessary changes
  • Increased revenue by 15% last year, bringing in an additional $400,000
Advertising Manager, June 2010-January 2015
Star Promotions, Seattle, WA
  • Trained new account executives and employees on customer relationship management, brand development, and selling strategies
  • Designed and implemented a business builder program that resulted in a $250,000 increase in revenue
  • Developed new promotional strategies that focused on reaching a new target audience and using innovative advertising methods, such as digital marketing
  • Increased online advertising revenues by leading the redesign of the company website, incorporating new digital venues
  • Gathered and organized information to plan new strategies and directed the team to utilize information to reach advertising goals
Assistant Advertising Manager, July 2007-June 2010
Project Digital, Seattle, WA
  • Assisted with advertising copy and layout inspection to ensure all promotional materials adhered to specifications
  • Worked with company officials, customers, and the sales department to plan and prepare promotional materials designed to increase sales
  • Surpassed projected sales goals by 20% in 2009, resulting in a $200,000 increase in revenue for the company
  • Maintained the company website and social media accounts, updating content on a consistent basis
  • Assisted with pricing strategy development, contract negotiation, and new marketing and advertising employee training


Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing, 2007
University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Certificate in Digital Marketing, 2002
Tacoma Community College, Tacoma, WA

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Is This a Good Head of Advertising Resume? Let’s Check

Does the head of advertising resume sample show the jobseeker’s ability to plan and implement advertising strategies and reach goals?

Yes! This sample resume does a wonderful job of illuminating the jobseeker’s effectiveness when it comes to strategy implementation and development. In each of the work experience entries, the candidate mentions experience with developing strategies, which is a key part of the job. She includes both responsibilities and accomplishments to showcase her abilities. Additionally, she shows that she can reach and surpass goals by providing measurable accomplishments in each entry. It you have such accomplishments, including them is highly beneficial.

An advertising director or manager should have outstanding leadership and communication skills as well as other abilities and areas of expertise related to the field. Does the head of advertising resume sample include such skills and expertise?

It sure does! In the sample, the candidate did an excellent job of including all her relevant skills necessary to succeed in the position. For instance, in the summary, she includes three areas of expertise in addition to her communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills. She then includes a skills list packed with relevant bullet points that should jump out at hiring managers looking for an advertising professional. It is crucial to be specific in your skills section.

Does the head of advertising resume sample show that the jobseeker has the proper educational background to secure the position?

Absolutely! A bachelor’s degree is generally required to secure a management position in advertising. This jobseeker has a bachelor’s degree in marketing, in addition to a digital marketing certificate. Note how she listed her education section in reverse chronological order. This is effective on a resume because it shows the candidate’s educational progression.

Is this resume easy to read, and are the jobseeker’s abilities and qualifications easily recognizable?

You bet! The candidate did a wonderful job of making this resume readable and easy to skim. She included a concise summary of three sentences to begin with a brief overview. Then, she added a skills section organized into neat bullet points. Next, she included a work experience section of entries listed in reverse chronological order containing accomplishments and responsibilities. She concluded with a brief education section free of unnecessary details.

Does the head of advertising resume sample show that the candidate has the proper experience to work in the field?

It does! In the sample, the candidate’s work history section shows a progression from assistant advertising manager to director of advertising. This shows that she excelled in each position and gained valuable knowledge and expertise from each.

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The Most Important Head of Advertising Resume Sample Takeaways

By following the head of advertising resume sample, you can write an outstanding resume that shows hiring managers why they should choose you. As mentioned, it is essential that your document is readable and that it successfully showcases your most relevant skills, abilities, and accomplishments. By using the tips, you can ensure your resume meets and exceeds the expectations of hiring managers. If you need additional assistance with creating your resume, check out our resume builder.