A resume is essential for introducing yourself and your skill set to employers. This document gives you an opportunity to make a first impression on your own terms. As a public relations professional, you are likely to be aware of the nuances of cultivating the ethos or image of a brand. You may find it beneficial to approach the resume writing process as self-promotion, though you might want to adhere to a few flexible standards when it comes to major sections, types of content, and general formatting guidelines.

We demonstrate all of these aspects in our PR associate resume sample. This example may be useful for inspiration or as a checklist to make sure that your draft includes all of the information that a hiring manager might want to know. Also see our career-specific discussion of best writing practices in question and answer format. Taken together, these resources can help a PR associate write a resume that lays the groundwork for success.


PR Associate Resume Sample

Monica Peterson
San Diego, CA 11111 • [email protected] • 555-643-2356


Public relations professional with over eight years of experience at area agencies. Background in marketing campaigns and focus group research. Longstanding relationships with local media outlets.


  • Press releases
  • Promotional strategy
  • Corporate image consulting
  • Public opinion research
  • Customer surveys
  • Cultivating press contacts
  • Brand and demographic profiles
  • Research and report writing
  • Verbal and written communication
  • Networking

Work Experience

PR Associate, Sept. 2013 - Current
Sullivan-Mauldin Public Relations, San Diego, CA
  • Write press releases and media advisories for 20 regular clients and more than 50 one-off promotions for clients of other agency groups
  • Cultivate local media contacts, resulting in more than 100 local press hits and 27 articles covered in broader media markets
  • Administer more than 40 public opinion focus groups on clients’ brands and products and represent both in ways that resonate well with demographically-defined audiences
  • Act as liaison between clients, PR firm, and media buyers to schedule promotions that reinforce coverage
  • Generate concepts and pitches for PR team invention sessions
PR Assistant, May 2010 - Aug. 2013
Burgess and Partners, San Diego, CA
  • Assisted public relations coordinators, specialists, and managers with more than 80 campaigns
  • Compiled detailed branding reports that influenced brand outreach and marketing strategies agency-wide
  • Developed contacts at local publications and acted as primary go-between for press releases and notifications
  • Conducted 25 public opinion focus groups on behalf of public relations research and development group and tabulated findings
  • Generated PR updates for clients and updated internal agency records
PR Intern, Sept. 2009 - May 2010
Entity Public Relations, San Diego, CA
  • Sat in on more than 40 promotional development meetings, took detailed notes, and shared with PR department
  • Formed relationships with local media professionals and sent out more than 60 press releases
  • Pitched sponsorship and promotional offers to bloggers and social media influencers
  • Proctored 10 public opinion focus groups on brand personality and product perceptions
  • Gathered and sorted more than 175 digital clips for agency files


Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, Public Relations - 2010
San Diego State University, San Diego, CA
cum laude

Relevant Courses: Public Relations Media and Methods, Professional Practices in Public Relations

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Is This a Good PR Associate Resume? Let’s Check

Does the summary statement in this PR associate resume sample focus on accomplishments and experience that are relevant for a career in this field?

Yes, it does. The candidate explains that she has eight years of experience in public relations with a background in marketing campaigns and promotions. She also gestures toward her relationships with local media outlets and journalists.

Does the candidate structure the skills section so that a hiring manager can see that she has the communication abilities necessary to excel as a PR associate?

The candidate starts the skills section of this PR associate resume sample with specific types of communication abilities. She then points out more particular qualifications including her connections with media contacts. The candidate concludes this list with research and writing skills that will likely be useful for her next PR associate role.

Does the candidate include specific details in the work experience section of this PR associate resume sample such as achievements or connections that could distinguish her from other applicants?

Yes, she does. The candidate tells a narrative about her climb up the public relations career ladder from intern to assistant to PR associate with basic information including her job titles, dates of employment, and the name and locations of her employers. She reinforces this progress with metrics or figures that show the extent of her abilities and effort.

PR associates typically have specialized training in public relations or relevant areas such as journalism or writing. Does the candidate address her background in the education section?

Yes. The candidate includes her bachelor’s degree along with her major, graduation date, and the name and location of the college she attended. She points out her specialization in public relations as a subfield of journalism and brings up two relevant courses that reflect her training in this area. She also indicates that she graduated with honors. She finished school several years ago and has ample experience, so there is no need for her to include her GPA or details about her high school diploma.

Does the candidate organize this PR associate resume sample to provide hiring managers with a clear sense of her qualifications to excel in this position?

Hiring managers spend about six seconds determining whether a candidate is a contender for a given position. In this limited amount of time, an employer could learn that this candidate has extensive experience, desirable skills, and connections. The metrics in her work experience section, including the number of press hits she has gotten for clients in her current position, might catch their eye. All of these factors indicate this candidate’s qualifications for a PR associate position.

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The Most Important PR Associate Resume Sample Takeaways

Candidates for a PR associate job opening are likely to have training and some experience in the field of public relations. It is important to show hiring managers your unique abilities and talents. Sum up your strongest qualifications, list skills that satisfy the specifications for a position, and reveal your ability to go above and beyond the minimum requirements. Frame your work history and educational background from the perspective of the position you are seeking. Refer back to this PR associate resume sample to make sure your draft is complete or use our resume builder for further guidance.