Strong resumes remain a vital part of the job application process even in the age of social media. These documents allow jobseekers to focus on making an impression solely through their presentation of their abilities, core qualifications, and experience, without any distractions or extraneous materials. A resume only includes what you want a hiring manager to know in order to consider your merits as a candidate for the job you want.

Our social media specialist resume sample includes all of the major sections: a summary statement with strong selling points, a list of skills relevant to the position the candidate is seeking, a breakdown of his past employment, and his educational attainments. This example can help you plan what to include in your resume or function as a checklist for the major components of your experience. See our writing guidelines in the form of questions and answers based on this sample for additional assistance.


Social Media Specialist Resume Sample

Tobias Fox
Denver, CO 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-3464


Social media specialist with nine years of digital marketing experience. Manage social media assistants and over 200 client accounts. Versed in best practices for all major platforms.


  • Social media management
  • Writing content for Facebook and Twitter
  • Visual content on Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest
  • Video and livestream content on YouTube and across platforms
  • Interactions and cultivating followers
  • Boosting and promoting posts
  • Creating advertiser content
  • Augmented reality experiences
  • Account auditing
  • Teamwork and leadership

Work Experience

Social Media Specialist, Nov. 2014 - Current
JDWM, Denver, CO
  • Lead a team of 25 social media assistants in managing more than 200 client accounts across all major platforms
  • Monitor master promotional schedule and inspect queues of scheduled posts to ensure consistent quality and appropriate release timing
  • Double average client follower count within the first two months of agency management and achieve more dramatic results for clients with large promotional budgets, allowing for constant promotions
  • Connect companies with social media influencers, leading to high-quality sponsored content and increased follower counts for both parties
Social Media Specialist, Mar. 2010 - Oct. 2014
GoViral, Denver, CO
  • Supervised a team of 10 social media assistants in producing promotions for more than 350 clients interested in generating popular content intended to “go viral”
  • Used promotional tools and established networks to encourage shares and increased Twitter and Instagram follower counts by an average of 350 per promotional campaign, with some popular campaigns drawing up to 1000 followers
  • Specialized in creating popular competitions and calls for user-submitted content that increased interactions by more than 2000% and resulted in content for further promotions
  • Wrote monthly reports on most successful campaigns as well as bi-annual assessments of prevailing social media trends
Digital Marketing Assistant, May 2008 - Feb. 2010
Mountaintop Marketing, Boulder, CO
  • Reviewed banner ad placements and notified clients about changes to marketing contracts
  • Performed social media audits for 120 clients and identified additional platforms needed to round out their digital presence and the need for increasing post frequency or interactions
  • Initiated Twitter accounts for more than 80 clients and scheduled regular posts
  • Created Facebook pages for over 50 businesses and generated content based on business images and website links


Bachelor of Science in Marketing - 2008
University of Colorado, Boulder, CO
Magna cum laude

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Is This a Good Social Media Specialist Resume? Let’s Check

Does the social media specialist resume sample include all of the major sections that hiring managers would expect to see?

Yes, it does. The candidate points out the length of time he has worked in this field and glosses over his most important skills in a brief summary statement. He then provides a detailed list of skills and proceeds to reveal their origins in the work experience section. He covers his educational background in the final section.

Does the summary statement address the main points of this resume and emphasize the candidate’s qualifications for a social media specialist position?

Yes. The candidate indicates that he is already working as a social media specialist and has nearly a decade of experience in the broader area of digital marketing. He brings up his ability to organize employees and manage numerous accounts. The candidate assures hiring managers about his proven skill at achieving desirable results.

Are all of the skills listed relevant to a future social media specialist position?

All of the skills listed in this social media specialist resume sample are relevant to most positions in this field. The candidate starts with general skills and indicates that he presently uses six platforms in a professional capacity. He demonstrates awareness of social advertising methods and an ability to develop cutting-edge augmented reality experiences for brands. He wraps up his skills section with account auditing, which involves assessing a brand’s online presence and reach and is applicable to any social media specialist position.

Does the candidate distinguish himself from other applicants in the work experience section of this social media specialist resume sample?

Yes. He draws attention to metrics or figures that could distinguish him from other jobseekers in each entry. The candidate also emphasizes his managerial skills, perhaps because these abilities are relevant to the position he is seeking. He also quantifies the differences his skills make, including increased follower counts and interactions.

Is the education section of this resume sample complete?

This is the shortest section in the social media specialist resume sample, but it is complete. Many positions in this field require a college degree or commensurate experience. This candidate has a bachelor’s degree in a related area. He includes his major, the name and location of the school he attended, and also mentions that he graduated with high honors. There is no need for him to include his high school diploma.

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The Most Important Social Media Specialist Resume Sample Takeaways

A social media specialist position involves more than making posts, getting likes and reposts, or even generating promotional campaigns across platforms. Look for ways to make other relevant skills apparent to hiring managers. You might address additional specifications from a job description or simply point out related duties at which you excel, as the candidate in our social media specialist resume sample does in his skills and work experience sections. Try our resume builder if you encounter difficulties assembling your resume.