To make the right impression on potential employers, you need a strong resume that showcases your abilities. When working with at-risk patients, you know that choosing your words carefully makes a major difference in how well patients are able to cope with their diagnosis. You should be no less careful in choosing the words that make up your resume to describe the vital work you do in supporting your patients through the most difficult time of their lives.

If you’re struggling to find those words and having difficulty capturing the depth of your work on paper, try reviewing our oncology nurse resume sample. This sample shows how a jobseeker like you quantified and contextualized their experience in the terms of human impact. It’s critical to create a favorable impression that will sway hiring managers using language that combines powerful statements with sensitivity regarding patient conditions. Evaluate the sample for a few ideas, then take a look at our resume tips for a great place to get started crafting your own resume.


Oncology Nurse Resume Sample

Mark Atherton
Chicago, IL 11111 • nursemark@emailserviceprovider • 555-983-2271


Patient-focused oncology nurse with 15 years of experience working with cancer patients and at-risk individuals to diagnose, treat, and manage multiple types of cancer, including breast cancer, lymphoma, leukemia, lung cancer, brain cancer, and bone cancer in adults, infants, children, and adolescents. Skilled at working as the right hand to oncologists and surgeons to prepare extensive treatment regimens providing the best options for cancer treatment and possible recovery/remission. Consistently expresses sensitivity when dealing with upsetting diagnoses, combining realistic options with a positive focus to guide patients in making the best decisions for cancer management.


  • Oncology patient care and support
  • Therapeutic regimen planning
  • Pain management
  • Medication administration
  • Chemotherapy treatment management
  • CT scans and MRIs
  • Lab test interpretation
  • Patient and family counseling
  • Grief counseling
  • Alternative treatment methods

Work Experience

Oncology Nurse, 2005 – Present
Illinois Mercy Hospital, Chicago, IL
  • Provide outstanding patient care for patients in the oncology department, including aiding with diagnosis and assessment of potential cancerous tissue or high-risk factors
  • Guide patients through chemotherapy, including handling highly sensitive materials
  • Assist surgeons with surgical tumor excision procedures
  • Aid patients in post-surgical recovery, wound care, and pain management
  • Recommend alternative treatment and pain management methods for special and inoperable cases
  • Improved patient comfort during chemotherapy sessions by recommending a $250,000 capital investment in new seating installations for the chemo center
  • Supported more than 50 high-risk patients in taking successful methods to reduce exposure to potentially cancer-causing agents
  • Ensured sensitivity when working with terminal and inoperable patients, including providing compassionate options for managing end-of-life
Oncology Nurse, 2002 – 2005
Chicago Saviors Medical Center, Chicago, IL
  • Partnered with doctors in the surgical oncology unit to conduct excisions on cancerous masses
  • Prepared surgical tools prior to the operation, including maintaining a sterile environment
  • Guided patients through pre-surgical preparation, including educating on anesthesia options and discussing potential reactions
  • Worked with nursing teams to prepare sedated patients for surgery by prepping the incision site
  • Assisted surgeons throughout the procedure by keeping surgical tools on hand and aiding with tissue clamping, organ movement, and blood flow management
  • Completed over 75 successful surgeries to reduce or remove tumors from bone, muscle tissue, lymphatic systems, and organs


Bachelor of Nursing (2001)
College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn, IL

Licensed Nurse (2002)
Illinois Board of Nursing

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Is This a Good Oncology Nurse Resume? Let’s Check

Does the oncology nurse resume sample refine broad-based nursing skills with capabilities specific to cancer detection and treatment?

Yes. In the sample resume, the candidate details experience with surgical assistance, treatment planning, medication administration, wound care, recovery management, and numerous other core nursing skills supplemented by experience with chemotherapy, surgical oncology, CT and MRI scans, lab interpretation, and alternative cancer treatment methods. These specifics are important not just to readers but to automated text scanners searching for specific terms to match the highest-ranked candidates with employers.

Does the sample resume include mention of experience working with specific types of cancer in diverse populations?

It does. These phrases are also important to automated text scanners, particularly when applying for a specialist job that focuses on work with a specific type of cancer. Make sure your resume follows the example of our oncology nurse resume sample by listing the types of cancer patients you’ve worked with, both by type of cancer and by patient demographic (adults, children, etc.)

Does the oncology nurse resume sample differentiate between surgical support nursing and general care nursing?

Absolutely! Oncology nurses can work in general care environments or assist with surgical operations for operable types of cancer. Whether they do depends on their level of experience and practice area. Our sample candidate has experience with both and details that experience between the two job listings showed. If you’re qualified to assist with surgery, be sure to include a detailed depiction of your surgical experience to add extra value to your resume.

Has the example jobseeker included quantifiable accomplishments that showed measurable results?

He has indeed. These results focused on assisting a high number of patients in achieving better outcomes, including supporting 50 patients in identifying alternative treatments and completing more than 75 surgical procedures on tumors. That’s over 125 lives impacted, not to mention the increases in patient satisfaction involved in a $250,000 capital expenditure project to improve comfort in the chemotherapy center. Regardless of your role, employers want to see that you continuously strive to make the hospital environment better for both patients and staff.

Does the resume balance impactful language with a compassionate tone?

Because oncology nurses deal with terminal or potentially discouraging diagnoses more often than most disciplines, compassion and sensitivity are a must. The tone of writing in your resume should reflect that compassion and sensitivity while still using action-oriented language to make strong statements that convey active involvement in the role. Finding that balance can be difficult, but with our oncology nurse resume sample you can see a great example of how to hit that perfect note between confidence and gentleness.

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The Most Important Oncology Nurse Resume Sample Takeaways

It’s time to apply the same dedication and focus to your resume that you do to your job. Revise your resume to include powerful language and create a compelling picture of your commitment to patient care. Draw attention to your specialized skills and the unique talents that make you qualified as a nurse specializing in oncology and oncology-related disciplines. Blend hard skills and soft skills to portray a well-rounded professional, using our tips, the oncology nurse resume sample, and the resume builder as the tools you need to give your resume a fresh start.