Despite the estimated job growth in nursing, which the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates at 16% by 2024, nursing jobs in a busy ER can be competitive. Hiring managers want to hire those who have the nursing skills and the ability to handle the fast-paced, stressful situations that arise. To improve your chances of landing a job, you must have a resume that demonstrates your impressive ability to handle anything that comes into the ER department.

How do you ensure that your resume is up to the test? Start by reviewing examples, such as our ER nurse resume sample below. This provides insight into what skills and experience to emphasize, as well as the best ways to format your document to make it easy to read. We have also included some writing tips to further assist you in developing your own document. With these tools, you have the foundation on which to build a strong document to improve your chances of proceeding to the next steps in the hiring process.


ER Nurse Resume Sample

James Walter
Miami, FL 11111 • [email protected] • 555-240-3409


Skilled registered nurse with 15 years’ experience treating patients in busy emergency departments in major metropolitan areas. Additional training in providing compassionate care in an ICU department in a busy hospital. Dedicated to providing enhanced patient care and maintaining appropriate communication among physicians, patients, and family members.


  • Certified RN
  • Emergency and trauma care
  • IV management
  • Medication management and administration
  • BLS for Healthcare Providers certification
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support certification
  • Calm under pressure
  • Triage assessment
  • Phlebotomy

Work Experience

Registered Nurse, February 2013 - Present
Miami Hospital - ER Department, Miami, FL
  • Treat and stabilize patients in a fast-paced, 48-bed level I trauma center
  • Assist physicians caring for patients requiring emergency care due to cardiac arrests, strokes, accidents, multiple traumas, assaults, and more
  • Administer critical medications to patients orally and via IV and injection while taking precaution to avoid adverse reactions or other problems
  • Communicate with patients and/or family members to determine medical history, allergies, and insurance information
  • Explain diagnoses and procedures to patients and/or family members, answering questions and assuring them as needed
  • Develop an organizational system that increased efficiency and led to a 10% improvement in patient outcome
Registered Nurse, October 2009 - February 2013
St. George's Hospital - ICU Department, Miami, FL
  • Provided patient care in a 25-bed intensive care unit that was part of a large hospital that had a level I trauma center
  • Monitored patient vitals, alerting physicians of any significant changes to prevent deterioration of patient status
  • Collaborated with the critical care team members to assure the highest quality of patient care
  • Checked ventilators, monitors, and additional equipment to ensure proper function
  • Responded to emergency situations using standard nursing protocols to increase chances of survival

    Registered Nurse, July 2002 - October 2009
    Sacred Cross Hospital, ER Department, Miami, FL
  • Handled multiple patients in a busy, 70-bed level I trauma center
  • Assessed patients using vital signs, medical history, initial assessment, and patient presentation to determine the necessity of additional care
  • Documented medication, test results, diagnoses, and other essential information into patient charts and communicated any changes to on-duty physicians
  • Performed triage on incoming patients to determine the level of emergency and the priority of care
  • Prepared rooms for patients through cleaning and sanitizing instruments and surfaces between patients


RN License, 2002
Florida Board of Nursing

Bachelor of Science, Nursing, 2002
University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

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Is This a Good ER Nurse Resume? Let’s Check

Does the ER nurse resume sample illustrate the jobseeker's ability to handle a busy ER department?

It sure does. The resume writer made a point to detail the number of beds and level of trauma care in both of the jobs he worked as an ER nurse. In the descriptions of his position as an ICU nurse, he also included information about the number of beds: 25 beds. Although this might not seem like a lot, he hinted to the fast-paced environment through detailing it was an ICU connected to a level I trauma center.

Look at the summary statement. Did the resume writer adequately summarize his essential skills and qualifications?

Yes! He incorporated descriptive pronouns to incorporate soft skills, including compassionate and dedicated. He lists his experience in busy ER and ICU departments along with information detailing his ability to treat patients and communicate with family members. A hiring manager reading this ER nurse resume sample would have no doubt as to his qualifications to work in a busy ER department.

Can hiring managers easily recognize the jobseeker has the essential qualifications and skills for an ER nurse?

Yes, they can. The resume writer incorporated some of the most important skills for an ER nurse in a bullet point list toward the top of the resume. He also detailed his skills and abilities while discussing the duties in his previous jobs. For example, he detailed that he administered medication and educated patients and family members. The job duties listed in the work experience section of the ER nurse resume sample also used bullet points to make it easier to read.

ER nurses help make the emergency room run smoothly. Did the resume writer include measurable accomplishments in the ER nurse resume sample?

He sure did! The resume writer did more than just list common duties of ER nurses; he also detailed the number of beds in the facilities in which he worked to provide a better idea of the work environment. Additionally, he included information about a program that he created that led to a 10% improvement in patient outcome.

Has the resume writer sufficiently demonstrated his ability provide essential medical care to patients?

You bet. The resume writer incorporated statements about his ability throughout the resume, using all the main sections to demonstrate his aptitude for the position. He made sure not to repeat himself when detailing the duties of each previous job. This gave him more room to incorporate several examples of his ability to provide essential medical care, such as running diagnostic tests, performing triage, assisting in emergency procedures, and administering medication.

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The Most Important ER Nurse Resume Sample Takeaways

With the ER nurse resume sample and writing guide, you have the tools to craft a strong resume to assist you in landing a new job. Showcase your many skills through incorporating accomplishments in addition to your core duties. Take advantage of multiple positions to list a variety of job duties instead of copying the same list on each. Use bullet points for a clean, professional-looking resume that makes it easy for hiring managers to skim through. For additional help in creating a strong resume, try our resume builder.