A strong resume is a vital component of any job search, as it is where you present yourself to employers. Clear, concise, and well-written resumes for certified nurse’s assistants all have a few things in common. They pay attention to key terms that are relevant to the profession without indulging in jargon. They demonstrate discipline in their use of language, and that means they catch a reader’s eye by delivering information fluently, in an easy-to-understand manner. This makes your best traits more apparent to hiring managers.

One of the best ways to learn to write a resume like this is to study a CNA resume sample like the one included here. Using it as a model for your own resume means having a clear structure to work from, and that makes it easier for you to concentrate on putting good information into your resume. For more help fine-tuning your next resume, check out the tips below for more information about the sample’s best features and how to mirror them in your own work.


CNA Resume Sample

Kim Celvige
Chicago, IL • [email protected] • 555-555-5123


Communicative and compassionate certified nurse’s assistant. Experience includes patient mobility and transportation training. Graduated with honors.


  • Proficient with medical procedure coding software
  • Excellent communication and customer service skills
  • Knowledge of public safety and security protocols
  • Strong active listening skills
  • Excellent near vision and visual inspection skills
  • Well-developed problem sensitivity skills and high social perceptiveness

Work Experience

Student Nurse’s Assistant, December 2016-Present
Green Valley Medical Training and Care Center, Aurora, IL
  • Assist certified nurse’s assistants in a real-world internship setting
  • Provide patients with transportation, bathing, room cleaning, and medication
  • Produce written reports about patient progress, including the details of any incidents
  • Communicate with doctors, nurses, and other support staff to maximize patient outcomes
  • Enter patient information into relevant medical records systems
Transportation Specialist, April 2013-November 2016
Cook County General Hospital, Chicago IL
  • Provided patients with transportation between departments as needed
  • Collected and cross-referenced documentation concerning patient transportation and delivery
  • Maintained a friendly and caring attitude during all patient transfers to maximize patient comfort
  • Developed new methods for moving bedbound patients while using three or fewer support personnel
  • Documented all patient transfers in end of day shift reports that also included any incidents falling outside hospital protocol
Phlebotomist, April 2012-April 2013
Cook County General Hospital, Chicago, IL
  • Drew blood samples as directed by doctors’ orders from various patients in the outpatient testing lab and around the hospital
  • Documented each procedure in the patients’ medical records and forwarded samples to the appropriate testing laboratory
  • Escorted samples to the testing laboratory after collection to maintain the chain of custody and ensure uncontaminated sampling
  • Provided patients with information as requested to help them understand the nature and purpose of each test
  • Created new systems for tagging samples to reduce errors and increase the efficiency of all in-hospital paperwork
Hospital Volunteer, April 2011-April 2012
Cook County General Hospital, Chicago, IL
  • Escorted patients and visitors throughout the hospital
  • Provided them with information about various hospital facilities
  • Located staff to answer questions for visitors and guests as needed
  • Alerted security to suspicious personnel or those breaking hospital rules
  • Assisted with the enforcement of visiting hours


Certified Nurse’s Assistant, 2016
Greenfield Institute, Chicago, IL

Patient Transportation Certificate, 2012
Greenfield Instituted, Chicago, IL

Phlebotomy Certification, 2012
Windy City Community College, Chicago, IL

General Diploma, 2011
Chicago Public Schools, Chicago, IL

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Is This a Good CNA Resume? Let’s Check

Do the skills listed in the skills section of the CNA resume sample demonstrate a preparedness for the job?

Yes. The skills relate to the job in two ways: the language, further discussed below, and the coverage. Skill coverage in the healthcare arena means being able to balance technological skills with patient communications and customer service skills while still remembering your medical training. That means it takes a well-rounded candidate to do it well.

Is the language in this CNA resume sample specific without using too much jargon or over-complicating the resume?

Absolutely. The resume uses clear keywords to call attention to core skills and accomplishments, but those keywords avoid role-specific jargon that might be confusing to a human resources professional. That makes it easier to understand the writer’s experience and to identify why the writer’s resume should go in the interview pile. The medical terms used are all relevant, but the jobseeker chose them specifically to inform any reader about her skills while not speaking solely to those who possess the same skills.

Has the sample provided a demonstration of the candidate’s skills with the physical application of her medical knowledge?

Yes. The previous healthcare experience helps to underscore the jobseeker's competencies in this area. One job in particular, phlebotomy, provides evidence that the candidate is skilled with medical processes and procedures. It also shows that she will be comfortable with physical contact and with educating patients about what is happening while they are undergoing tests or procedures. Last but not least, the transportation experience shows she has experience safely handling patients during relocation.

Has the CNA resume sample been proofread until it is as perfectly edited as possible?

Absolutely. In fact, there are not only no mistakes here, but it also employs active language and structure to ensure it is both readable and concise. The result is a single page presentation that nonetheless contains all the relevant information a hiring manager needs to decide whether to extend an offer for an interview.

Does the work experience section of the CNA resume sample call attention to the patient relations skills a CNA needs?

Yes, it certainly does. In most cases, the training credential or certification vouches for those skills at a basic level, because clinical experience is part of that education. This particular resume shows even more development in this area because of the previous work experience in healthcare. Both jobs were very patient-facing, and the primary concern of the transportation job was actually patient relations.

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The Most Important CNA Resume Sample Takeaways

The lessons you want to take away from the CNA resume sample are clear, though putting them into use might take some practice. Remember that editing and grooming the document are the keys to consistency when it comes to factors like reverse chronological ordering and the use of active language. It’s also important to remember to make the information relevant and the language choices specific, and editing carefully helps you maintain your quality standards for those two tasks. For more help, consider using the resume builder to efficiently organize your writing.