Hiring managers typically have high standards they expect out of job applications. Many times, employers will only look at a resume for a few seconds before deciding whether it should instantly go in the trash. You do not want your document to end up there, so take plenty of time carefully writing your resume to ensure it is in peak condition and follow the lead of this marketing coordinator resume sample.

You want to put your best foot forward when you submit a resume. A single mistake, even a small one, can greatly hurt your chances of obtaining a job offer. For example, spelling errors show you do not ultimately care about double-checking. Irrelevant information shows you probably submit the same resume to every employer without considering what that company truly needs. You need to go beyond what hiring managers typically expect out of jobseekers. Refer to the sample and accompanying tips for more guidance.


Marketing Coordinator Resume Sample

Wendy Jepsen
Chicago, IL 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-8225


Driven marketing coordinator with five years of experience performing a number of marketing duties. Specialize in working one-on-one with customers to ensure they are 100% satisfied with their experience. Adept at using tools to study the performance of marketing campaigns and locate areas of improvement.


  • Expertise with analytical software, such as Nedstat Sitestat
  • Knowledge of business intelligence software
  • Understanding of marketing and sales principles
  • Experience with various forms of media production
  • Great at communicating with subordinates and supervisors
  • Organizational prowess
  • Social perceptiveness and critical thinking
  • Excellent at making and adhering to budgets

Work Experience

Marketing Coordinator – Chicago Marketing
2015 – Present
  • Evaluate potential success of future marketing campaigns by analyzing and comparing similar past campaigns
  • Develop new marketing ventures by collaborating with other advertising professionals to determine best way to market products, including one multilevel campaign that resulted in substantial revenue for a local restaurant
  • Determine budgets for new ad campaigns, and project how much return on investment is possible
  • Conduct focus groups to determine what the general population wants to see out of potential ad campaigns
  • Negotiate new contractors with various vendors to reduce or at least keep costs from rising higher
  • Participate in trade shows around the country to advertise company’s services
  • Consult with company’s legal staff to determine legality of certain campaigns, making sure claims are accurate
Market Research Analyst – Thornton Teller Commercial RE
2013 – 2015
  • Utilized demographic data to determine which cities specific marketing campaigns would perform best in
  • Advised over 30 different businesses on how to conduct ad campaigns, including information on what precise language to use
  • Consulted with various companies on the benefits of advertising “greener” products and services
  • Analyzed findings produced by market research studies, putting all data into an easily accessible report
  • Maintained accuracy of company’s internal database and updated files regularly
  • Developed pricing strategies for clients, offering several tiers clients could choose from, which resulted in a 15% increase in revenue for the fiscal year ending in 2014


Bachelor’s degree in marketing – 2011
Northern Illinois University
Graduate summa cum laude

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Is This a Good Marketing Coordinator Resume? Let’s Check

Does the marketing coordinator resume sample show the candidate can handle every aspect of developing an ad campaign?

Yes. Marketing campaigns involve numerous components. From the initial development to the actual implementation, coordinators have a hand at every step. You need to show in your resume you understand the intricacies of this job and are not afraid to play a role in each one.

Does the sample resume make it clear the applicant knows how to work well with other people?

No matter what job you have, you have to work with others at some point. This is more pertinent in some careers than others, and it is particularly vital in marketing. Not only do marketing coordinators have to work with their fellow employees, but they also have to reach out to people at other businesses. This means candidates need to possess excellent communication skills as well as an ability to adapt and solve problems. The marketing coordinator resume sample showcases how the jobseeker has worked with many different people throughout the work history section.

Does the marketing coordinator resume sample talk about times when the candidate successfully launched an ad campaign?

Yes. On a resume, you do not want to simply talk about what you did; you want to discuss how your responsibilities played an active role in the overall success of a marketing project. The sample resume mentions a time when the jobseeker successfully helped a restaurant launch a campaign to great success. Those specific details make your document stand out from everyone else’s.

Does the work history section use proper formatting?

Yes, it does. For the work history section, you should use bullet points for each unique responsibility. This makes the section easier to read through than if everything came as one big paragraph. Additionally, each bullet point starts with a strong verb. There is no need to use pronouns like “I” or “me” in this section.

Look at the education section. Does it show the applicant has the proper background to do well in this field?

With a bachelor’s degree in marketing, the education section ends the resume on a high note. A bachelor’s degree is common for most marketing, promotions, and advertising jobs. If you hope to one day obtain a managerial position at a marketing company, then you should have the proper education. The marketing coordinator resume sample also does well in mentioning a specific honor she earned, which is summa cum laude. There is no need to discuss an exact GPA unless you are still a student.

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The Most Important Marketing Coordinator Resume Sample Takeaways

Your resume should naturally contain different information than the marketing coordinator resume sample provided here. However, it still needs to include relevant information for the specific job you want to get. Look to your past and determine what experiences have shaped you into the employee you are today. That information is most useful to employers, so give hiring managers what they want. You can improve your application further by getting additional help from our resume builder.