A strong resume is one of your most effective tools for getting into an interview. In fact, this document is sometimes the main factor in a hiring manager’s decision about whether to consider you further. Before you send in an old or sub-par resume, consider a tactic that educators and hiring professionals recommend: follow an example. When you study the virtues of an excellent resume, such as our assistant store manager resume sample, you can put those quality traits to work in your own resume. Additionally, you can pull out the appropriate information to include in your document and learn how to format that content.

If you’re ready to get started on your assistant store manager resume, review our resume sample and included writing tips. You’ll have ideas to guide each section of the resume and tips for using a professional and effective manner. With your own specific information and a bit of focused thinking, you’ll create a winning resume.


Assistant Store Manager Resume Sample

Charlie Patel
Soldotna, Alaska 11111 • charpatel@anymail • 555-987-6543


Experienced assistant store manager with history of coordinating team schedules, mentoring new employees, and focusing on customer satisfaction. Strong abilities in sales forecasting and merchandise promotions. Excellent at implementing team incentives to reach and surpass corporate goals.


  • Six years of retail experience
  • Superior customer service
  • Excellent loss control
  • Accurate inventory management
  • Conflict-resolution skills
  • Familiar with store opening and closing procedures

Work Experience

Assistant Store Manager
Kenai River Grocery
Soldotna, Alaska
  • Hire and coach store staff members, supervising two teams of 11 sales personnel
  • Evaluate demand for new merchandise, monitor sale of popular favorites, and determine when to reduce quantities on merchandise orders
  • Negotiate price breaks according to volume; recently achieved a 10% price break on one of store’s most popular products
  • Attract new customers with creative displays in windows and on sales floor
  • Suggest and implement sales campaigns to maintain the interest of existing customers
  • Reduce store loss with increased security education; efforts led to identification of shoplifters and resulted in 75% decrease in losses due to theft
Team Leader
Central Peninsula Family Market
Soldotna, Alaska
  • Supervised team of 20 employees
  • Trained 23 new sales staff, earning recognition for positive mentoring
  • Developed training for low-performing sales associates, focusing on most effective sales practices
  • Supervised cash registers, tallying end-of-day cash and ensuring accuracy from each cashier
  • Handled returns, exchanges, and complaints, reducing number of complaints to store owner by 45%
  • Implemented new scheduling rotation to accommodate staff members’ school and recreation schedules, resulting in hire of 12 personnel with stronger work ethics
Store Clerk and Stocker
Soldotna Convenience Mart
Soldotna, Alaska
  • Greeted customers, offering assistance when requested; voted Best in Customer Service by 150 customers
  • Provided directions and answered questions about merchandise
  • Maintained cleanliness of equipment, restrooms, and general store area
  • Stocked, rotated, and organized merchandise on shelves
  • Picked up litter around exterior of the store
  • Earned recognition for being willing to work odd hours, evenings, weekends, and holidays


BS in Business Management, expected graduation 2019
Kenai Satellite of Anchorage University
Soldotna, Alaska

AS in Retail Management, 2015
Kenai Community College
Soldotna, Alaska

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Is This a Good Assistant Store Manager Resume? Let’s Check

Does the assistant store manager resume sample draw attention to retail-specific skills such as customer service, control of inventory, and sales promotion?

Yes. The resume does a great job providing information regarding the applicant’s retail-specific professional accomplishments and qualifications. The summary statement draws attention to the candidate’s work with both staff and customers and the ability to forecast sales demand. The work experience section provides examples regarding care of inventory, including adding a security system and stocking and maintaining products.

An assistant store manager must work collaboratively with upper store management and sales personnel. Does the resume sample demonstrate the applicant’s ability to work with these individuals?

There are plenty of examples pertinent to this question throughout the assistant store manager resume sample. Some of these include “trained 23 new sales staff, earning recognition for positive mentoring” and “excellent at implementing team incentives to reach and surpass corporate goals.” Another example of working to satisfy management and staff involves the applicant’s understanding of staff needs. When the jobseeker adjusted scheduling, the store was able to hire employees with a stronger work ethic.

There aren’t many specific educational requirements for store managers, but the jobseeker has included a pertinent education section. Does the rest of the resume show the value of that education?

Absolutely. Throughout the resume, the writer provides examples of a retail management education put to good use. For example, the jobseeker developed a training program, based on best practices, for those sales personnel with low stats. The applicant successfully negotiated price breaks, displayed ability to attract new customers while maintaining existing customer base, and implemented systems to decrease loss.

Does the assistant store manager resume sample use professional formatting and language to impress potential employers?

It is easy to see how the use of headers and bullet points streamlines the sharing of information throughout this resume. Store owners and managers can easily pinpoint the applicant’s most-valuable traits, based on the managers’ own preferences. Additionally, the use of action verbs and concise writing style create a tight resume packed with the right information that is visible at a glance.

Most employers judge the value of a candidate based on his or her previous work. Does the resume sample use quantifiable achievements to describe a valuable candidate?

Yes. There are several achievements defined by concrete measures. For example, the applicant has six years of experience, supervised two teams of 11 people, achieved a 10% price break, reduced losses by 75%, and reduced complaints by 45%. Throughout the assistant store manager resume sample, accomplishments create a clear picture of a motivated and educated applicant.

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The Most Important Assistant Store Manager Resume Sample Takeaways

Follow the assistant store manager resume sample to create an effective resume that makes it easy for hiring managers to see your value as an assistant store manager. As you’ve read, the right format presents your information clearly so hiring personnel will notice it quickly. Appropriate word choice allows you to share your best information without sacrificing necessary details. Get even more details and direction by reading through the resume sample and the accompanying resume builder.