Hiring managers rely on resumes to match candidates to open positions within an organization, so a strong resume is a valuable factor in any job hunt. It is important to format your document so skills, training, and specific background shine. For specialized jobs, employers want to know that a candidate has the right education training, certifications, and experience. The nurse practitioner resume sample provides a systematic way to present skills, qualifications, work experience, and education in a simple format for hiring managers to absorb.

In addition to the sample resume, pay attention to the accompanying writing tips. Employers want to know the positive contributions you made in previous positions. Communicate accomplishments in your department with quantitative evidence, and mention any accolades you received for improving operations in another department. Double check the draft for spelling errors, typos, and usage mistakes before finalizing your document. With the tips and example resume, you are well on your way to landing your next interview.


Nurse Practitioner Resume Sample

Sarah Ortiz
Houston, TX 46377 • [email protected] • 555-473-6233


Board-certified nurse practitioner specializing in women’s health and gynecology. Compassionate and informed, familiar with the OR and lab work. Excellent track record of providing care to diverse populations.


  • Diagnosing and providing treatment for patient’s sexual health
  • Experience with women across the developmental life cycle
  • Comfortable with assisting physicians in the operating room for surgeries and C-section deliveries
  • Able to order lab materials and equipment
  • Patient demeanor and the ability to communicate with care
  • Organized and meticulous about reporting lab results and patient care notes
  • HIPPA compliance and CPR certification

Work Experience

Nurse Practitioner – 2014-present
Wellbeing Associates, St. Cloud, MN
  • Consult with patients of various nationalities about birth control, hormone replacement therapy, and family planning needs
  • Collect samples for lab tests and follow up with patients about results and next steps for care
  • Reduced facility costs by 20% after changing vendors for equipment and supplies
  • Remain on-call at all hours to answer questions patients have about care and for emergency situations
  • Increase referrals by 15% after partnering with local women’s organizations for community education and events
  • Train new staff members and attend association events for certified education credits
Nurse Practitioner – 2010-2014
Women’s Health Associates, Bloomington, MN
  • Handled a caseload of 200+ patients for annual visits, primary care, birth control, and birth planning needs
  • Reported abnormal pap smears and other test results to patients and provided any necessary referrals
  • Visited hospitals in the local area to assist doctors with childbirth
  • Worked closely with surgeons in the operating room as a scrub nurse in emergency situations and C-sections
  • Ordered equipment for the lab on a monthly basis to ensure a balanced stock of materials and equipment
Nurse – 2005-2010
Central Hospital, Minneapolis, MN
  • Collected and reported vital signs for patients in the delivery room
  • Organized surgical room preparation for physicians and assisted in the operating room with equipment needs
  • Monitored high-risk infants and youth for vital signs in the OB/GYN unit
  • Arranged referrals for patients to specialists in oncology, breast care center, colonoscopy, and other departments


Master of Science in Nursing, 2010
Specialization: Obstetrics and Gynecology
University of Minnesota
Graduated cum laude

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, 2003
University of Minnesota
Graduated summa cum laude

RN License, 2003
Minnesota Board of Registered Nursing

Board Certified Nurse Practitioner – American Academy of Nurse Practitioners

Certified Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner – National Certification Corporation

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Is This a Good Nurse Practitioner Resume? Let’s Check

Does the nurse practitioner resume sample show the right certifications and credentials?

Nurse practitioners receive additional training beyond nursing school that allows them to practice without direct supervision from a doctor. This candidate’s education displays a number of certifications that go beyond the degrees. Make sure to include all necessary medical training in your document.

Nurse practitioners need to have soft skills for patient interaction. Are soft skills apparent in this candidate’s qualifications and work experience?

Providing health and medical care requires excellent listening and verbal communication skills. In the nurse practitioner resume sample, the candidate lists having a patient demeanor as one qualification. Working closely with a diverse population is also important, and the most recent job shows her patients are from various backgrounds. This means the jobseeker has likely had to adapt verbal delivery and non-verbal communication to the patient’s social cues. Attending physicians are often busy, and it is clear this candidate can translate from direct communication with doctors to more empathy-driven patient communication.

Does this jobseeker stand out from equally qualified applicants for nurse practitioner positions?

Yes. For one, the specialization shows the candidate completed a decisive course of study and received high honors. Another distinguishing characteristic of this jobseeker is her notable tenure at each position. She also saved a facility operating expenses by paying close attention to vendor costs. All of these accomplishments show dedication and the ability to contribute to a well-functioning medical facility. Make sure to include any awards, designations, or other major accomplishments on your resume.

Employers want to see dedication and motivation in nurse practitioners. Does this resume show upward mobility and an increase in responsibilities?

This nurse practitioner resume sample shows a clear progression of education and experience. The applicant started off as a registered nurse for several years at a hospital doing generalist OB/GYN tasks. Then she completed graduate school and worked at specialty clinics. In her most recent role, she trains new staff and takes on some facility management responsibilities. Those leadership duties are not listed as accomplishments in previous roles, displaying how she is advancing in her career.

Does the nurse practitioner resume sample clearly convey all relevant information?

Yes. The professional summary lets employers know the jobseeker’s background includes board certification. What the work experience shows is a progression of accomplishments and responsibilities that link clearly with the qualifications. The education portion of the resume shows all of the necessary certifications and university training.

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The Most Important Nurse Practitioner Resume Sample Takeaways

In fields that require years of specialized training and direct social services, employers want to see candidates who clearly communicate education, experience, licensing, and other credentials. The nurse practitioner resume sample provides a template for how to format your own content. It is wise to customize and tailor your resume to closely and accurately match each job description. For more assistance, use our resume builder to put you well on your way to getting your next interview.