When you’re ready to move on to the next step in your nursing career, it can be overwhelming to make changes to your resume. An eye-catching resume is imperative in securing a new position, but if you’re unsure about how to proceed, the job hunting process is likely to become frustrating. Many people feel unsure about their resume writing abilities, but luckily, you can learn a great deal just from taking a look at example resumes and following best writing practices.

To take the next step in your career as a nursing assistant, take a look at our nursing assistant resume sample. The example resume is easy to follow, and you’ll also find a host of helpful writing tips tailored to the nursing industry. By following the example, you’ll be able to create a professionally designed and written resume that has a higher likelihood of capturing the attention of hospital HR staff.


Nursing Assistant Resume Sample

Sarah Jones
Austin, TX 11111 • [email protected] • 555-333-2122


Compassionate medical professional with an emphasis on critical care. Uncanny ability to calm and comfort patients of all ages and backgrounds. Performs well while working under pressure.


  • Superb communication and organizational skills
  • Ability to accurately take and monitor vital signs
  • Comfortable and confident performing finger pricks for blood sugar monitoring
  • Natural inclination to keep workspaces clean and tidy
  • Motivated and driven to provide excellent care and results
  • Tech-savvy and interested in improving workplace efficiency

Work Experience

Critical Care Nursing Assistant, 2013 – present
Heart Hospital of Austin, Austin, TX
  • Assist team of doctors in stabilizing critical care patients while remaining calm and focused
  • Take detailed notes on patient charts to ensure accuracy of medical care and treatment
  • Monitor vital signs and alert physicians of any condition requiring immediate care
  • Conduct finger pricks to check for blood sugar issues
  • Treat wounds and apply bandages as quickly as possible to critical care patients, resulting in decreased risk of infection
  • Maintain the patient database, improving accuracy of information by 12%
  • Consult with families of critical care patients to calm nerves and provide reassurance
Nursing Assistant, 2010 - 2013
MedSpring Urgent Care, Round Rock, TX
  • Greeted new patients and took note of symptoms
  • Consulted with patients about any allergies to medications and properly marked any in their charts
  • Administered medications in accordance to patients’ needs and doctors’ recommendations
  • Maintained a high level of accuracy in a busy urgent care facility, tending to up to 15 patients per shift without compromising quality of care
  • Updated urgent care facility’s patient database system, paying special attention to correctly inputting address and payment information
  • Worked quickly to meet each new patient’s needs, decreasing the average visit length by 10%
Nursing Student Intern, 2009-2010
St. David’s Urgent Care, Round Rock, TX
  • Worked with team of resident nurses to provide comfort and basic medical care for patients
  • Took detailed, accurate notes during each patient visit and entered the information into the database
  • Measured out and administered proper medications
  • Acted as receptionist, decreasing response times by 15%
  • Provided patients with directions for collecting urine samples and escorted them to the restroom


Certified Nursing Assistant, 2010
Austin Community College, Round Rock, TX

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Is This a Good Nursing Assistant Resume? Let’s Check

Take a quick glance at the education section of the document. Does this job candidate demonstrate that she has the minimum level of education required to become a nursing assistant?

Affirmative. While medical institutions’ educational requirements for nursing assistants vary, most employers will be pleased to see that a candidate has a certificate in nursing. This nursing assistant resume sample shows that the jobseeker has completed a program in nursing, and she’s ready to take on a new nursing assistant role in a different facility.

Does this candidate’s resume follow the best practice of staying under two pages long?

Absolutely, it does. Employers do not expect to see overly extensive experience in nursing assistants. This nursing assistant resume sample outlines plenty of impressive skills and abilities, all while staying concise and easy to read. Hiring staff at medical facilities are busy reviewing dozens of applications, and resumes that are longer than a page will likely be brushed off. This candidate does an excellent job of showcasing her skills while keeping her resume brief.

Critical care nursing assistants must be able to work calmly and efficiently while under large amounts of stress. Does this jobseeker demonstrate her ability to do so?

Yes, she does. This candidate is an experienced nursing professional, and she provides examples of her ability to stay focused even under extreme pressure. In continuing her endeavors as a critical care nursing assistant, she will need to show hiring managers that her personality is unflappable. The nursing assistant resume example does a great job of asserting the candidate’s steady personality traits.

Nursing assistants should be extraordinarily organized to keep the patient care process running efficiently. Does the nursing assistant resume sample show off the candidate’s organizational abilities?

Confirmed. The entire team of nurses and physicians at any facility will benefit from a new hire who is organized, and this job candidate makes sure to outline her strong attention to detail and motivation to keep her workspace immaculate. This helpful trait is important to include on a nursing resume, as it’s so essential to success in the medical industry.

Is this resume example laid out in a way that makes sense and is easy to follow?

It is! Many jobseekers create a resume that’s too “busy” in order to stand out to hiring managers. However, getting too creative with a resume can actually do more harm than good. This nursing assistant resume sample is logically formatted, with job history that moves from most to least recent. This layout and formatting will make it easy for the hiring manager to find her most important accomplishments.

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The Most Important Nursing Assistant Resume Sample Takeaways

When you begin your job search, sending out a resume that looks professionally done is always a plus. Follow the above writing tips and read over the nursing assistant resume sample to make an organized, easy-to-read document that clearly showcases your credentials and ability to work under pressure. If you’re still not quite confident in your new resume after reformatting and presenting your strengths at the top of the page, check out our resume builder.