It can be a bit nerve-wracking to try to write a resume to impress a hiring manager. You know there is competition. You know you have to do a good job. However, if you don't know the first thing about writing a resume, you could be in trouble. We want to help you out with this district manager resume sample. We even go a step further by providing some writing tips, too. These tools can inspire and guide you as you work, helping you to understand exactly what to include in your document.

Working with the sample and tips as inspiration, you should have no trouble crafting a resume to really wow a hiring manager. In the end, your goal needs to be a strong resume that touts your skills, accomplishments, education, and background, showing you are the right fit for the job. These tools can guide you towards the creation of a well-written and professional looking resume.


District Manager Resume Sample

Rodney Logan
Chesterfield, OR 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-2232


Proven track record at managing employees and business operations to produce excellent service and profits. Strong communication skills and an ability to work seamlessly with customers and employees to resolve even the most complex issues. Self-motivated, independent, and focused on providing a motivating and supportive environment to make a business better.


  • Strong leadership skills
  • Intensive time management skills
  • Ability to work as part of team
  • Expert in sales and customer service
  • Excellent background in business with knowledge of all aspects of operations
  • Superior organization skills
  • Experience with computers, including finance, sales tracking, and customer relations management software

Work Experience

District Manager-Leads Transportation
  • Oversee employees and managers in various departments for a total of 65 employees and 6 managers
  • Manage hiring, training, and firing of any employee
  • Provide communication links between departments to ensure smooth operations and keep up-to-date on industry changes
  • Monitor budget to ensure no overspending and proper use of money
  • Created a new system for employees to clock into shift to reduce tardiness and increase efficiency in the payroll department
  • Worked with sales department to bring in over $300,000 of new business in a two-year period
  • Assist with the transition of operations after the sale of the business
Store Manager-Monty's Lawn Care
  • Managed sales team to increase efficiency and effectiveness of sales practices to increase sales by about 20%
  • Hired, trained, and fired employees and crew
  • Acted as liaison between owner and employees and crew
  • Operated store to ensure customer satisfaction and maintain high sales numbers
  • Worked with store owner to ensure his vision was coming alive in all store operations
  • Addressed customer concerns and issues to come to satisfactory resolutions and ensure customer loyalty
  • Managed a customer load of over 100 customers
Sales Team Member-Bob's Big Furniture Store
  • Greeted customers and worked with them to learn their likes and dislikes, along with needs
  • Worked with customers to find a comfortable budget
  • Explained details of products and promoted higher quality items for mutually beneficial sales
  • Conducted details of financing and managed delivery services
  • Helped create eye-catching displays and interesting sales events
  • Worked with other departments to ensure complete customer satisfaction
  • Recipient of top sales award every year with the company and won multiple rewards as part of the company's incentive program to increase sales


Bachelor of Science in Business Management-2005
Longhorn University, Oregon

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Is This a Good District Manager Resume? Let’s Check

Does the district manager resume sample clearly show the applicant has a strong management background?

As a district manager, a company expects you to come in with sufficient experience and have no need for any training on the basics. You should step easily into the position and only need training in company-specific areas. In this resume, the applicant clearly shows he has a long history with managing. He has years of experience managing operations and people. He is obviously ready for the demands of a district manager position.

Does the applicant show he can handle various administrative tasks?

One part of being a district manager is handling administrative duties. Many hiring managers will look for strong computer skills, which the applicant is sure to mention he has in the skills section of the district manager resume sample. In addition, he mentions having experience working with budgeting and employee management, which are all important administrative tasks a district manager must know how to do.

Is it clear from the district manager resume sample that the applicant is good with people?

A manager of any kind must work well with others and know how to handle customers. Having strong people skills is essential and something hiring managers will always look for in a candidate. The applicant does a nice job of consistently showing he has solid skills in working with people and being successful when he does. He has a strong background in employee management, along with superior experience in working with customers. He clearly understands the importance of interpersonal skills.

Are there mentions in the district manager resume sample of work with computers?

Computer skills are pretty much important in any field these days. For a manager, though, computer skills are essential to almost every area of the job. It is important for a manager to understand and be able to work with them. The applicant mentions his computer skills and various tasks he's accomplished that required computer skills.

Is the resume organized?

A messy resume is a good way for hiring managers to quickly pass you over for the job. A hiring manager has no time to try to weed through a disorganized resume. Luckily, this applicant did an excellent job organizing the information into clear sections with strong headings. In addition, he organized each section well with bullet lists that are scannable instead of paragraphs that take too long to read through.

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The Most Important District Manager Resume Sample Takeaways

Using the district manager resume sample as a guide can get you a good start towards creating your own resume. Don't forget to read through the writing tips, too, for some additional assistance with polishing your resume and ensuring it looks amazing. Finally, if you are still having trouble, use our resume builder to help you put everything together for a resume to really wow hiring managers. Get a start today to get one step closer to that new job.